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Varrock's population far surpasses that of most cities. The city's size has attracted a very diverse population, ranging from sophisticated nobles to pirates. Below is a list of non-attackable NPCs that can be found within the Varrock, along with a brief description of them.

  • King Roald - Varrock's current ruler. Despite relying somewhat heavily on his advisors, King Roald is generally popular amongst the city's people and is really the face of Varrock. He is married to Queen Ellamaria and can usually be found in the palace throne room.
  • Queen Ellamaria - The wife of King Roald. Despite her important role in governing the city, Queen Ellamaria is not of noble lineage, a unique trait amongst most of Gielinor's established governing bodies. In fact, she was once a rather poor woman that worked in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador. She does her best to cover this up, speaking in a sophisticated (but entirely fabricated) tongue.
  • Reldo - Reldo is Varrock Library's head librarian. He can almost always be found in the library, studying and examing its many texts and tomes. As a result, he is amongst the most learned scholars in the world, and is an ever-helpful source of information and is always willing to answer questions.
  • Aeonisig Raispher - Aeonisig Raispher is King Roald's religious advisor. He primarily represents the Church of Varrock, his job being to ensure that Saradominist ideals are not pushed underfoot. However, his strong opinions on the Edicts of Guthix have led some to question his religious beliefs. He can be found in the palace throne room, aiding King Roald.
  • Apothecary - The Apothecary can be found in his small shop south of the west bank. Here he performs scientific experiments and creates potions and remedies. He can make strength potions, provided that players bring him 5 coins, one limpwurt root, and some red spiders' eggs.
  • Murky Matt - Murky Matt is one of the unique characters visitors are likely to meet within Varrock. Murky Matt is a pirate, and his dealings with the Moon Clan of Lunar Isle have left him with much knowledge of runes. He can be found at the Grand Exchange, where he will tell players the prices of runes.
  • Brugsen Bursen - The creator of the Grand Exchange, Brugsen Bursen is a very famous individual. What once began as a small financial group, headed by Brugsen, has since grown into the world's largest marketplace. He can be found at the Grand Exchange.
  • Grand Exchange Tutor - Those visiting the Grand Exchange for the first time would do well to visit its assigned tutor. His knowledge on the Exchange is perhaps surpassed only by Brugsen's, and he is happy to share.
  • Bob Barter - A wealthy nobleman from the far-off capital of Kandarin, Ardougne, Bob Barter has taken up work in the Grand Exchange. Here he will tell players the prices of herbs.
  • Relobo Blinyo - Hailing from the misty Shilo Village in the heart of the jungles of Karamja, Relobo Blinyo has travelled to the Grand Exchange against the will of his people. He has come to offer his knowledge of exotic woods, and is happy to update players on their current prices.
  • Hofuthand - A dwarf salesman from the dwarven metropolis of Keldagrim, Hofuthand has been sent by the Consortium to establish trade with Misthalin. To accomplish this, he has become involved with the Grand Exchange, and is happy to share his knowledge on the prices of weapons and armour.
  • Farid Morrisane - Farid is the very young son of Ali Morrisane, perhaps the most well-known businessman in the world. Hailing from Al-Kharid, Farid has been sent by his father to establish further marketing ties with the city. To accomplish this, he has taken up work at the Grand Exchange, where he tracks the prices of ores.
  • Banker - Varrock is the base of the Bank of RuneScape, perhaps the largest business in Gielinor. It was here the first bank was constructed, and since then, three more have been built within the city. These banks are managed by a considerably large force of bankers that aid customers.
  • Grand Exchange clerk - The Grand Exchange is kept running by clerks that allow players to easily make offers. Found in the centre Grand Exchange, they will open up the Grand Exhcnage interface for players.
  • Master smithing tutor - Varrock's dependence on smithing can be most clearly seen in its citizens, many of which are blacksmiths. However, none are as experienced as the Master Smithing Tutor, who is distinguished by his bright blue and white clothing. He offers smithing advice to all who ask. He can be found in the anvils houses south of the west bank.
  • Gertrude - Gertrude is a single mother of four boys. She lives in a large home outside the city's west side, where she is known for raising cats. Those wishing to raise a kitten should visit her.
  • Philop - Philop is one of Gertrude's sons. He can usually be found around home, doing what most kids in Gielinor do; playing with toy swords, playing on swingsets, and building with blocks.
Varrock fountain

One of the many fountains found in Varrock.

  • Kanel - One of Gertrude's sons, Kanel can be found in his home, playing with Philop. Like Philop, he seems to be close with the family's cat.
  • Head Chef - As the owner of the Cooking Guild, the Head Chef has earned his title as one of the most esteemed chefs in the land. He ensures that only qualified cooks enter the guild, and is also willing to sell a Cape of Accomplishment to those with 99 cooking.
  • Romily Weaklax - The Weaklax name is well known throughout Misthalin for having producing quality pies and pastries for generations. Romily is the newest in line, and has set up shop in the Cooking Guild. He sells pie recipe books, and is also willing to purchase pies from players.
  • Shopkeeper - Shop keepers run Varrock's general and sword shops. By trading with them it is possible to purchase a number of items.
  • Shop assistant - Shop assistants are hired by shopkeepers to help keep the stores up and running. They can also be traded with.
  • Tramp - The high poverty level in southern Varrock can be seen most evidently in the many tramps that wander the streets, forced from their homes due to debts owed or crimes committed. Rather than taking the violent path of the mugger and highwayman, tramps crowd the streets, begging for money and wearing the discarded clothing of the wealthy. If players do not give them money, the tramps will yell insults about the player for several minutes.
  • Tramp (Tomatoes) - One of Varrock's tramps has taken to throwing rotten tomatoes at the criminals that have been thrown in the city's pillories. Players can join him.
  • Dr Harlow - Dr. Harlow's name has been largely forgotten in recent years, but Harlow was once a famous vampyre slayer. For years he slew vampyres that had somehow survived outside Morytania since the time of the God Wars. These days are long past, though, and now he usually be found in the Blue Moon Inn, drinking until he can barely walk.
  • Bartender (Blue Moon Inn) - A well-learned Varrockian bartender can sometimes be hard to find, but the bartender in the Blue Moon Inn seems to have some interesting ideas. As a bartender in southern Varrock, he meets quite a range of people, including gang members, barbarians, pirates, and vampyre slayers. Although he is happy to serve beer and offer a bit of advice, he believes that Gielinor is all just a "computer game" found within a "magical box".
  • Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn) - Like the Blue Moon Inn's barkeep, the bartender of the Jolly Boar Inn has some interesting ideas about the nature of the world. However, he has to keep considerably more quiet, as the Jolly Boar Inn is not far from the Wilderness. Because of this, the bar is visited by many dangerous characters, including bandits and Kinshra that won't hesitate to slit the throat of those that suggest strange ideas.
  • Charlie the Tramp - One of the many tramps that live in Varrock, Charlie is quite familiar with the city's less desirable elements, and may be of aid to those looking to find the Black Arms Gang. He can be found near the city's southern gate.
  • Katrine - Katrine is the ruthless leader of the Black Arms Gang, and as such is willing to kill those that get in her way. Her hatred for the Phoenix Gang makes her a dangerous foe; fortunately, she usually stays within the Black Arms' headquarters, and is content with spitting in the face of her enemies.
  • Mage of Zamorak - The sole worker in the city's Zamorakian church, the Mage of Zamorak is a dangerous man. He will only appear if the player has already spoken to him north of Edgeville. Recently he has begun studies concerning the abyss.
  • Straven - Straven is the leader of the Phoenix Gang. Well-dressed and seemingly a gentleman, he seems considerably more kind than Katrine. Nonetheless, he is a dangerous man and is amongst Varrock's most wanted. He can be found in the gang's base.
  • Weaponsmaster - The Phoenix Gang is well known for its weapon of choice, the Phoenix crossbow. These weapons are highly prized amongst their users, and so are put under the careful watch of the Weaponsmaster. He will attack those that attempt to steal them from their storage area near the hideout.
  • Aubury - Aubury is one of the most well-known mages in Varrock. Having close ties with Sedridor of the Wizards' Tower, Aubury is well known for the runes he sells and his ability to teleport players to the Essence Mine. Aubury can be found in his shop in south-east Varrock.
  • Cleaner - Cleaners have been employed to ensure that the more respectable city streets remain orderly. However, cleaners are more apt to just stand around and observe passerby. As Varrock is a popular firemaking location, cleaners are put in place to remove the ashes left behind.
  • Town crier - Town Criers can be found in many large cities, and Varrock is no exception. Positioned north of the east bank, the town crier tirelessly warns players of the dangers of scamming and the roles of player moderators. He also has some miscellaneous tips for that ask.
  • Information Clerk - Varrock Museum is a large structure, spanning four floors and containing dozens of displays. The information clerk has been hired to ensure that visitors find their way smoothly, and is willing to hand out maps of the museum (although larger versions can be found on the walls).
  • Curator Haig Halen - Haig Halen is the esteemed curator of the Varrock Museum. Well versed in the ways of history, he is always happy to welcome visitors and to answer any questions they may have.
  • Museum guard - Museum guards have been places in and around the museum to ensure that visitors don't wander into the cleaning area or through workers' gates. Unarmed, these guards are not warriors like the city guard.
  • Teacher and pupil - Varrock does not seem to house any schools, and so it can only be assumed that most children are privately home-schooled. Many teachers bring their student to the museum, where they help them understand the displays.
  • Schoolboys Schoolgirls - Varrock can be a dangerous city, and children must be careful to only go to safe areas. Many children pass their time observing the displays in the museum and getting their first glimpse of Gielinor's long and rich history.
  • Sinco Doar, Tinse Torpe, Thias Leacke, Caden Azro, Marius Giste, and Barnabus Hurma - While many of the Varrock Museum's employees such as Asgarnia Smith prefer to explore Gielinor's history abroad, such as in the sandy reaches of the Bedabin Camp, some archaeologists prefer to stay at home in Varrock. These employees can be found in the museum's cleaning area, studying rock samples.
  • Orlando Smith - Orlando Smith is in charge of the natural history section of the museum. However, he is quite inept when it comes to history, and is always in need of help to update the exhibits.
  • Natural Historians - Gielinor's natural history is perhaps the most unexplored branch of the world; indeed, what beasts roam beyond the known continent are a mystery. To help visitors get a taste of the natural world, the museum plays home to many natural historians, all willing to present what they known about the various creatures on display.
  • Historian Minas - Minas is a historian interested in the affairs of the races that cover the world. He can be found on the upper level, where he is seeking new information.
  • Torrcs - Garbed in rune armour, Torrcs is a spoof of a player. He can be found in the museum's history section, where he is updating some of the displays.
  • Marfet - Another player spoof, Marfet is clothed in splitbark armour. Like Torrcs, he has come to the museum to share his wealth of the knowledge.
  • Art Critic Jacques - Jacques has come to the museum to the study the paintings on display. Unfortunately for him, the museum houses only one painting, which displays King Lathas of East Ardougne. Jacques, however, claims to have plans to have an entire floor of his paintings displayed. This may be possible, given the large amount of funds the museum has received.
  • Father Lawrence - Father Lawrence is the priest of the Church of Varrock. Although he is drunk half of the time, this does not seem to make his sermons much more interesting.
  • Jeremy Clerksin and Martina Scorsby - Two of the Church of Saradomin's congregation. Father Lawrence's sermons, however, has done little to enlighten them, and instead has put them to sleep.
  • Elsie - Elsie is an elderly woman that lives in The Church of Saradomin. Having spent many years in the city, she's quite an expert on some of the city's urban history.
  • Estate agent - The RuneScape Housing Agency has established branches in many of Gielinor's largest cities, and the branch in near the Church of Saradomin is perhaps the most well-known and successful. Managed by a lone estate agent, it is often the first destination of those looking to find a place to call home.
  • Treznor - Treznor is amongst Varrock's many guards. Unlike most, however, Treznor has taken to farming, and can be of assistance to those that wish to use the Varrock Palace tree patch.
  • Tool Leprechaun - Leprechauns are a strange race, usually found near farming patches. Varrock's farming patches are no exception. Tool leprechauns can store players' farming equipment.
  • Master Farmer - The pastures south of Varrock's outer wall are alive with nature, and many farmers can be found tending to their crops and animals within the farms established here. None are as familiar with the ways of gardening as the master farmer, who can be pickpocketed for seeds. He can usually be found near the sheep farm or on the southern road.
  • Sir Prysin - Sir Prysin is the only knight of Varrock's order that shows himself willingly to the public, although the reasons for this are unknown. Sir Prysin is the grandson of Wally, and has in his possession the legendary sword Silverlight. Sir Prysin can be found in his room in the south-western wing of the palace.
  • Surok Magis - Surok Magis is a mysterious man. Aimlessly wandering Varrock Library, Surok is not much for talking to others. Secretly he is the current leadeer of the Dagon'hai, and seeks to assassinate King Roald.
  • Captain Rovin - Captain Rovin helps to control the guards that train within the Palace. He is a strict leader, although he is known to be a weak in the face of a pint of ale. Rovin can be found in the palace's norhwestern tower.
  • Trainee Guard - Varrock's guards spend much of their time training in Varrock Palace's training areas. Their lives are difficult, living under strict captains and with nothing to look forward to but dangerous lives on the streets.
  • Captain (Varrock Palace) - The unnamed captain on Varrock Palace's roof is one of the many that play a role in training guards. Although he is willing to recruit new members for the guard, his requirements are impossible to meet.
  • Ambassador Ferrnook - Ambassador Ferrnook has travelled to Varrock all the way from the Gnome Stronghold. He has come to seek an audience with the king, but Roald's busy schedule has made progress very slow. Ambassador Ferrnook, fortunately, is very patient, although he is not a fan of human quisine.
  • Baraek - Baraek is a trader in Varrock town centre who deals in fur, although the need to support his family has forced him to secretly join the Phoenix Gang. A nice enough man, Baraek will buy both regular and Grey wolf fur for a decent sum of money.
  • Benny - Benny sells the Varrock Herald, the official newspaper of Varrock, for 50 coins each. He recently set up a stall in Varrock Square, where he can be found advertising. The newspaper, however, is never updated.
  • Shilop - Shilop is one of Gertrude's sons. Shilop does not care nearly as much for the family's cats as Gertrude, and enjoys getting into fights more. He and his brother, Wilough, can be found in Varrock Square.
  • Wilough - Like Shilop, Wilough is not particularly obedient and prefers to get into trouble in the town square. Wilough is known to become a little more helpful if given money.
  • Horvik - Horvik is one of Varrock's many blacksmiths, and is perhaps the most well-known. His smithy, which can be found near Varrock's east bank, is frequented often by young adventurers, as well as blacksmiths learning their trade.
  • Lowe - Lowe is an experienced archer. Having aged somewhat, he has opened a store in east Varrock, where arrows, bows, bolts, and crossbows can be purchased.
  • Gypsy Aris - Aris is something of a mystery. She claims to be very old - older than humans naturally live. She is well-versed in the mystical arts, and has put her knowledge to use at her tent in Varrock square, where she offers to see customers' future for five coins. More often then not, her predictions are true.
Varrock Sewers

Beneath Varrock runs an extensive sewer system, where the city's waste is disposed of.

  • Zaff - Zaff is a mage of some talent, and his skills are well-used in the Varrock Palace Secret Guard. Most that visit him, though, are more inclined to speak to him about his shop, which sells a variety of mystical staves.
  • Iffie - Iffie is an elderly woman that lives with Thessalia in her clothing shop, where she spends much of her time nitting and humming to herself. She is less inclined to talk to travellers than her sister, Elsie.
  • Phingspet and Grimesquit - Phingspet and Grimesquit are amongst Varrock's more "unique" figures. These two sisters spend their time in Varrock Sewers, where they actively hunt rats as part of Varrock's underground rat-fighting ring. Although the two speak strangely and act insane, they actually do this just to trick travellers.
  • Tea Seller - Tea is a rare delicacy in Gielinor, and Varrock's tea market is perhaps the largest in the world. The Tea Seller that lives in east Varrock brews his tea from imported leaves, and is happy to sell a cup to anyone that has the money.
  • Customs Guard - For unknown reasons, a guard has been stationed at the gate that surrounds Varrock's south-eastern-most corner. In order to enter the area, players must first be searched by him. Should they be found with questionable items (more specifically, plague sample from West Ardougne), they will be confiscated.
  • Hook-Nosed Jack - Hook-Nosed Jack is amongst Varrock's most distinguished cat-fighters. Although he has contacts in many kingdoms, he is a shifty-character prone to getting in fights; the majority of which he wins, despite his small height. His most recognizable feature is his nose, which was broken in a fight.
  • Dimintheis - Dimintheis is a wealthy noble, a member of a family that has held sway in Varrock for hundreds of years. Dimintheis, however, has been stripped of his power and property due to his lack of heirs, whom he needs to continue in his stead follow his death. His three sons have all left him, taking a shard of the Family Crest with them.
  • Gambler - Gamblers are common in Varrock's undercity, although they are most apt to visit the city's Rat Pits. Here, in the city's cat-fighting ring, gamblers ranging from homeless tramps to wealthy businessmen all seek to improve their winnings.
  • Mittens - Mittens is a cat that can often be found fighting in the Rat Pits.
  • Treacle - Treacle is a gambler's cat, bred to kill rats in the Pits.
  • Gertrude's Cat - Gertrude's cat is old and prone to wandering off. She often visits the Rat Pits, where she observes the fights.
  • Pox - Pox is Hooknosed-Jack's unhealthy cat. Pox appears underfed and is often diseased, but is loyal to his master and appears to be content with his situation. Pox can be found near the Rat Pits entrance.
  • Da Vinci - Da Vinci is one of three men from Rimmington. Da Vinci is an artist, and seems to think of himself as above commoners. However, he seems rather poor. Da Vinci, along with Chancy and Hops, can be found in the Dancing Donkey Inn.
  • Chancy - Chancy is a gambler from Rimmington. Addicted to gambling, Chancy is usually all but broke.
  • Hops - Hops is nearly always drunk. Hailing from Rimmington, he has done little since his arrival apart from drinking in the Dancing Donkey Inn.
  • Fancy-dress shop owner
Varrock Herald

The Varrock Herald reports on news stories from all over the world, such as this story about the opening of a spa in Oo'glog.

  • Guidor - Guidor is something of a scientist. However, he has recently taken slightly ill, and his wife is keeping him in bed. He can be found in his house in south-east Varrock.
  • Guidor's wife - Guidor's wife believes her husband is very ill, and has begun looking for a priest to heal him. She can be found with her husband.
  • Digsite workman - Many of the rock samples found in the Digsite are transported to Varrock Museum. To accomplish this, the Museum has hired a workman that transports the samples to the museum via wheelbarrow.
  • Cook (Varrock) - The Blue Moon Inn's cook is not the happiest of people, and is not usually inclined to people that interrupt his cooking. He will give players cabbage, however.
  • Rat Burgiss - Rat Burgiss has a trading cart that is currently stranded south of Varrock, near the road to Lumbridge. Secretly, Rat is a member of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard, and is actively seeking new recruits.
  • Tarquin - Tarquin is a man of noble heritage, and is distantly related to King Roald. Tarquin enjoys canoeing on the River Lum, and can be found south of the Champions' Guild.
  • Guildmaster - The Guildmaster helps to run the Champions' Guild. Inside the guild he will greet players, as well as help them start the Dragon Slayer quest.
  • Larxus - The Champion's Challenge mini-game is run largely by Larxus, who helps to set up battles and allows challengers entry into the arena. He can be found in the Guild Basement.
  • Mystery Figure - The champions of six races have arrived in the Champions' Guild, where they have come to earn their races glory and honour. Representing humans, dwarves, elves, Tzhaar, werewolves, and gnomes, they observe the arena from their thrones.
  • Dreven - Dreven is a farmer that lives south of Varrock. He is willing to watch adventurer's bushes as they grow, for a price. He also sells a variety of farming equipment.
  • Thessalia - Thesallia is a seamstress that lives in Varrock Square. She has earned a reputation as an important destination for those wishing to improve their look, as she can sell clothing and change players' default appearance.
  • Tolna - Tolna was a boy when he left his mother seeking adventure. He didn't make it far, though, before falling into a strange crevice east of the city, where he has remained imprisoned for 16 years...
  • Sawmill Operator - The Sawmill Operator is perhaps the most key individual in constructing a house. In the Lumber Yard he has all the facilities needed to convert logs to planks, necessary items when building.
  • Johnathon - Johnathon is one of Dimintheis's sons, a wizard that is currently ill in the Jolly Boar Inn. He lost his part of the family crest to Chronozon, a demon that has taken up residence in Edgeville Dungeon.
  • Cook (Jolly Boar Inn) - The cook of the Jolly Boar Inn is thouroughly unpleasant, and is prone to shoving customers out of his kitchen.
  • Anna Jones - Anna Jones is an archaeologist that has begun working with Surok Magis. Whether or not she is aware of his intentions is unclear. She can be found resting near the Saradomin Statue near the gate to the Paterdomus.
  • Mishkal'un Dorn - A member of the Dagon'hai, Mishkal'un is hiding in the Tunnel of Chaos as he waits for Surok's plans to unfold.
  • Sil'as Dahcsnu - Sil'as is a mage of great power, capable of controlling the weak-minded with a simple spell. He is hiding with the rest of the Dagon'hai in the Tunnel of Chaos.
  • Dakh'thoulan Aegis - Dakh'thoulan is a third member of the Dagon'hai, who has remained hidden for years. Although a Zamorakian, he seems quite good-hearted, and questions the neutrality of history towards Zamorak.
  • Ali the Leaflet Dropper - Ali can be found on what is the farthest edge of Varrock. Wandering near the crossroads that lead to Al-Kharid, Ali hands out fliers that advertise the market in Al-Kharid. He is working for Ali Morrisane.
  • Market guard - He is found near the centre of Varrock. During the From Tiny Acorns caper, he must be distracted in order to steal from Urist Loric's stall.
  • Urist Loric - He has his own crafting stall in the centre of Varrock. During the From Tiny Acorns caper, he is distracted in order to steal from his stall.
  • Sani - He has a smithing workshop just south of the west bank. He used to teach the players how to smith armour and weapons.
  • Ernie - Urn enthusiast who will help players with crafting urns or using them. Receives teleported urns also.
  • Max - A fanatical skiller running around East Varrock training all sorts of skills. He can sell a Max cape to players who have level 99 in all skills for 2,475,000 coins.

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