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This article provides information for members about effective ways to train Attack, Strength, Defence, and Constitution through melee combat. It contains some general training tips and suggestions for suitable monsters to kill for a wide range of levels. In this article, monsters are sorted according to the level of the skill being trained, not the recommended overall combat level.

This article assumes that players are training Attack, Strength, Defence, and Constitution more or less equally. If not, see the pure melee guide.

General training notesEdit


  • Healing abilities are a must have for extending the length of a training trip. The Resonance ability is a basic level Defence ability, that causes the next hit to heal instead of damage you. Rejuvenate is an ultimate Defence ability that restores 40% of your life points over several seconds. Regenerate is a basic Constitution ability that uses whatever adrenaline you have left to restore your health if you're not in combat.
    • Although the Resonance and Rejuvenate abilities require a shield to be equipped, you only need to equip the shield for as long as it takes to activate the ability if you prefer to dual wield or use two-handed weapons.
    • Another great healing ability is Guthix's Blessing, which will heal you 8% of your maximum lifepoints every two seconds, up to ten seconds. This ability should only be used when not in direct combat with a monster as the summoned butterfly can be attacked and killed, ending the effect prematurely.
  • Consider using threshold abilities instead of ultimate ones; the damage done by thresholds is lower, but they use less adrenaline, meaning more than one can be used in a row.
  • Set up your action bar before you go into combat, making sure all the abilities you want to use are on there, and that all the abilities are ones you can use with the weapons you have. Remember that you can have multiple bars set up at once, and there is no penalty for changing which one you're using.

Common equipment, accessories, and setupsEdit


  • Each melee weapon can train attack, strength, and defence. Just click on the abilities button and choose the skill you wish to train.
  • Utilise monster weaknesses. Using a crush weapon against a monster weak to crush gives a much higher chance to hit against that monster, and significantly higher hits. Avoid monsters who have a weakness to ranged attacks, as they will have a very high defence to melee attacks.
  • Always use the best tier of weapons you can wield and afford. Better weapons ensure higher damage output and a higher chance to hit. 
  • The abyssal whip is a popular weapon for combat training due to its rapid attack speed and low cost. It can be upgraded to the abyssal vine whip (a level 75 weapon) however this requires level 80 slayer. The non-degradable off-hand equivalent for an abyssal vine whip is the enhanced excalibur .
  • The next best weapons after whip vine/excalibur are chaotic (level 80) and Drygore weaponry (level 90). However chaotic and drygore weaponry degrade with use and will incur a maintenance cost.


For extended combat training, consider wearing high defence and lifepoint armour (such as Barrows armour). This allows for prolonged training in one sitting. However, a better choice for training would be to use offensive armour (such as Bandos armour), as it will allow you to increase your damage output and kill at a faster rate.

Barrows armour is a cheaper alternative to Bandos armour, however, it degrades with use, meaning that it will incur a maintenance cost. Alternatively, the Void knight melee armour (from the Pest Control minigame) has a set effect of increasing your attack and strength bonuses (however, the armour has low defence stats in return), this is a viable way to train melee fast. Due to the increased damage output.

Sacred clay equipment, a reward from Stealing Creation, gives a set amount of bonus experience that is rewarded as players train. This allows players to wear any armour, while still receiving the bonus experience. However, you can normally earn more experience from killing monsters than from the time it takes to get a piece of sacred clay equipment. Therefore most players choose to use their Stealing Creation on skills that cost money to train rather than combat, which is usually profitable.

Armour types:

Accessories and other equipmentEdit

Having a good set-up overall includes using the best accessories too, such as capes, rings and amulets. depending on what you are killing, generally these are the best to use:


After the Evolution of Combat, food is much less necessary than it was before. Generally speaking, most of the time you will not need food if you use healing abilities such as Rejuvenate, an ultimate ability which restores 40% of your health (but requires a shield, and can only be used once every 300 seconds, due to a recent update), Regenerate, which can be used outside combat to convert remaining adrenaline into health, and Resonance, which makes the next attack that hits you heal instead of dealing damage.

Other methods of healing include:

  • Using food
  • Guthan the Infested's equipment has excellent defence bonuses and a set effect, which players can use to heal themselves. However, use of Guthan's has a few downsides. Use of Guthan's helm prevents the use of other head-slot items, such as a slayer helm or face mask. Guthan's spear is merely an average weapon. For these reasons, some players bring a set of Guthan's in addition to their regular armour set, and switch between the two as necessary when needing to heal.
  • Bones to Peaches is a spell unlocked at the Mage Training Arena which allows players to convert bones and big bones into peaches, each of which heals 80 life points. Players who have not unlocked this spell can instead buy and use bones to peaches tablets.
  • Soul Split requires 92 Prayer and access to the Ancient Curses. It heals its user 10% of the damage dealt if it is activated during a successful hit against a monster. Because of its rapid drain rate, many players use the prayer flashing technique to drastically reduce, or outright nullify, Prayer point drain.
  • The Saradomin godsword's passive effect, Healing Blade, has a 25% chance of healing the player 3% life points and 3% prayer points every hit.
  • Auras such as vampirism help by healing the player by 5% of damage dealt with every hit.
  • Healing familiars such as the Bunyip and Unicorn stallion.


Suggested training monstersEdit

Note: These level guidelines are for all three styles, Attack, Strength, and Defence.

Level 1-40Edit

Image Name Zero weakness icon Level Constitution Life Points Experience Pros Cons Notes
 Goblins Level 2 100 Constitution 33 XP
  • Gives good xp when compared to the difficulty of killing them.
  • Excellent drops such as grapes.

If you do not pick up the drops it will go even faster. You will have level 30 in about an hour or so. Keep experience on Balanced.

Troll Brute Level 2


40 XP
  • Gives great xp, very easy to kill.
  • Not as cool of drops
They can be found in the northern most cave in Burthorpe. There are also Troll mages that have slightly better drops.

Level 40-60Edit

Image Name Zero weakness icon Level Constitution Life Points Experience Pros Cons Notes
Rock Crab Rock Crab Level 102 2,550 Constitution 243 XP
  • The Fremennik Trials required for best locations.
  • Without the Trials, the best area is out-of-the way.
  • You could die.
  • Try doing these at level 40 or 50.
Ogre Ogre Level


4,800Constitution 303 XP
  • They can be safespotted while using a halberd,  negating the need for food.
  • They have a rather better percentage of dropping Gold Charms than Rock Crabs
  • Poor drops make these poor for making money.
  • Note: Requires the Biohazard quest, in order to access. After the quest, the Ogres within the Combat Training Camp can be accessed and killed by entering the loose railing in the cage, or hit with a halberd. The Ogres are for ranged combat only, making this ineffective for any melee attacks. At lower levels, these may not be advised, as they can hit much higher than some monsters, but as you become higher level, these can be excellent, as they can be quickly killed, and their spawnpoints are within a few squares of each other, as well as not being able to walk out of distance.
  • Note: Attacking Dagon'hai Monks in the Choas Tunnels are a good choice as they give 226 exp and can only hit 1 LP

Level 60-70Edit

Image Name Zero weakness icon Level Constitution Life Points Experience Pros Cons Notes
Tzhaarmejlor TzHaar Fight Caves Varies depending on the creature.

Varies depending on the creature.

Varies depending on the creature.
  • Being a safe minigame, dying is no cause for worry.
  • Tokkul can be earned from playing this, and can be spent on valuable rewards from Tz-Haar shops.
  • The creatures do not drop anything, and hence no direct monetary gain is possible from this activity.
Shifter Pest Control Varies depending on the creature. Varies depending on the creature. Varies depending on the creature.
  • Commendation points gained from this game can be spent on additional exp.
  • If you die during the game, you will respawn safely with all your items.
  • Games last shortly, and the coins gained is ten times your combat level.
  • This minigame can become somewhat repetitive over time.
  • There is little direct monetary gain from this method.
  • All combat experience earned from this minigame is halved.
Hellhound Hellhounds Level 132 3,300 Constitution 480 XP
  • Killing hellhounds can be a good source of charms and hard clues.
  • This method is both fast and requires little attention.
  • Soul split or a full set of Guthan's Armour is almost necessary for prolonged trips.
  • Without the aforementioned curse, food and banking is required, hampering exp rates.
Fire giant Fire Giants Level 122 6,700 Constitution 425 XP
  • They can do moderate damage, and require food at lower levels.
  • They are no longer aggressive, due to a silent update 9 July, 2013.

Level 70-80Edit

Image Name Zero weakness icon Level Constitution Life Points Experience Pros Cons Notes
Tzhaarmejlor TzHaar Creatures Varies depending on the creature.

Varies depending on the creature.

Varies depending on the creature.
  • The drops from these creatures are somewhat valuable, such as Tokkul for the valuable onyx.
  • The monsters can hit quite high on lower levelled players.
Dagannoth melee Dagannoth Level

110 and 112

2,750 Constitution and     2,800 Constitution

295 and 310 XP
  • Due to the large number of them, a player could easily be piled and killed.
  • The money return from these monsters isn't that great.
  • An update reduced the aggression range of the ones in Waterbirth, hampering xp rates. A cannon bypasses this but can be very costly.
Dust Devil Dust Devils Level 122 8,000 Constitution 446 XP
  • These monsters have a very rare chance of dropping a Dragon Chainbody, potentially giving considerable profit.
  • These monsters can be assigned as a slayer task daily through the use of a Mask of Dust/Helm of Devilry.
Living rock patriarch Living Rock Creatures Varies depending on the creature. Varies depending on the creature. Varies depending on the creature.
  • The drops can be quite profitable.
  • They aren't exceptionally crowded.
  • They have a low defence level and low life points.
  • The creatures can hit very accurately, and food could be needed for lower levelled players.
  • They are fairly spread out throughout the caverns.
Frost dragon Frost Dragons Level 160 8,500 Constitution 1141.2 XP
  • They require 85 Dungeoneeering to fight.
  • Being careless or not paying attention can lead to a swift death.
  • The dragons hit high and accurately, so good method of restoring life points is necessary.
  • Super Antifire Potions are also a semi-requirement, as they will increase kills per hour significantly.
Armoured Zombie Armoured Zombies Level 124 6,200 Constitution 469 XP
  • The zombies don't hit very high if using higher end gear, making food optional.
  • Drops can be somewhat valuable.
  • There is a prayer altar nearby to recharge prayer points.

Level 80-90Edit

Image Name Zero weakness icon Level Constitution Life Points Experience Pros Cons
Mutated jadinko male Mutated jadinkos Baby:134









  • The drops are somewhat profitable.
  • Very easy to kill, allowing for very fast experience rates.
  • The untradeable drops can be used to train at the Herblore Habitat.
  • They require a Slayer level of 80, 86 and 91 to kill respectively.
Spiritualranger(Saradomin) Spiritual Rangers Level 140 7,000 Constitution 661 XP
  • They are weak to melee, making kills quick.
  • They require a Slayer level of 63 to kill.
  • Residing in the God Wars Dungeon, precautions relating to the location must be taken.
  • Are fairly spread out.
TokHaar-Hok Fight Cauldron Varies depending on the creature. Varies depending on the creature. Varies depending on the creature.
  • A safe minigame, death should be of little concern.
  • Considered the best exp in the game, this minigame allows for very quick levelling.
  • Requires completion of The Brink of Extinction to access.
  • Some monsters aren't weak to melee, hampering the exp/hour.
Nechryael Nechryael Level 138 8,000 Constitution 661 XP
  • Killing them in the Slayer Tower with a contract can give good experience and money.
  • They are relatively deadly, and food may be required.
  • They require a Slayer level of 80 to kill.
  • The death spawns that they summon can be an annoyance.
Exiled kalphite guardian Exiled Kalphite Guardians Level 140 7,000 Constitution 693.9 XP
  • Very good charm drops can be obtained.
  • The money gained from killing these is quite good.
  • The area to kill them could be dangerous, especially if piled by multiple creatures.
Abyssal demon Abyssal demons Level 140 8,500 Constitution 693.9 XP
  • Killing them in the Slayer Tower with a contract can give good experience and money.
  • They have good drops.
  • Higher stats will give better experience rates. As such, melee stats of 85+ are a semi-requirement.
  • They require a Slayer level of 85 to kill.
  • Players will need food as they have very accurate attacks.

Level 90-99Edit

At this level, almost any monster that you wish can be killed, but some of the more preferred ones are listed below.

Image Name Zero weakness icon Level Constitution Life Points Experience Pros Cons
Waterfiend Waterfiend Level 154 8,000 Constitution 934 XP
  • The drops are profitable.
  • Considered the best way to obtain crimson charms in the game.
  • They have a very high defence.
  • Are strong against melee.
  • Primarily use magic attacks.
  • They are the most common way for high levels to train combat skills, so it may be hard to get a kill in some worlds.
General Graardor God Wars Dungeon Bosses (excluding Nex) Level


40,000 to 75,000 4,430 to 5,630 XP
  • Drops can be very valuable.
  • At high levels, the bosses are entirely soloable.
  • Dying is incredibly high, and even when prepared it may be difficult to recover items from a gravestone.
  • A killcount hampers exp gain, as it takes time between banking trips.
  • Depending on the boss, it may be crowded, and can hamper xp looking for a world.
Automaton Tracer Automaton Tracer Level


20,000 Constitution 1,261 XP
Airut Airut Level 175 16,875 Constitution 1,980 XP
  • Valuable drops, including Razorback gauntlets.
  • Most loots are noted.
  • They have a very dangerous special attack if not paying attention.
  • During the fight they will increase their defense, making kills longer and hampering experience rates.
  • They require a slayer level of 92 to damage.

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