The Phoenix Gang, also known as the VTAM Corporation, is a thief group in Varrock. They are one of the two gangs that a player can join in the Shield of Arrav quest. It is led by Straven Enroy.

The gang is constantly at war with the Black Arm Gang, a split-off group from their own.

The Phoenix Gang has a hideout in the basement of a ruin in southern Varrock, and a weapons storage room on the first floor of a small building in the south-east sector of the town.

The weapons storage room can only be entered using a key obtained by Phoenix Gang members during the Shield of Arrav quest. Inside this room are Phoenix crossbows, as well as some daggers.

The Phoenix Gang Hideout can only be entered by players that are members of the Phoenix Gang, and contains several rooms with thieves and chests. You cannot be a part of both gangs.

In order to complete the Heroes' Quest, Phoenix Gang members must team up with Black Arm Gang members like in the Shield of Arrav quest.



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