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This article is about the pay-to-play guide. For the free players' guide, see Free-to-play Woodcutting training.

Level 1 through 15Edit

Players can cut normal trees. They are found almost everywhere in Runescape. Players should find a Woodcutting location within short distance of a bank, where their logs can be stored safely until they're used or sold. Uses for normal logs include Fletching, Firemaking, and selling. A good place for Woodcutting is south of the Grand Exchange in Varrock, as the area is abundant with trees, and players can quickly bank or sell their logs at the Grand Exchange. A harder but still viable method is to cut Achey Trees for Achey Tree Logs. These trees are mostly used in quests for fletching, however. At level 15 move on to Oak trees, mainly because they give multiple logs per tree and give more experience per log cut.

Level 15 through 30Edit

Fast Experience - Oak trees (15-30)Edit

Players can cut Oak trees. The best spot would be east of Draynor Village's bank, or North from Port Sarim. Low-level players do not need to be careful, as level 44 Jail guards that patrol here are no longer aggressive, and the bank is close, and even easier would be using the Deposit Box at the dock of the priests. The area west of Varrock's west bank is a good choice for low-level players. It is next to a bank. South of the bank in Seers' Village is also a good pick. Multiple oak trees grow around the bank in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. The spot in Varrock Palace is a little farther from a bank but is right next to the Grand Exchange so players may sell their logs without leaving the general area.

At lower levels, or at least until the player is able to use a rune hatchet, oaks can be better experience per hour than willow trees, and do provide better income that lower levelled players may find useful.

Also interesting to note, at high woodcutting levels you can cut oak logs with lower levelled hatchets such as mithril at the same speed as using a higher levelled hatchet such as rune or dragon.

Level 30 through 45Edit

Fast experience - Willows (30)Edit

Willow trees are a good source of experience at lower woodcutting levels. Good places for chopping them include Barbarian Outpost, north of the bank in Seers' Village, west of Catherby near the yew trees, Rimmington (after gaining access to the deposit box there during Rocking Out), Draynor Village, two Places in Port Sarim one near the bar and one near Thurgo (there is a deposit box next to the monks of entrana) and west of Fred's farm in Lumbridge (around the duck pond).

Willow trees, while decent at low and medium levels, quickly become outclassed once faster methods are available at higher levels.

Fast experience - Teak (35)Edit

Teaks are the second fastest (behind Arctic Pines) but most demanding experience for any member once they have at least level 35 Woodcutting. This has been proven to give up to 90,000 to 100,000 Woodcutting experience per hour at 99 Woodcutting, and is faster than Willows at any Woodcutting level. With urns, it's possible to gain up to 120,000 experience (Woodcutting and Firemaking combined) per hour.

Unfortunately, these trees are found in only a few places in RuneScape. A recommended area is the Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai, which costs 100 trading sticks to enter. To bank, players must leave the grove and send the logs by Rionasta. It costs 10 trading sticks for each item you send. If the player does not wish to spend the trading sticks, they must drop the logs or burn them.

Players who wish to bank the logs but do not want to pay should go to the tree south-west of Castle Wars. To minimise banking time, players can bring a Ring of Duelling to teleport back to the Castle Wars bank, players can also bank using the Fairy Ring system. However, banking the logs will give noticeably less experience per hour, so it is better to simply drop the logs if one is looking for fast experience. Using Mouse keys to drop the logs works very well here, giving the fastest experience per hour.

Three more Teak trees can be found on Ape Atoll, but to cut these, a greegree is suggested. If you do not have a greegree, you will need some food and Antipoison potion. After being around Jungle snakes and Jungle spiders, they will grow tolerant of you. The recent addition of a bank deposit chest in the area makes this location the best place to collect teak logs after the completion of the quest Deadliest Catch. It is possible to gain at least 100k xp/h using this method along with the use of strong woodcutting urn.

The absolute best way to cut them is to wait until 5 or so logs have been cut, then drop a log as soon as a new one appears in the inventory, then quickly re-click the tree. This means there will be no delay in cutting, and the next log will appear at the same time as it would if you had not dropped anything. This allows for the best Woodcutting experience possible, faster than dropping a whole inventory. However, the disadvantages are that it requires full attention and that banking must be done every once in a while as your inventory will become full of nests.

Another uncommonly used, but very fast way to avoid the dropping process at the hardwood grove is to bring a friend who is looking for firemaking or fletching experience. A player would trade their cut logs to a friend, and he/she would either burn or fletch them. This allows for fast cutting experience for the player, and free experience for their friend.

Another thing to consider is that the inferno adze burns a percent of the logs it cuts, meaning less time dropping per log. It is posible to cut up to 50 logs in one inventory this way.

With the introduction of the Bonfire you could single click to burn the teak logs, allowing them to drop to the ground. Single clicking on all of the logs rapidly made them all drop very fast, maximising experience rates. However now teak logs have a craft option in order to fletch teak crossbow stocks, so this method can no longer be used.

Level 45 through 68Edit

Fast Experience - Maple (45) (Recommended 50+)Edit

At level 45, players can cut maple trees. Maple trees give 100 experience per log and each tree gives multiple logs, but give very little profit and should not be considered an efficient money making method; avoid them if you are in it only for money. The Seers' headband 2 gives a 10% xp boost to maple logs, but even with the bonus they are not worth chopping.

Players seeking Firemaking experience should turn instead to teaks or willows.

A good place to train is behind the Seers' Village bank, there are 4 trees and there are very few players there, also there are 6 willow trees to the west.

Another good place is the forest north of the Seers' Village bank, north of McGrubor's wood, or west and northwest of Sinclair Mansion (all 4 locations are for the same area/group of trees). There are 70 maple trees here with rarely any one ever there.

Fastest Experience - Arctic pine (54)Edit

At level 54, players will be able to cut arctic pines. To cut arctic pines, a player must have started The Fremennik Isles to the point at which they have access to Neitiznot. Once on Neitiznot, go northwest of the bank to the Agility obstacle. You will see a pile of logs, a Woodcutting stump and a few Arctic pines. First, cut the trees, which provide 140.2 experience per log, then go to the woodcutting stump and create split logs, giving another 42.5 experience, and then dump them all in the pile of logs. Players may repeat this process for as much experience as they like. If you prefer to make money at the expense of some experience, you may bank the logs. Do not split the logs. The logs sell for 45 coins in the Grand Exchange, making 1260 coins per load. With making the arctic split logs, your exp per load is 5.1K experience.

With the introduction of the action bar you can now single click to burn the Arctic pine logs, allowing them to drop to the ground. Single clicking on all of the logs rapidly will make them all drop very fast maximising experience rates.

At level 93 woodcutting, using strong woodcutting urns; a beaver familiar; juju woodcutting potions and wearing lumberjack outfit, you can expect experience rates around 115k xp/h.

Fast experience and cash - Eucalyptus (58)Edit

Eucalyptus trees are probably the most underrated trees in RuneScape, requiring level 58 Woodcutting. Not only can players earn 120,000 coins per hour, but they can also get over 65,000 experience an hour with urns. The best place to cut these is near Mobilising Armies, which also contains the bank. Without any bonuses, it takes ~77,637 eucalyptus logs to get to 99 Woodcutting from 58. This makes somewhere around the area of 31 million coins in that time. Recently the price of the logs have dropped, but their prices have been consistently rising, so they are still a decent way to make money while amassing considerable amounts of woodcutting experience.

You should be prepared to bring armour if you are a lower level because there are aggressive ogresses and wolves in this location.

Average experience and fast cash - Mahogany logs (50)Edit

Mahogany trees are another good choice if you wish to gain profit while receiving reasonable experience per hour. Due to the special logs you receive while cutting these trees, they arguably produce the most money per hour of any tree in the game. 2.5% of the Mahogany logs you cut are 'special logs.' 2 special logs are needed to convert 26 ordinary Mahogany logs into mahogany planks using the sawmill operator at the lumber yard. Mahogany planks are usually no lower than 1500 coins each. Not to mention the logs themselves are usually around the same price as yew logs, but since you collect logs faster while chopping mahogany than you do at yew trees, these are better money than yew trees even if one does not use the special logs.

To compare, these are the estimate earnings of woocutting popular trees from the levels 75-99, and Mahogany, considering 2% of the logs can be used to make planks. (2 July 2013)

Magic logs= 46,871,327 coins

Yew logs= 24,594,024 coins.

Mahogany logs, including the average amount of special logs which convert 26 logs into planks. (484 for each log, 2328 for each plank, and considering the amount of planks and special logs will be deducted from overall amount of mahogany logs)

Overall price of logs= 39,365,268 coins

Overall price of planks= 48,966,654 coins

It is important to note that as mahogany is faster experience per hour than both magic and yew trees, you would also get 99 or any level goal faster. However keep in mind that you would still have to talk to the sawmill operator for every 2 special logs to covert logs into planks which would take time. It is recommended to do this every so often between levels so you are not left with hundreds of special logs and tedious hours of running back and forth. Lumber yard teleports could help speed this up, but would deduct from overall profit.

The average experience of Mahogany trees per hour is around 40-50k an hour. While this is much better than yews or magic trees, it is outmatched in this aspect by many other trees such has teak or arctic pines. This experience can be increased with urns, but it is advised to only cut mahogany if you wish to gain profit from woodcutting, and urns would slow cash gain.

Note- When cutting Mahogany trees on Tai Bwo Wannai, remember you need trading sticks to get to the trees, and then also 10 trading sticks per item to bank. For easy banking, completion of the quest Jungle potion is needed. Trading sticks are at least very cheap and do not affect profits very much. EDIT: With the introduction of the Lodestone Network for the Home Teleport spell, you can now teleport to Edgeville to bank and back to Karamja for easy access to Tai Bwo Wannai.

Level 60 through 99Edit

Money Making & Slow Experience - Yews (60) (80 Recommended)Edit

At level 60, players can cut yew trees. Yew logs are consistently valuable; however, they're slow to obtain. Despite their popularity as a training method and moneymaker, chopping yew trees is a relatively poor source of experience and a very slow moneymaker. For comparison, at 99 woodcutting, yews are usually slightly worse for profit than picking flax in the field south of Seers' Village.

For those who wish to chop them anyway, there are good spots behind Varrock Palace, south of the Seers' Village bank (3 yew trees), just west of Catherby (south of the bee keeper) and by the entrance of Edgeville Dungeon. There are four yews west of Rimmington, but they are a long distance from a bank. A good way to bank these is either through the Cabbageport teleport or by using a Ring of duelling and a house teleport to bank in Castle Wars and grab the runes needed to teleport to the Rimmington house portal, a mere 5 steps away. There are three yew trees south of the Falador east bank which can be a good spot considering it's not crowded, and 4 west of Draynor Village. There is a good spot in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, which has 3 trees close to a bank, and if you go to the very South-West corner there are 4 trees reasonably close to each other. If you have the farming level to plant a yew tree, there is a tree patch there that can be used.

Another place pretty close to a bank is the tree south of the church in Lumbridge. It's only a short trip between the tree and the bank. However, there is only 1 tree there, making it not very profitable unless you're alone, which is pretty common. World hopping once this tree dies will work, but can be tedious.

With the quest Deadliest Catch, the best place to chop Yews is in the Piscatoris Hunter Area. This area is never crowded. There are 10 yew trees at this location. A bank chest is located north of the trees for fast banking if Deadliest Catch has been completed. Other banking options are inside the Piscatoris Fishing Colony or the bank in Zanaris by utilising the fairy ring that's close by.

Players with access to Prifddinas can find 5 Yews very close to a bank chest in the Crwys area.

Fast experience - Chopping ivy (68)Edit

Ivy requires 68 Woodcutting to cut. Since the woodcutting update, chopping ivy is now one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn Woodcutting experience. Just like trees, ivy contains a certain amount of it that can be cut before it is depleted, so the more people around the faster it is depleted. Finding an unpopulated spot is recommended for the fastest training. Cutting ivy does not fill your inventory with any items or logs except for a slight chance of bird's nests or strange rocks. Cutting ivy can yield 55k-65k experience an hour at 70 woodcutting, or 80-95k experience per hour at 99 Woodcutting. One ivy gives you 332.5 Woodcutting experience. If cutting with a sacred clay hatchet, each ivy then gives you 665 experience. Unless you have lots of time to play Stealing Creation, it is not recommended to cut ivy with the sacred clay hatchet after level 92, as the hatchets cut slower than a dragon hatchet, and you have to use a large number to get to 99.

However, ivy is not a good money-maker, so it is this deterrent that sets it apart from most other Woodcutting trees/plants. Although you receive no sort of log from cutting ivy, there is a slight chance of bird's nest while cutting ivy. Also, another good technique for gaining money while cutting ivy is to farm herbs at the same time. Farming snapdragon can yield quite a bit of money while not intruding on the exp rates of your woodcutting.

A recommended place to use this method is behind Varrock Palace because if all the ivy respawns are chopped down the yew trees could be used for extra experience and cash, or near the sewer entrance in Varrock because there the tree seeds from the nests can be immediately farmed, but it is often very crowded. Also the Castle Wars ivy is recommended because there are 7 ivy plants, but you have no extra activities available there. If there is more than one person at ivy, consider going somewhere else, such as Yanille. Yanille is helpful as there is a bank nearby; There is also a possible Evil Tree spot close by.

As you will receive no items besides the bird's nests, it's advised to bring a strung rabbit foot while cutting to increase the chance of a bird's nest. With a strung rabbits foot from 90-99 you can make several million gp from crushed nests, and high level tree seed drops.

Another recommended place is in Taverley. It is located at south-east corner of Taverley near to the lake where the The Lady of the Lake located, or near to the pet shop and the tree patch. There are 5 ivy spots and it is not often crowded compared to other ivy spots around RuneScape. You can also gain Hunter experience by catching implings around or near the ivy spot because there is an impling spawn area at the east wall of Taverley which is near to the ivy spot. There is also a tree patch which is a stone throw away and can be immediately farmed using seeds from the bird nests. This is a great place to train 3 skills all at once: Farming, Woodcutting and Hunter.

Fast Experience - Sawmill training (80)Edit

Sawmill training is a moderately efficient means of gaining Woodcutting experience for the more advanced woodcutter (level 80 needed). It gives about 80,000+ experience per hour when wielding a crystal saw (completion of The Eyes of Glouphrie), or about 8,000 experience per large task. Sawmill training is faster experience than chopping ivy.

Fast Experience - Crystal tree (94)Edit

A Crystal tree requires level 94 woodcutting to chop. Like ivy, you don't get logs from this tree, because they are for powertraining. However, when chopping crystal trees there is a chance that a Crystal Geode will fall out of the tree, similar to Bird's nests. Crystal geodes may be shattered to reveal one of several items, including uncut gems and pieces of the crystal triskelion - wearing a strung rabbit foot is recommended as it increases the chance of a geode dropping.

Fastest Experience - Arctic pineEdit

By chopping arctic pine trees, found in the Fremennik province of Neitiznot, you can gain around 80-110k  woodcutting exp per hour (as well as 40k Firemaking exp per hour with inferno adze).

The trees require level 54 Woodcutting to cut, granting 140.2 experience per log. To maximise experience it is advised to use a beaver familiar, lumberjack outfit, strong woodcutting urns and an inferno adze. Arctic pine logs have the left-click option 'light'. This allows the player to left-click every log in his or her inventory, dropping and stacking the logs on the ground. This is a very efficient way of training woodcutting. It is also recommended that the player does not cut the wood on the woodcutting stumps nearby, as this slows Woodcutting exp per hour down by approximately 10k. Although there is a bank nearby, it is much more efficient to drop the logs. This method is quicker than chopping ivy.

Profitable way from 91 to 99Edit

A good method of training is to cut Yew trees and Magic trees. You will get decent experience an hour and you will make roughly 20-30m+ from 91-99. Between 91 and 99 Woodcutting is about 7,125,000 experience. This leaves about 600 (14.400 yew logs) inventories of Yew logs and 600 inventories of Magic logs.

This way is a good method if you want to make decent money. Otherwise it is recommended to cut and drop/spam lighting Arctic Pine Logs from 91-99.

Woodcutting milestone

A player getting 99 Woodcutting

Hatchets for the jobEdit

Trading up to the best hatchet you can use is one part of fast woodcutting. Adding a hatchet to your toolbelt frees up a valuable inventory slot. You may add higher tier hatchets to your toolbelt, but they will only function as the best hatchet you can wield. Selling your logs should easily pay for all but the dragon hatchet, which may take up to level 75 to reach just by selling your logs.

Level Image Metal Notes
6 Steel hatchet Steel As per all low-level hatchets, this hatchet is slow; therefore, players should switch to a better hatchet as soon as possible.
6 Black hatchet Black Black hatchets only require level 6 Woodcutting, making them as effective as a steel hatchet. It is better to use a Steel hatchet because steel hatchets are much cheaper. Steel hatchets are also easier to obtain.
21 Mithril hatchet Mithril Good hatchet for levels 21-31, as it is the highest type the player may use at such level; however, it is still slow and the player should look to upgrade as soon as possible.
31 Adamant hatchet Adamant This hatchet is decent, especially for players with a Woodcutting level higher than level 31, but lower than 41 or 40 (depending on if the player can use Sacred Clay or not). If possible, the player should look to upgrade to a Rune hatchet as soon as they become level 41 or a Sacred Clay hatchet at level 40.
40 Hatchet (class 5) Sacred Clay Gives double experience. If the player were to cut a Magic tree with this, you get 500 experience per log. It's good for training, but crumbles to dust after a time after a certain amount of experience gained, meaning that the player would need to continually play Stealing Creation until 99 if he or she used these tools until such. The proto-tool costs 20 Stealing Creation points. The tools do not stack in the player's bank.
41 Rune hatchet Rune Highly recommended at level 41 and up. This is the best hatchet for players who cannot afford a dragon hatchet. Also the best hatchet in F2P. Requires that the player have level 50 Attack to be wielded.
61 Dragon hatchet Dragon Costs about Coins 1000 1,267,860, but is recommended for reaching 99, assuming the player cannot acquire an inferno adze. 60 Attack is needed to wield it.
61 Inferno adze Inferno adze Cuts at same speed as a Dragon hatchet, with a 33% chance of incinerating any logs cut, giving full Woodcutting and Firemaking experience. This decreases the amount of banking trips needed, but also decreases profit since some logs are burned. It also functions as a Rune pickaxe when mining, and, unlike most hatchets, it has no Attack level requirement to wield it. However, level 92 Firemaking is required to obtain and wield it. If you have level 87 Firemaking, you can use spicy stews to attain the Firemaking level required (92) to earn the adze, however the chance of getting the +5 boost required is small. The player may use the adze whilst it is in his or her inventory if they do not have the level 92 Firemaking requirement and cannot wield it.
75 (71) Crystal hatchet Crystal Made by trading a dragon hatchet and 4000 harmonic dust to Lady Ithell in Prifddinas. The requirement to use is level 71 woodcutting but the pre-requisites required to enter Prifddinas include 75 woodcutting. Cuts 15% faster than a dragon hatchet. Level 70 attack is required to wield the crystal hatchet.

Experience per HourEdit

Crystal geode

Experience with urns will be included.

Tree Level



Profit/Hr at 99

Members? Notes
Normal 1 10 - 15k Logs No Normal trees include dead, jungle and evergreen trees, as well as trees. They are the most common trees in RuneScape. However, only one log can be cut from a normal tree, unless when wearing a Seers' headband or after completing an Evil Tree, both of which are members-only.
Achey 1 17 - 18k Achey tree logs Yes Achey trees are used for the members-only quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting to make Ogre bows and arrows, as well as other ogre-related quests. They are located in Feldip Hills and by Castlewars. Like normal logs, only one Achey logs can be cut from a tree.
Oak 15 18 - 45k Oak logs No Oaks are fairly common in RuneScape. A single Oak tree can provide multiple logs.
Willow 30 30-60k Willow logs 9k-18k No Willows are generally found near water. Some places they are found at include Port Sarim, Draynor Village, Lumbridge, south of Rimmington, Catherby, Daemonheim Peninsula (At least level 30 Dungeoneering needed) and Seers' Village.
Teak 35 60 - 100k* Teak logs Yes

Teaks are members-exclusive trees found in the Hardwood Grove by Tai Bwo Wannai, the Kharazi Jungle, and the woods south of Castle Wars, among other places. Players can pay 100 trading sticks, the currency in Tai Bwo Wannai, to enter the Hardwood Grove.

  • In addition, there are 3 Teak trees on Ape Atoll with a Deposit Chest nearby. (Requires Deadliest Catch to use.) With this and the use of strong woodcutting urns , players can achieve up to 100k woodcutting xp an hour with the bonus of teak logs and bird nests to sell.
Maple 45 36k Maple logs No There are many Maples between Rellekka and Sinclair Mansion, as well as several behind the Seers' Village bank. Since the Dungeoneering update on the 19th of July 2010, both F2P and P2P players may cut Maples in the Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon (level 30 dungeoneering required).
Hollow 45 70k Bark Yes Hollow trees are found east of Canifis, which is a filled with aggressive monsters. When cut, bark is obtained. Bark can be made into Splitbark armour.
Mahogany 50 45 - 48k Mahogany logs Yes Mahogany trees are found in the Hardwood Grove by Tai Bwo Wannai. Players can pay 100 trading sticks, to enter the fenced-off area where the Mahogany trees reside. They are also found on Ape Atoll, in the Kharazi Jungle, and Mos Le'Harmless. Woodcutters need to complete Tai Bwo Wannai Trio before entering.
Arctic pine 54 75k - 110k Arctic pine logs Yes Arctic pine trees are found on the island of Neitiznot. They can be used to make Fremennik roundshields. A player must have started The Fremennik Isles to gain entry.
Eucalyptus logs 58 48 - 72k Eucalyptus logs Yes Eucalyptus trees are found only to the West of Oo'glog and are near level 69-99 Ogresses. Outside of the quest, they can only be used in Firemaking.
Yew 60 23 - 38K Yew logs 80k-110k No Yews give the most experience per log for free players. Free players can find them at Edgeville, south of Falador, north of Varrock Castle, and in the Lumbridge graveyard, among other places. Members-only spots include the Seers' Village churchyard, west of Catherby, as well as Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Ivy 68

60 - 80k

(see below)

None given

0 (not counting nests)

Yes Ivy yields no rewards (aside from birds' nests), but is one of the fastest methods of training woodcutting at 332.5 xp per successful chop.
Magic 75 17 - 30k Magic logs 88k-155k Yes Magic trees are members-only. Cutting them takes the most time of any log. These trees are found at the Mage Training Arena, the Varrock sewers resource dungeon, Sorcerer's Tower, south-west of Lletya, and south-west of Seers' Village bank. There are also a few north of the Agility course in the Gnome Stronghold, and at the eastern edge. It is recommended that players use Dragon hatchets to improve their woodcutting rate.
Cursed magic 82 17k Cursed magic logs Yes The cursed magic tree is members-only. It can only be cut after completing Spirit of Summer. Note: There is only 1 cursed magic tree. But as soon as you cut down this tree, the normal magic tree outside the spirit realm respawns, making it the best magic tree, as it has unlimited logs. One must have completed Spirit of Summer to cut it. It is located in the Wilderness.
Elder 90 32k Elder logs 500k Yes Elder trees are a members only resource, of which there are 10 across the world. They are the only instanced tree in the game; the actions of one player on an elder tree will not affect the activity of another player. The tree will deplete after 5 minutes of continuous cutting, and will not be available to that player again for 10 minutes. For optimal woodcutting with Elder Trees, it is encouraged for players to develop a route of 3 trees to cycle between, while trees re-grow.
Crystal 94 100 - 105k None given 0. (Not counting Crystal Geodes) Yes Crystal trees are members-only. They are located at 7 (the 8th Crystal tree that is grown within Prifddinas cannot be chopped) points around Runescape but there is only one active tree which may be cut on each world. The active tree moves once every two hours, and inactive trees will give you a hint to where the active one is via the Look at option. They do not yield any logs and are similar to Ivy. However they do drop Crystal geodes which contain gems or key fragments.

Chopping ivy experience per hour by levelEdit

Level Experience per hour *
68 60k
76 65k
80 68k
81 70k
82 72k
85 74k
95 75k
98 79k
99 80k+

* Assuming a dragon hatchet or Inferno adze is used. 

Ivy areasEdit

Areas How Many Patches? Crowded? Bank Shortcut to Bank?
North wall of Varrock Palace 4 In peak hours Grand Exchange Walk
South-east outer wall of Varrock Palace 5 In peak hours Grand Exchange Underwall tunnel
North side of the north wall of Falador 7 In peak hours Gamers' Grotto Wall Grapple
South side of the south wall of Falador 7 In peak hours

Draynor bank



Explorer's Ring to Cabbage Patch

South-east of Taverley 5 Falador West bank

Falador Crumbling wall

Hot-air balloon to castle wars

East wall of East Ardougne church 5 East Ardougne Bank Walk
North side of the north wall of Yanille 6 Not often Yanille Bank Walk
Inside Coeden's shop in Prifddinas 6 During the times when the Voice of Seren is on the Crwys clan Right outside the shop Lodestone, Spirit tree, Crystal teleport seed, walking.
South wall of Castle Wars 7 In peak hours Castle Wars Walk/Ring of Duelling

Note that convenience of banking should not really be a priority (as crowding might) when chopping ivy as the only items gained through this training method are bird's nests, and their contents.



Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
Logs Logs 267
1 2 25,000 F2P icon view graph 103 minutes ago
Achey tree logs Achey tree logs 431
1 2 25,000 P2P icon view graph 5 hours ago
Oak logs Oak logs 151
8 12 25,000 F2P icon view graph 72 minutes ago
Willow logs Willow logs 20
16 24 25,000 F2P icon view graph 14 hours ago
Teak logs Teak logs 390
12 18 25,000 P2P icon view graph 14 hours ago
Maple logs Maple logs 28
32 48 25,000 F2P icon view graph 96 minutes ago
Bark Bark 306
0 0 100 P2P icon view graph 4 hours ago
Mahogany logs Mahogany logs 578
20 30 25,000 P2P icon view graph 97 minutes ago
Arctic pine logs Arctic pine logs 45
14 21 25,000 P2P icon view graph 4 hours ago
Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs 417
50 75 25,000 P2P icon view graph 2 hours ago
Yew logs Yew logs 364
64 96 25,000 F2P icon view graph 13 hours ago
Magic logs Magic logs 991
128 192 25,000 P2P icon view graph 100 minutes ago
Elder logs Elder logs 4,416
192 288 25,000 P2P icon view graph 3 hours ago


Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
Bronze hatchet Bronze hatchet 151
6 9 100 F2P icon view graph 4 hours ago
Iron hatchet Iron hatchet 27
22 33 100 F2P icon view graph 2 hours ago
Steel hatchet Steel hatchet 32
80 120 100 F2P icon view graph 15 hours ago
Black hatchet Black hatchet 170
153 230 100 F2P icon view graph 4 hours ago
Mithril hatchet Mithril hatchet 99
208 312 100 F2P icon view graph 86 minutes ago
Adamant hatchet Adamant hatchet 413
512 768 100 F2P icon view graph 5 hours ago
Rune hatchet Rune hatchet 7,235
5,120 7,680 100 F2P icon view graph 15 hours ago
Dragon hatchet Dragon hatchet 1,267,860
22,000 33,000 10 P2P icon view graph 3 hours ago

Clan CitadelEdit

With the Clan Citadel on 26 July 2011, players in clan can chop Roots from the tree in a Citadel, with the experience scaling with the woodcutting level of the woodcutter.

Advantages: You can stay in the Clan Citadel for a long time (see table below). You do not need to run or bank, so you can stay and cut until the cap. Also, the experience you get scales with your level. This requires no woodcutting level.

Disadvantages: No profit (no items received). Furthermore, this is a weekly cap, so once you achieve the cap for the week, you cannot cut until your clan hits its next build tick. You must be a member to participate.

Tier Cap of logs
1 1,000
2 1,200
3 1,400
4 1,700
5 2,000
6 2,350
7 2,700


  • Wear a Strung rabbit foot to increase the chance of finding Bird's nests.
  • Lumberjack clothing obtained from Temple Trekking gives a total of +5% Woodcutting experience.
  • Wear Brawling gloves (woodcutting) for more experience.
  • Very large amounts of bonus XP can be obtained annually from Sköll boots, obtained as a drop by killing Sköll when he appears in January
  • Another good training method is in the Defender of Varrock quest. When Varrock is being invaded by the zombies, you can cut yews behind Varrock Castle without any interference from other players.
  • Upgrade your hatchet when possible for maximum cutting.
  • The Seer's headband adds bonus experience when cutting Maples, so this can be helpful.
  • Using any of the lumberjack auras will boost the amount of logs you get so that means more xp per hour.
  • Summoning a beaver familiar will invisibly boost your woodcutting level by 2, effectively making earning experience slightly faster.

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