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Peach detail

Peaches are made by players through the use of the Bones to Peaches spell. When cast, the spell will turn ALL bones carried in your inventory into peaches. To cast this spell with runes, it first must be purchased at the Mage Training Arena for 200 Telekinetic, 300 Alchemist, 2000 Enchantment and 200 Graveyard Pizazz points. Otherwise a Bones to Peaches tablet can be used. Each peach heals 500 life points when consumed, which makes the spell Bones to Peaches a very useful resource while training combat in remote areas. It is much more effective than the level 15 spell Bones to Bananas, which produces bananas, each healing 200 life points.

Being easy to make and healing a decent amount of life points, the peach is considered by many to be a very effective option when training for extended periods of time on monsters which drop bones, such as dust devils, Barrows monsters, hellhounds, aviansie or bloodveld, which are far away from a bank, are not suitable for the use of the healing Guthan's set, and drop bones 100% of the time.

They can also be placed in a Compost Bin to make Supercompost.

Because peaches are untradeable, they cannot be withdrawn in note form from a bank, so players should take note of that before storing them in bulk.


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