The Penguin series is a humorous series of quests revolving around the plans of the penguins to take over RuneScape.


Cold War icon Cold WarEdit

Cold War
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At the Ardougne Zoo, one of the zookeepers has become a bit preoccupied by penguins. In fact, he's downright paranoid about them. He needs your help to observe their habits on the iceberg in the Lunar Sea.

What begins as a peaceful bird-watching expedition opens a new world of espionage and bad musicians.

Hunt for Red Raktuber icon Hunt for Red RaktuberEdit

Hunt for Red Raktuber
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When we last left Larry, the penguins were hatching a diabolical plot to invade the mainland. Larry is certain the invasion has begun and you two must hurry to sabotage whatever the penguins are up to. This new adventure will take you back to the Iceberg where you will sing, interrogate, and wear odd hats.

Some Like It Cold icon Some Like it ColdEdit

Some Like it Cold
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Teddy - an agent of the PBJ - has gone missing while on the trail to find Larry. Chuck has received a ransom note from the Walrus and has asked you to investigate. Become a roadie for the famous Ping and Pong and break into a PoW camp to save Larry.

Back to the Freezer icon Back to the FreezerEdit

Back to the Freezer
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The penguins are back for another slippery tale of subterfuge and ramshackle science that'll leave you questioning the very fabric of reality…as well as the good taste of its puns.

Rewards include hearty chunks of XP to ward off the polar chill, as well as improvements to the XP rewards from Penguin Hide & Seek and the Circus. And with that, you're on your own. Can you circumvent the latest flashpoint in Gielinor's coldest war? There's only one way to find out..

Minimum requirementsEdit

Items RequiredEdit

Cold WarEdit

Hunt for Red RaktuberEdit

Some Like it ColdEdit

  • None

Back to the FreezerEdit



  • 42,000 Crafting experience
  • 40,000 Fishing experience
  • 25,000 Divination experience
  • 25,000 Runecrafting experience
  • 20,000 Agility experience
  • 15,000 Slayer experience
  • 14,500 Construction experience
  • 12,000 Thieving experience
  • 10,000 Invention experience
  • 1,500 Hunter experience
  • 500 Skills experience in any skill



Penguin Hide and SeekEdit

  • During Penguin Hide and Seek, 2 penguin points are received for some penguins (instead of the usual one).
  • A polar bear can be spotted once per week inside a well and pops up every few seconds. Inspect the well to spy on the polar bear for 1 penguin point (after Hunt for Red Raktuber).
  • The invisible penguin (worth three points) can be spotted once per week. It teleports around the world approximately every twenty minutes. Players must wear a Ring of visibility to see it (after Some Like It Cold).
  • An additional 2-point penguin can be spied each week (after Back to the Freezer).

Music UnlockedEdit

Cold WarEdit

Hunt for Red RaktuberEdit

Some Like it ColdEdit

Back to the FreezerEdit