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Members have the advantage of access to more materials for training Smithing than free players. With the right methods and a bit of increased training time, members are able to make money while smithing. Members also have access to areas with less of a distance between the furnace and the bank, such as Port Phasmatys and the Trahaearn section of Prifddinas. For a table showing profits versus experience made by smithing certain items, see Smithing/Smithing tables.

Please note that, although some methods are cheaper than others, Smithing is generally either very expensive, or very slow, depending on whether you buy or collect your materials.

Level TableEdit

Product Ore(s) required Level required Smelting xp Notes
Bronze bar Bronze bar 1 Copper and 1 Tin ores 1 6.25 Bronze is the lowest grade of bar used in smithing, used to gain experience at lower levels. You can make 14 per inventory. It does, however, provide low money and experience.
Iron bar Iron bar 1 Iron ore 15 12.5 Smelting Iron has a 50% success rate which increases gradually to 80% at level 45 smithing. Using a ring of forging allows a 100% success rate, and has 140 charges. The Superheat Item spell also has a 100% success rate, requiring level 43 magic to use.
Steel bar Steel bar 1 iron ore and 2 coal 30 17.5 One of the most commonly smelted bars, with a decent profit margin and fairly good experience. 9 bars can be made per inventory, or 18 with a coal bag.
Gold bar Gold bar 1 Gold ore 40 22.5/56.25 If a player wears Goldsmithing gauntlets from the Family Crest quest, they will receive 56.2 experience per bar smelted instead of 22.5.
Mithril bar Mithril bar 1 Mithril ore and 4 Coal 50 30 One of the most popular ores used at the Blast Furnace.
Adamant bar Adamant bar 1 Adamantite ore and 6 Coal 70 37.5 Only 4 bars can be made per inventory (or up to 13 at the Blast furnace). You may also create an extra 4 bars every coal bag used in the process of smelting these bars. (Coal Bags can be obtained through the Dungeoneering skill for a price of 4,000 tokens/40,000 Dungeoneering experience)
Rune bar Rune bar 1 Runite ore and 8 Coal 85 50

Fast but expensive ways to 99Edit

Product Ore/s required Level Smelting xp Forging xp Notes
Bronze bar Bronze bar 2 Ore(s) 1-29 6.25 12.5 Get 10 mining, and 2 iron bars. Then do the quest The Knight's Sword.
Iron 2h sword Iron 2h sword 3 Iron bar 29-35 12.5 75 Smelting Iron again is still the best way to do these levels. Iron bars have a 50% success rate of smelting which increases gradually to 80% at level 45 smithing. Using a Ring of forging guarantees 100% success. See below.
Gold bar Gold bar 1 Gold ore 40-99 22.5 (56.2 With Goldsmithing gauntlets) 0 This method is very consistent and provides good xp, yet still very affordable as gold ore is not too expensive. Smithing gold bars is around 65k-70k exp per hour with Varrock armour 2. [Though this will cut some of the xp from your gauntlet bonus for every 2 bars smithed as one]. Using Superheat Item and Goldsmithing gauntlets this can be increased to up to 117k exp per hour as well as up to 110k exp in the Magic skill.
Mithril bolts (unf) 5 Mithril bolts (unf) 1 Mithril bar 53-68 30 50 Mithril bolts (unf) can be smithed at the Blast Furnace. In order to do so, you will need Mithril ore (noted), twice as much Coal (noted), as well as Coins. After preparing all materials, go to world 58 and find Ordan the dwarf. He will unnote the ore so you can put them in the Blast Furnace while people are operating it, which will provide you with excellent experience and money. Depending on how fast you work, exp/hour can range from 50k-60k.
Mithril platebody Mithril platebody 5 Mithril bars 68-73 30 250 Mithril platebodies provide the best xp per hour for levels 68-73. Approx 170k Smithing XP/hr at Varrock Anvil.
Smith's helm (adamant) Smith's helm (adamant) 1 Adamant ingot iii 70-99 568 (624.8) 0 This method provides 200k+ xp an hour and requires minimal user input, and is half as expensive as smithing Adamant Platebodies.

About 29gp/exp if you do it right, even less if you have the Smithing gear (all 5 pieces giving +6% Bonus EXP)

Adamant bolts (unf) 5 Adamant bolts (unf) 1 Adamant bar 73-88 37.5 62.5 This method provides excellent xp - usually over 60,000 experience per hour - and the bolts produced can also be used for fletching. The bolts are stackable but prices vary often, so profit is uncertain.
Adamant dart tip Adamant dart tip 1 Adamant bar 74-88 37.5 62.5 Makes 10 dart tips - Same experience as Adamant bolts (unf), but sell for more at Grand Exchange. Requires completion of The Tourist Trap quest.
Adamant platebody Adamant platebody 5 Adamant bars 88-99 50 312.5 This is by far the fastest training method, offering up to 280,000 experience per hour. This can take you all the way to 99 Smithing.

Alternatively, one could train in the Artisan's workshop making burial armour with Adamant ingot iii.

Slow but cheaper ways to 99 Edit

Product Ore/s required Level Smelting xp Forging xp Notes
Bronze bar Bronze bar 1 copper ore and 1 tin ore 1-29 6.25 12.5 Get 10 mining, and 2 iron bars. Then, do the quest The Knight's Sword.
Iron 2h sword Iron 2h sword 3 Iron bar 29-35 12.5 75 Smelting Iron has a 50% success rate which increases gradually to 80% at level 45 smithing.
Cannonball Cannonballs 1 iron ore and 2 coal or use 1 steel bar per mould. 35-50/70 17.5 25.6 A very slow process is to make Cannonballs which requires the quest Dwarf Cannon to be completed. Materials needed to create cannonballs include 1 Steel Bar (steel bars require 1 iron ore and 2 pieces of coal, with 100% yield rate and slight profits) and an ammo mould. With buying steel bars this can result in 56k xp/hr and 219k/hr. Making your own steel bars can result in higher profits although the process is slow, even with coal bags and BoB's. The exp is much too slow for anyone with 65+ therefore it is really only recommended for making profits, although now there is many faster money makers in the game today. Without a coal bag you can do 9 bars an inv, With the standard coal bag you can make 18 bars an inv, With coal bag and spirit terrorbird you can do 22 bars an inv, although it starts to become much slower when grabbing resources, it is recommended just to use a coal bag for maximum effiency.
Mithril bar Mithril bar 1 Mithril ore and 4 coal 50-60 30 50 Mithril bars sell for around 1,695 coins each. At five bars per trip, you can make about 69,900 coins and 9,000 experience per hour (300 bars per hour).

(10 bars a trip with coal bag from dungeoneering rewards trader)

Mithril bolts (unf) 5 Mithril bolts (unf) 1 Mithril ore and 2 coal 60-70 30 50 Mithril bolts (unf) can be smithed at the Blast Furnace.

In order to do so, prepare Mithril ore (noted) Coal (noted) Coins and go to world 58 and find Ordan the dwarf. He will unnote them so you can put them in the Blast Furnace while people are operating it which will provide you with excellent experience and money.

Adamant bar Adamant bar 1 Adamantite ore and 6 coal 70-85 37.5 62.5 Adamant bars sell for around 2,918 coins each. They require 1 Adamantite ore and 3 Coal per bar if using the blast furnace.

Purchasing the materials then selling the bars gives a profit of around 687 coins per bar, which adds up to around 267,930 coins per hour depending on how fast you can smith the bars (The values here take into account that 15 trips were made to the blast furnace smithing 13 bars each trip). Also make sure you use the Blast Furnace on world 58. Only 4 bars can be made per inventory (or up to 13 at the Blast furnace). You may also create an extra 4 bars every coal bag.

Rune bar Rune bar 1 Runite ore and 8 coal 85-99 50 75 Smelting Rune bars using the Blast Furnace is the fastest way to make money with Smithing. Start out in the GE with coins, noted coal, unnoted Runite ore, and Varrock teletabs in your inventory. Take the mine cart to the Blast Furnace, smelt the ores there, then return to Varrock by using the tabs.

Tips for smelting iron barsEdit

Simply buying massive amounts of iron ore and several rings of forging then going to a furnace to smith is a potentially profitable method. Iron ore currently costs 261 coins, Iron bars cost 466 coins, and Rings of forging cost 892 coins. That's about 198 coins profit per bar smelted. If you have Varrock armour 1 or higher, and are using Edgeville's furnace, you to have a chance of smelting two bars at the same time while still only using up a single charge on your Ring of forging. If your ring of forging melts midway through smelting bars, you should automatically stop smelting. This prevents loss.

Tips for smelting gold oreEdit

Smelting gold ores is fast experience while wearing Goldsmithing gauntlets from the Family Crest quest. Doing so grants 56.2 Smithing experience per ore (1,574 experience per 28). This method can grant 55,000-90,000 (at a rate of up to 224 gold ores every 10 minutes) Smithing XP per hour depending on levels of concentration and whether Varrock armour 2, 3 or 4 is being used. It is recommended to smelt where a furnace is close to a bank, such as in Edgeville (which requires all easy Varrock Tasks finished), or in Port Phasmatys. It is very easy to find players selling gold ore on the Grand Exchange. Although gold bars have high liquidity, they sell for 101 less than gold ore. Gold ores cost 191 coins each. Gold bars cost 90 coins each. If you are in a clan, skilling sufficiently in the citadel awards bonus xp based on the tier of the smithing plot and your smithing level once per week.

One quick way to get a lot of gold ore is to hop onto the Living Rock Caverns worlds and pick up all the gold ore that players have dropped. You can pick up around 1000 in about 30 minutes or so with little effort. It is advised to bring armour just in case a living rock creature tries to attack you. You can also pick up the coal to make some profit or do as you please with it.

Gold bars can also be used for making gold rings, to reduce the losses. Making a Gold ring will give you 15 crafting experience and 170 coins per ring. Yet another way to cut the losses down is to take the newly created gold bars and craft bracelets out of them. If you saved the Rogue from the Rogue's Castle in the Spirit World from the Summer's End quest he will relocate to the house behind the Archery shop in Varrock, where he will buy all un-enchanted jewellery for Low Alchemy price even in noted form.

Another method of training is to craft unstrung gold amulets if you have 80 Magic and Lunar spells. You can use the string jewellery spell after you are done smithing and making amulets. This grants smithing, crafting, and magic experience.

Another slightly slower but profitable method is to buy cut emeralds on the Grand Exchange and make rings of duelling. If you have access to the Crafting Guild's mine (40 Crafting) and 26 Agility, running from the west Falador bank, under the south Falador wall and to the Crafting Guild's mine to mine gold ore, then following the same route back to the bank can be a very easy way to mine gold ore for Smithing. If you have a level 80 mining you can get gold from veins of Concentrated gold rocks from the Living Rock Caverns. Mining on the unofficial living rock cavern worlds (such as 84 and 77) is recommended, because so many players mine on that world, you are less likely to be attacked by the rock creatures.

Gold Bars can also be smelted with the magic spell Super heat Yielding up to 100k Exp/h when using the function keys (f4 and f1)

Blast Furnace loading coke

A player operates the Blast Furnace.

Maximising inventory space with a coal bagEdit

The coal bag holds up to 27 pieces of coal. it is a reward purchasable from Marmaros the rewards trader for 4,000 Dungeoneering tokens.

Results Ores Experience
Mithril bar x 8 Adamant bar x 2 Coal x 17Coal bagMithril orex 8 Adamantite ore x 2 315
Adamant bar x 7 Mithril bar x 1 Coal x 19Coal bagMithril orex 1 Adamantite ore x 7 292.5
Steel bar x 18 Coal x 9 Coal bagIron orex 18 315
Steel bar x 14Adamant bar x 1Mithril bar x 1 Coal x 11Coal bagMithril orex 1 Adamantite ore x 1 312.5

Note: This table does not show all possible combinations.

The Blast Furnace methodEdit

The Blast Furnace, found in the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim, is a very good way to train Smithing because half the amount of coal is used for smelting bars requiring coal than at a normal furnace. Furthermore, iron ores have a 100% chance of becoming iron bars. Many things can be smelted here, but high-alchable items and stackable items are preferred, because they will not result in immediate banking.

Mithril bolts/Mithril arrowtips/Mithril dartsEdit

By purchasing mithril ore and half the amount of coal needed for mithril bars from the Grand Exchange, players can use the blast furnace to smelt their bars and smith on the nearby anvils. It can grant up to 100,000 Smithing experience per hour with a Sacred Clay Hammer, and depending on market prices at the time, can even make a profit. This is the most cost-effective way to level up your smithing until level 75 Smithing, when Adamant arrowheads can be smithed for much more profit and experience per hour.

Mithril platebodyEdit

Using the same method as above, but alching the bodies made, you can gain up to 70,000 experience an hour while using a sacred clay hammer. However, the cost is roughly 1 coin per 1.06 experience using the hammer. Due to the fickle nature of the Blast Furnace, players may find themselves with long stretches of time while they wait for their bars to smelt, during this time it is suggested that players bring large stacks of noted items with which to high alch in addition to the platebodies. A good set-up is to carry your two stacks of ore and coal in noted form, a bucket to cool down your bars instantly, nature runes, a fire staff, and a spade for shovelling coal if the duty falls upon you. It is possible to juggle 25 bars at once rather than 20 by dropping items before you smith and picking them up afterwards, this results in much faster experience, but this method is quite risky, for obvious reasons.

It is suggested players head for world 58 for either method, as that is the official Blast Furnace world.

Cannonball methodEdit

Cannonballs are slow and give worse experience than any other steel smithing (roughly 13,000 experience/hour). They used to be frequently made since they used to turn a significant profit, however, there are better money makers in game now than there used to be. You will make 509 coins (264,680 coins/hour) if you buy the bars, and 603 if you buy the ores.

While wearing Morytania legs 2 or higher, the speed of making cannonballs in Port Phasmatys furnace is doubled so it is possible to reach around 25/28k experience per hour and more profit.

See the Cannonball smithing calculator for latest profit calculations using Grand Exchange Market Watch prices.

Smelting vs. SmithingEdit

Smithing your bars into various items provides the bulk of all smithing experience, though it is costly, which is why some players may choose to smelt bars and sell them either on the forums or on the Grand Exchange for a profit at the cost of exp/hour. There are some downsides to smelting bars, most prominently the reduced experience. Smelting bars usually do not provide a player with the same level of profit as other money making methods. It is advisable to switch from smelting to smithing bars as soon as the player has a moderate sum of money to support it.

Other methodsEdit


Another cost-effective way to train Smithing is via Dungeoneering. Since you don't bring any of your own money into the dungeons and can't take any out, it is always wise to spend the (often) large sums of money acquired through the dungeon on ores to smelt and smith for experience. The most cost-effective ore to use is Novite ore (tier 1), but this provides an extremely slow rate of XP. Kratonium ore (tier 4) provides a reasonable balance of decent speed and moderate cost. If your Mining and Smithing level are of similar height a good method is to do lower floors solo on complexity level 3. The skills of the higher complexity levels are locked out and the chance of finding ores has increased. Players are guaranteed to find at least 1 ore every room other than the smuggler's room and the boss room the maximum ores that can be found in one room is 3, this is very rare on complexity level 6 but on complexity level 3 it is quite common to find 2 or 3 ores in a room. Unfortunately the dungeoneering experience gained on complexity level 3 is far lower than the experience gained on complexity level 6. The most efficient way of doing this is to go through the lower floors after you have reset your Ring of Kinship since complexity 3 floors do not take much longer to complete than complexity 1 floors.

Darts, bolts, and arrowsEdit

Adamant dart detail

An adamant dart

A very good way to train smithing while breaking even or even making a small profit is making darts, crossbow bolts, or arrowtips. Buying iron bars from the Grand Exchange, smithing them into darts, and adding feathers can be good experience for both smithing and fletching, though buying bars will result in a net loss. Once again, using the Blast Furnace will increase your profit and experience per hour. Players who smith using the Blast Furnace nearly always make arrowheads or unfinished bolts because they are stackable. Buying the ore and smithing mithril arrowheads or unfinished bolts is a relatively cheap and quick way to train smithing with usually no more than 50-100 gp loss per bar and sometimes even a profit. This can also be done with adamant arrowheads or unfinished bolts for faster experience though it is far less common because of the increased cost. Players should avoid this method if they are not using the Blast Furnace because it is only cost effective because of the reduced amount of coal used for Blast Furnace smithing. You should always check the current prices before beginning because prices can sometimes change rapidly from day to day.

Concentrated Coal smeltingEdit

To make a little profit by buying only the ores you need, not the coal, here's what you do:

  1. Have enough ores of the type you wish, like iron, mithril, adamant, or runite. (Note: with divination you may also convert coal through the line to mithril adamant or runite provided you have the necessary Divination levels and energies)
  2. Withdraw a fire/lava/steam staff (unlimited fire runes) and a stack of nature runes
  3. Withdraw an inventory of ores but keep open a few spaces (3 spaces for steel bars, 5 spaces for mithril bars, 7 spaces for adamant bars and 9 spaces for rune bars).
  4. Go to Living Rock Caverns and mine coal
  5. If you have enough coal to make a bar, then cast Superheat Item
  6. When all ores have been turned into bars, bank and repeat.

If you do this correctly and the concentrated rock does not fill your entire inventory (have at least 1 space open left), the Superheat item will not interrupt mining, allowing you to continuously mine coal and smelt bars. Selling the bars should make profit, because you did not purchase the coal.

Artisans WorkshopEdit

The Artisans Workshop is one of the foremost methods for training your Smithing. As a member, you have access to more Ingots during burial armour making, such as adamant and rune, which yield experience rates of 200k+ experience per hour.

If you are a high-level smith, you can try repairing cannons in the cannon room. Cannon repair yields a considerable amount of experience (up to 75k xp/h) starting at level 62 Smithing.

A method recommended for low-level smiths is the track room. Although you gain access to steel ingots, and this method is free, it takes quite a while to make a full track and offers a low rate of experience per hour (approximately 20k xp/h).

Making ceremonial swords seems to be the least preferred training method within the Artisan's Workshop; this might be due to the difficulty of creating them to a high standard. Whilst ceremonial swords can be extremely expensive to make, they demonstrate experience rates of well over 400k xp/h at high levels when done efficiently.

It should be noted that gaining all the rewards from Artisan's Workshop is one of the requirements for the trimmed completionist cape.

Clan CitadelsEdit

The Clan Citadel can offer a Furnace (provided that the clan the player is in has one), which provides constant and free Smithing experience while doing their cap rate. As players maximize their caps every week to a fealty rank of 3, they will get an extra experience bonus when skilling in the citadel. Depending on the player's fealty rank and cap limit, they can reach to upwards of 342k Smithing experience per week, more with various bonuses.

However, the Furnace requires charcoal from the Kiln and regular/precious ore from the Mine in order to function properly.


  • Obtaining Morphic tools and transforming them into sacred clay hammers allows you to drain them for Smithing bonus experience. If you are good at Stealing Creation you can make 1 morphic tool per round (1 round is 20 min).
  • Obtaining the Gofannon amulet from the What's Mine is Yours quest offers up to 183,500 bonus experience by finishing the subsequent miniquest chain, Doric and Boric's tasks.
  • Generally, smithing unfinished ranged items will be the least expensive way of smithing bars, but will be a lot slower than smithing platebodies.
  • Wearing the Blacksmith's outfit will provide a 6% bonus when training Smithing. This stacks with other bonuses such as bonus experience.
  • Players can bring their Beast of Burden familiars (e.g. Spirit terrorbird) to carry extra bars whilst smithing. This can help save some time and trips to the bank, thus getting more experience or profit per hour.
  • Some players like to use only half the capacity of the beast of burden while smelting, that way there is no drop swapping at the furnace. This saves a lot of clicking and some time at the expense of reduced xp.
  • The Varrock armour is a great aid in smelting and smithing.
  • Unlocking the scroll of efficiency from Dungeoneering can save bars when forging items requiring 3 or more.
  • Portable forges are also helpful for saving bars when forging and smelting extra bars. They also provide a 10% experience boost to smithing. These combined can save plenty of cash. It is best to place one right beside a bank chest for fastest smithing experience.
  • To help stockpile coal, increase coal production in your kingdom. See: Managing Miscellania.
  • Anyone who has completed the Fremennik Trials Quest and has started the Fremennik Isles Quest may use the Clay Forge on Neitiznot. The forge is one of the closest to a bank in Gielinor and has no other requirements to be able to use it.

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