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Old animation of a player with their pet dog

Pet dogs were released with the Summoning skill on 15 January 2008. They require level 4 Summoning and completion of the quest Wolf Whistle. Puppies are bought from the Pet shop owner in Taverley for 500gp and they can be used throughout the Runescape world. The dog breeds available for purchase are Labrador, Dalmatian, Greyhound, Sheepdog, Terrier and Bulldog. Players may normally own one dog or puppy at a time, though members with at least level 37 Construction can store adult dogs in the Menagerie room of their Player-owned House, allowing them to obtain an additional puppy.

While the dog is in the inventory, right-clicking it and selecting the Walk with option will allow it to follow the player. To pick it back up, either left-click it or right-click and select the pick-up option. Right-clicking the familiar options icon in the Action bar and selecting Dismiss gives the option of picking up the pet or releasing it forever.

As long as a puppy is walking about, it will age toward becoming an adult. The percentage of its growth can be found in the Follower details interface. It will also require food. A puppy's hunger increases 15% for every 1% of growth. Feeding the dog raw meats such as raw beef, raw bear meat, raw rat meat, and raw beast meat--but not raw yak meat, bird meat or fish of any kind--will cure its hunger, resetting its hunger level to 0%. Bones will not decrease its hunger level. The pet dog will not run away, even at 100% hunger rate, but it will stop growing. When it reaches 100% growth, the puppy will become an adult. Adult dogs don't ever need to be fed, even though the hunger percentage does go up until it reaches 100%.

A Summoning level of 12 allows the player to understand what their dog is saying. The amusing dialogue is based upon its breed.

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