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Philipe's lamp detail

Philipe's lamp gives experience ranging from 1500 experience up to 10,000 experience. They are obtained from Philipe after Carnillean Rising when encountered around the world.

To find Philipe, ask Sir Ceril for hints to his location. As his combat level increases, he offers lamps which offer more and more experience, ending in 52,000xp total. You will have to use each lamp before Philipe will appear at the next location.

Requirements Location Exp. reward Philipe's Combat level
QP Quest
50 Biohazard Combat training area (found northwest of Ardougne) 2,000
any skill over level 30
100 Mountain Daughter West of the Mountain Camp entrance 5,000
any skill over level 40
150 Shilo Village Top level of Shilo Village's Paramaya Inn 70
200 None Port Phasmatys's Inn, called: The Green Ghost 10,000
any skill over level 55 
250 None Next to the Ramokee skinweaver at the bottom of the Polypore dungeon 90
300 Another Slice of H.A.M. In front of Oldak's house in Dorgesh-Kaan 100
350 Swan Song Inside the machine room in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. 110
400 Started Regicide At the southern gate of Prifddinas, north of Isafdar woods. - Not yet possible


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