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The Penguin series is a humorous series of quests revolving around the plans of the penguins to take over RuneScape.


Cold WarEdit

Main article: Cold War

The quest starts out with the player heading to Ardougne Zoo and talking to Larry, the penguin keeper. They find out that Larry is a bit crazy about penguins and he wants them to help find out about their habitat. The player and Larry then journey east of Rellekka where he takes you on a boat to the Iceberg. Once there, a lookout is built to observe the penguin life whilst undercover. After watching the penguins, Larry makes the player build a clockwork suit to find out more about what the penguins are doing. After building the suit, and travel back to the Iceberg, the player and Larry discover that the "secret" Lookout has been destroyed and the penguins have deserted it. Larry blames the penguins, so he takes the player back to Ardougne (obviously very angry). Larry magically shrinks the player down and you get into the penguin suit. After talking to the penguins (about how 'you're a penguin and you forgot where the outpost is'), the player has to complete a mission in Lumbridge first before they tell you. After doing the sheep-related mission, the penguin says that their outpost is on the Iceberg itself and the password to the outpost is cabbage.

The player and Larry then travel back to the Iceberg. Lary transforms the player into a penguin again to investigate, and receives a penguin ID from the guard. When within the outpost you have to complete an agility course. Just before you do it, you find out that the penguins are not only trying to fly, but are building an army. After completing the agility course, the player goes back to Larry and tells him what was seen. He proceeds to say that he needs the player to find out what they are planning. So the player goes back to the outpost to try and go into the planning room, but when tried the guard says that the high enough rank isn't obtained. The player proceeds to a couple of musical penguins named Ping and Pong for help and they state that they need musical instruments. It's unknown how it will help but once you have gotten them, they distract the guard by playing and the player goes into the planning room. Once there you find out that the penguins are planning to take over Runescape. The magic in the room exposes the player and they are thrown in a cell with icy creatures, which are fought. An escape is found and the player then goes to Larry to complete the quest.

Hunt for Red RaktuberEdit

Main article: Hunt for Red Raktuber

This quest starts from where Cold War left off. When you go speak to Larry, he is being tied up and can not move because the Chief Zookeeper thinks that he is insane. Larry tells you that he has found massive footprints in Whitchaven and that there is a submarine. You go and search Witchaven and you find massive footprints! You go report back to Larry and tell the Chief Zookeeper that Larry is not crazy. You show the Chief the massive footprints and he lets Larry free. You and Larry go back to the Iceberg to investigate more about the penguins. Once there you go into the outpost and you find out that the penguins have captured another penguin. You talk to the captured penguin and try and make him tell you the information about the submarine. After some talking he tells you all the information and you then go get some penguin hats and a horn from the evidence crate in the same room. You then have to make your way to the war room, but like in Cold War, you can't because your rank as a penguin is not high enough. You then get Ping and Pong to play the guard a tune so he will go to sleep then you open to large door. You go into the war room and you find some dwarf slaves. They want to escape and don't believe that you are human, so you go get them some penguin suits. When you give them the suits back they then give you tools for disabling the submarine.

After that you go tell Larry what you have found. He tells you to go get an ID from a penguin called Noodle. After that you go search the filing room and find some telegram about the submarine. You then are supposed to meet Larry east of Yanille by the sea. You are then turned back into a penguin and you have to use the hat and a horn that you got from the evidence create to call for the submarine. After a small while a massive submarine appears. You then enter it. After searching you will meet Captain Marlin who has been captured by the sea slugs. He takes your tools off you and you are left in the submarine control room. You then have to find items that are like the items in the toolbox. When you have found them you then go and disable the submarine, but find out that you have just changed its route! You then end up on a desert island in the middle of the ocean and the penguins have captured Larry! You find out that the King Penguin has just used you all this time! He used you so he could take over the submarine and continue his plots! The dwarves where not slaves at all in the end, they were helpers from the Red Axe! They wish to get rid of humans and take over the whole land. After the cutscene Larry is taken to the homeland and you are left there to die slowly. But hope is not over, a polar bear agent that has been working with Larry is there. His name is Chuck and he takes you back to Ardougne to finish the quest.

Some Like it ColdEdit

Main article: Some Like it Cold

This quest is started by the player finding out that one of Chuck's agents, Teddy, has been captured and imprisoned at the Prisoner of Walrus, whilst trying to spy on the penguins who were gathering information about Larry. The player works with Ping & Pong to help Teddy jailbreak from the prison.

Back to the FreezerEdit

Main article: Back to the Freezer

This quest is started by the player talking to Chuck in the Ardougne Zoo. Chuck sends the player to investigate the TARDIS which will bring global cooling to Gielinor. With the help of Gordon, Chuck's penguin spy, the player is able to time travel and sabotage the TARDIS.


Other characters






  • 20,000 Agility experience
  • 12,000 Thieving experience
  • 1,500 Hunter experience
  • 42,000 Crafting experience
  • 14,500 Construction experience
  • 40,000 Fishing experience
  • 25,000 Divination  experience
  • 25,000  Runecrafting experience
  • 15,000 Slayer experience
  • 10,000  Invention experience
  • 500 experience in any skill



Penguin Hide and Seek

  • During Penguin Hide and Seek, 2 penguin points are received for some penguins (instead of the usual one).
  • A polar bear can be spotted once per week inside a well and pops up every few seconds. Inspect the well to spy on the polar bear for 1 penguin point (after Hunt for Red Raktuber).
  • The invisible penguin (worth three points) can be spotted once per week. It teleports around the world approximately every twenty minutes. Players must wear a Ring of visibility to see it (after Some Like It Cold).
  • An additional 2-point penguin can be spied each week (after Back to the Freezer).

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