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Phoenix eggling (cute) chathead
Phoenix eggling (mean) chathead

Phoenix egglings are pets introduced with the In Pyre Need quest. They come in cute and mean varieties, depending on how you hatch them. To obtain either of them you must have completed the quest In Pyre Need in order to gain access to the Phoenix Lair Distraction and Diversion. The phoenix pets are one of the possible rewards. These pets do not have an adult form, and they can be fed ashes.

Obtaining an eggEdit

When a player chooses the 'Exit' option to exit the Phoenix Lair after defeating the Phoenix, there is a slight possibility of getting lost. A cutscene will ensue, leading the player to a room full of phoenix eggs. The player will see that one of the eggs is shaking, and will be given the option to clap at the egg or kick it. To hatch a cute phoenix eggling you must choose the clap option. To hatch a mean phoenix eggling you must choose the kick option. You can have one of each type of pet phoenix.


Phoenix hatchling

A newly hatched phoenix among all the unhatched eggs.


  • The mean hatchling's examine text is from the 1982 song, "Bad to the Bone."
  • The cute hatchling's examine text is a reference to the idiom "cute as a button".
  • There used to be a bug you could abuse to obtain both egglings in one day, by repeatedly attempting to "get lost". It has been fixed some time in the winter of 2009. It would take someone two to three hours to obtain them.
  • If a phoenix pet is found, all players on your friend list will get the message: Friend announcementNews: Player has found a Phoenix eggling! without specifying cute or mean.

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