Phil Mansell
Phil Mansell
Born 1980
Jagex moderator crown Name Mod Pips
Role CEO
Team Admin
Project RuneScape
Employed 2011

Philip Mansell,[1] or Mod Pips, is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of RuneScape. He was hired after being contacted by Jagex over LinkedIn,[2] and was announced as CEO, replacing Rod Cousens, on 26 January 2017.[3]

Past workEdit

Mansell has been involved with[4]

Employer Position Time worked
Chief Executive Officer January 2017–Present
Vice President of RuneScape June 2014–January 2017
Executive Producer October 2012–June 2014
Design and Monetisation Manager February 2012–October 2012
Lead Designer March 2011–February 2012
Climax Lead Designer August 2006–March 2011
Sony (Europe) Lead Designer June 2004–August 2006
Designer June 2001–May 2004
Gameloft Webmaster August 2000–May 2001
Electronic Arts Designer April 2000–August 2000
Bullfrog Design Assistant May 1998–March 2000
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Rod Cousens Chief Executive Officer Incumbent


  • Mansell played RuneScape for some time in 2008, but did not return until he was hired by Jagex.[5]


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