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Phearthee Levalsyx was a resident of Varrock 9 years ago, during the Year 160 of the Fifth Age. According to the Varrock Census of that year, he was a mugger.

Phearthee does not appear in-game, suggesting he has since died or left the city. The mugger south of the city may be him, though there is no strong evidence to suggest this, and it could just be a generic crook. However, a certain level 6 Mugger can also be tried in the Court Cases Distraction and Diversion, which may be Levalsyx, though, once again, there is no strong evidence supporting or disputing this.


  • His name when read aloud, sounds like "Fear the Level six". A reference to the level 6 mugger in south-eastern Varrock that used to auto attack lower levelled players, causing many deaths.

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