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Pickaxe wanging was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Pickaxe wanging
Pickaxe wanging
Release date 24 April 2017 (Update)
Removal 5 June 2017 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Examine A rock used in a game of pickaxe wanging. Pick up a pickaxe and have a go! Gives Mining XP. (1 token)

Pickaxe wanging was part of the Spring Fayre found in the north-western part of the crater. Wanging a pickaxe at the rocks during the event allowed players to gain Mining experience for the cost of one fayre attraction token per successful throw.

There were three rocks available, and each interaction with a rock resulted in ten attempts without interruption, with each action taking three seconds. An attempt may have result in one of the three outcomes:

  • A direct hit!
  • That almost hit! So close.
  • What was that? A total miss. Try again!

Only the first one consumed tokens and yielded 157.4 Mining experience at level 99, and had a roughly 75% chance to yield six fayre prize tickets (173.1 experience and one ticket during a Happy Hour). Around 75% of the attempts were successful.

During a Happy Hour, around 1200 throws could be made for 675 tickets.

Attempting to wang a pickaxe without enough fayre attraction tokens prompted the messages:

  • You do not have enough fayre tokens to play this game. You need 1 token.
  • You can get more fayre tokens and tickets from the stall by the Bucking Baroo.

There was a confirmation prompt about gaining experience when starting throwing that could be toggled off permanently.


  • The name "pickaxe wanging" is likely a reference to the British folk-sport and fair event known as "welly wanging", which involves throwing a wellington boot. The event is a staple of many country fairs and events, and multiple places in the UK claim to be the origin of the sport. The actual nature of pickaxe wanging, throwing for accuracy over a grass pitch, also reflects British outdoor pub games such as Aunt Sally and Quoits.
  • It used to be possible to enter the middle of the wanging area. This was blocked on 2 May 2017 because people kept obstructing others by placing objects in the way and making it harder to click the rocks.

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