This article is about the Pet shop owner in Taverley. For the other pet shop owner, see Pet shop owner (Yanille).
Pet shop owner
Pet shop owner (Taverley)
Release date 15 January 2008 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC Wolf Whistle
Location(s) Taverley
Sells items Pet shop
Gender Male
Examine The man of the pet shop.
Pet shop owner (Taverley) location
Pet shop owner (Taverley) chathead

The Pet shop owner lives in the Pet shop in Taverley. He sells Pet dogs and can buy Spirit shards. He also sells Nuts, Flies, Beetle bits, Spirit shards, and Spirit shards packs.

If you lost your pet (by dropping in a F2P world, death, etc.), you can talk to him to reclaim that lost pet.

During the quest Wolf Whistle, players must talk to him to collect some white hare meat, which he claims he gets from Rufus in Morytania.

Audio options icon
The pet shop owner explains where he gets his White hare meat.


  • When a player wants to buy a Pet dog, they must pick the option "How much is that puppy in the window?" to which the Pet shop owner replies "The one with the waggly tail?" This is a reference to the American novelty song "(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?"