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The following guide gives advice on training the Ranged skill from levels 1-99, for members. The ranged combat skill is highly useful as it gives the player the ability to attack from long ranges with projectiles. This can allow a player to avoid all damage in combat. arm Defence can be trained in the same fashion by setting combat experience gain to Defence or Defence and Ranged.

Recommended armourEdit

Note: If armour is available as a set at the Grand Exchange, prices will be based on the set price.

Requirement level Gear Armour rating Damage bonus Total Price Notes
1 Defence Leather body, Leather chaps, Leather vambraces, Leather cowl, Leather boots 87 0 Coins 250 1,042 Hardleather body requires Level 10 Defence and gives 6 more ranged attack than a Leather body.
20 Defence Studded leather armour set: Coif, Studded body, Studded chaps, Studded leather gloves, and Studded leather boots 234 0 Coins 1000 4,172 Frog-leather armour requires Level 25 Defence, when reached, it's recommended, as it offers better stats.
30 Defence Snakeskin armour set: Snakeskin bandana, Snakeskin body, Snakeskin chaps, Snakeskin vambraces, and Snakeskin boots 427 0 Coins 10000 48,470 Whole armour set can be costly for new players. Alternatively, players can use Carapace armour instead of Snakeskin armour, due to its low price.
40 Defence Green dragonhide set: Green dragonhide body, Green dragonhide chaps, and Green dragonhide vambraces with Green dragonhide coif and Snakeskin boots / Carapace boots 460 0 Coins 10000 15,072 The player can change to the Void knight equipment with a ranged helm, requiring 42 Ranged, it gives a +20% range increase, +10% to accuracy, +5% to ranged damage, but the player must have level 42 in the following: Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic, and 22 Prayer, and 850 Commendation point
50 Defence Blue dragonhide set: Blue dragonhide body, Blue dragonhide chaps, and Blue dragonhide vambraces with Blue dragonhide coif and Spined Boots 630 7 Coins 10000 27,796 The Blue dragonhide body requires the completion of the quest Dragon Slayer. The Spined Boots requires the completion of the quest The Fremennik Trials.
55 Defence Red dragonhide set: Red dragonhide body, Red dragonhide chaps, and Red dragonhide vambraces with Red dragonhide coif and Spined boots 723 7 Coins 10000 27,902 Unless you want the higher armour rating, it's best to wait until you can get Black dragonhide.
60 Defence Black dragonhide armour: Black dragonhide body, Black dragonhide chaps, and Black dragonhide vambraces with Black dragonhide coif / God coif and Spined boots 829 7 Coins 10000 33,086 God Coifs can be worn at 60 Defence without needing 60 Ranged.
65 Defence Royal dragonhide armour: Royal dragonhide body, Royal dragonhide chaps, and Royal dragonhide vambraces, Royal dragonhide coif and Spined Boots or Demon slayer boots 942 7 Coins 10000 46,740 This armour set has lower defence than Armadyl armour, but is inexpensive. It's a good choice for those without the funds for Armadyl.
70 Defence Armadyl armour: Armadyl chestplate, Armadyl chainskirt, Armadyl gloves, and Armadyl helmet, Armadyl boots 970 87 Coins 10000 17,107,497 This is among the most expensive equipment, but is also the very best non-degradable. Karil's armour may be used instead for same stats. Karil's armour degrades, but you get an added set effect. Glaiven boots can be used instead of Armadyl boots, but Glaiven boots require 85 Defence, so it would take a while to get to there.
Armadyl armour set equipped

A male player wearing Armadyl armour.

Side EquipmentEdit

When deciding to use either dual wielding or a bow/crossbow it is important to consider if you are using Legacy Mode or Revolution. The latter, however, is preferred over the former in most situations. Abilities don't consume any ammunition, and degrading bows like the crystal bow won't degrade. As a result, it could be beneficial to use abilities, especially if dual wielding, since dual weapons have a higher cost per second compared to two handed weapons. Regenerate, Rejuvenate and Guthix's Blessing can all greatly reduce, or if one is willing to take a hit in experience per hour, remove the need for food. That said, food can temporarily boost your experience rates at the start as you will have more adrenaline for Threshold and Ultimate abilities.


Bringing a shield with you can be a good idea to save on food, but having one equipped at all times instead of a two-handed or dual-wield setup will reduce the experience you gain per hour. The ultimate ability Rejuvenate requires the use of a shield to activate and restores 40% of your maximum health on a 5 minute cooldown.

Shields should only be used at all times in situations where you're taking too much damage to sustain dual wield or two-handed weapons. Shields don't offer a damage bonus and their off-hand counterparts allow for the use of dual-wielding abilities. While using a shield can be important for abilities such as Rejuvenate and Resonance, having one equipped will reduce your damage dealt by a significant percentage.


Some people may wish to wear a Ring of wealth, which is understandable, but there are other rings that offer combat oriented effects.

Requirement Item Effect
Complete Broken Home in under 37 Minutes Asylum Surgeon's Ring Chance to save adrenaline on Threshold Abilities
Complete Broken Home Asylum Doctor's Ring Monsters occasionally drop food
None (Untradeable after Equipping) Ring of Death Chance to gain adrenaline based on opponent's health
85 Defence, 85 Constitution Leviathan Ring Chance to halve incoming damage
The World Wakes Sixth-Age circuit Free to reclaim, higher than average bonuses
50,000 Dungeoneering Tokens Ring of Vigour Retain 10% adrenaline after using an Ultimate Ability
None Berserker Ring 12 style bonus, 5 armour
None Seers' Ring 17 Magic style bonus
None Warrior Ring 17 Melee style bonus
None Archers' Ring 17 Ranged style bonus


Requirement level Item Style Bonus
Level 1 Amulet of accuracy 15 (Ranged only)
Level 1 Amulet of glory 26
Level 1 Amulet of fury 32
Level 1 Amulet of ranging 32 (Ranged only)
Level 1 Amulet of power 15
Level 70 Saradomin's murmur 36 (Ranged only)

Recommended WeaponsEdit

The following table shows you what the best advised equipment is to train ranging fast.

Note If using an optimal ability rotation, ammunition usage can be all but eliminated. Training with Momentum will obviously cost much more than using abilities, since ammunition is used with each auto-attack, however it would require less attention. Using Ava's device past level 30 will collect the ammunition automatically, as well as providing a good range bonus in cape slot.

Level Arrow weapon Bolt weapon Thrown weapon
1-10 Kayle's chargebow.[1] Bronze crossbow or Bronze 2h crossbow with Bronze bolts, 27 coins. Bronze knife, 24 coins; Off-hand bronze knife, 60 coins.
Bronze dart, 54 coins; Off-hand bronze dart, 17 coins.
Bronze throwing axe, 13 coins; Off-hand bronze throwing axe, 6 coins.
Bronze javelin, 17 coins.
10-20 Oak shortbow with Iron arrows, 12 coins per arrow. Iron crossbow or Iron 2h crossbow with Iron bolts, 73 coins or Opal bolts, 29 coins. Iron knife, 66 coins; Off-hand iron knife, 62 coins.
Iron dart, 35 coins; Off-hand iron dart, 23 coins.
Iron throwing axe, 24 coins; Off-hand iron throwing axe, 12 coins.
Iron javelin, 26 coins.
20-30 Willow shortbow with steel arrows, 12 coins per arrow. Steel crossbow or Steel 2h crossbow with Steel bolts, 101 coins, Pearl bolts, 54 coins or Opal bolts (e), 21 coins, and from level 25, Jade bolts or Silver bolts, 23 coins. Steel knife, 115 coins; Off-hand steel knife, 108 coins.
Steel dart, 16 coins; Off-hand steel dart, 46 coins.
For level 25, Black dart, 1198 coins; Off-hand black dart, 90 coins.
Steel throwing axe, 68 coins; Off-hand steel throwing axe, 21 coins.
Steel javelin, 139 coins.
30-40 Maple shortbow with Mithril arrows, 22 coins per arrow. Mithril crossbow or Mithril 2h crossbow with Mithril bolts, 141 coins, Topaz bolts, 111 coins or Pearl bolts (e), 45 coins, and from level 35, Jade bolts (e).
Swamp lizard with Guam tar, 73 coins.
Mithril knife, 227 coins; Off-hand mithril knife, 192 coins.
Mithril dart, 30 coins; Off-hand mithril dart, 45 coins.
Mithril throwing axe, 210 coins; Off-hand mithril throwing axe, 43 coins.
Mithril javelin, 168 coins.
40-50 Yew shortbow with Adamant arrows, 51 coins per arrow. Adamant crossbow or Adamant 2h crossbow with Adamant bolts, 212 coins, Sapphire bolts, 115 coins or Topaz bolts (e), 60 coins. Adamant knife, 535 coins; Off-hand adamant knife, 508 coins.
Adamant dart, 61 coins; Off-hand adamant dart, 70 coins.
Adamant throwing axe, 504 coins; Off-hand adamant throwing axe, 146 coins.
Adamant javelin, 52 coins.
For level 45, Chinchompa, 868 coins.
50-60 Magic shortbow with Rune arrows, 151 coins per arrow. Rune crossbow or Rune 2h crossbow with Runite bolts, 928 coins, Ruby bolts, 268 coins, Emerald bolts, 215 coins or Sapphire bolts (e), 115 coins.
Orange salamander with Marrentill tar, 159 coins.
Rune knife, 1636 coins; Off-hand rune knife, 2527 coins.
Rune dart, 120 coins; Off-hand rune dart, 942 coins.
Rune throwing axe, 642 coins; Off-hand rune throwing axe, 778 coins.
Rune javelin, 178 coins.
For level 55, Red chinchompa, 2185 coins.
60-70 Elder shortbow with Dragon arrows, 238 coins per arrow. Dragon crossbow or Dragon 2h crossbow with Dragon bolts, 1051 coins, Diamond bolts, 320 coins, Ruby bolts (e), 227 coins or Emerald bolts (e), 290 coins.
Red salamander with Tarromin tar, 174 coins.
Dragon dart, 145 coins; Off-hand dragon dart, 263 coins.
Dragon throwing axe, 244 coins; Off-hand dragon throwing axe, 183 coins.
70-75 Crystal bow, 40 coins per arrow at maximum recharge price or 8 coins per arrow at minimum recharge price. 50 Agility required. Karil's crossbow or Karil's pistol crossbow with Bolt racks, 133 coins.
Black salamander with Harralander tar, 216 coins.
Blisterwood stakes. Requires completion of The Branches of Darkmeyer.

Sagaie, 565 coins.

75-80 Hand cannon with Hand cannon shots, 148 coins.
Armadyl crossbow with Diamond bolts (e), 344 coins or Dragon bolts (e), 320 coins.
Morrigan's javelin, 10741 coins. Morrigan's throwing axe, 12948 coins.
80-90 Zaryte bow, 33 coins per arrow or Attuned crystal bow. Requires completion of Plague's End and 50 Agility to use plus 90 Smithing to make. Chaotic crossbow or Royal crossbow with Royal bolts, 44 coins. Death lotus dart, 281 coins. Requires level 85 Ranged.

Shadow glaive, Requires level 85 Ranged.

90-99 Noxious Longbow Ascension crossbow with Ascension bolts, 99 coins.


  1. ^ Chargebows, unlike other bows, do not use ammunition. Kayle's version has better accuracy and damage than other weapons in this tier.

The following table shows the recommended bolts cost, as crossbows are recommended past level 36

Level Weapon Ammo 1 Cost Ammo 2 Cost Notes
30 Mithril crossbow +454 Accuracy Mithril bolts +288 damage 141 Topaz bolts (e) (lvl 40 req.)+384 damage 60 At the almost the same price, topaz bolts (e) offer an enchantment Down to Earth which reduces the target's Magic level in PvP and offers more damage, although it is more difficult to obtain from the GE.
40 Adamant crossbow +628 Accuracy Adamant bolts +384 Damage 212 Mithril Bolts +288 Damage 141 Though mithril bolts are slightly cheaper, adamant bolts should be preferred, as they have much more damage.

Hunters' crossbow,+850 Accuracy

Kebbit bolts,+480 Damage 26 Long kebbit bolts,+480 Damage 69 This crossbow is now at par with the Rune crossbow but it can only use Kebbit bolts and Long kebbit bolts.
50 Rune crossbow +850 Accuracy Broad-tipped bolts (with 55 Slayer) +480 Damage 56

Adamant Bolts +384 Damage


Broad-tipped bolts are used for training and general purposes instead because their damage is higher than adamant bolts, and are cheaper to use.


Many monsters are also Slayer monsters, if they are within your level, it is recommended to train on them for the extra Slayer experience

Levels 1 - 20Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Chicken Lumbridge Chicken Coop, or South of Beefy Bill 2 50 24.9 None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drops very good drops for a low level
  • Drops Raw chicken, can be cooked for experience and food
  • Feathers can sell for 49, stackable and drops 5 - 15 at a time
  • Often crowded.
  • Low low experience per bird and requires constant attention
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Cockroach drone Stronghold of Player Safety 8 110 25.5 None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Relative closeness to bank
  • Considerable drop, herbs and runes
  • Large amount of monsters
  • The stronghold is relatively big and players may get lost
  • Low health, low experience
  • Requires constant attention
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Cow With Beefy Bill or at several other spots around Gielinor 2, 4, 6 150 (cow calves 100) 25.5 (cow calves 24.5) None Use Beefy Bill for fast banking
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Less crowded than chickens
  • Cowhide can be used to training crafting
  • Still relatively low experience
  • Fair distance from a bank, unless using beefy bill, who charges a 10% fee
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Man and Woman All around Gielinor, mainly in cities, recommended Lumbridge 2 70 24.5 None Edgeville has a storage room full of men
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Many located around Gielinor
  • Generally in towns and cities with bank
  • Can be fought for money when you're short a bit
  • Drops little (very little) money or other items
  • Low experience
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Goblin East of River Lum in Lumbridge, Goblin Village, many other small villages. 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 16 67, 64, 100, 45/50, 150, 200, 225, 250, 400 24.5 None None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Low experience
  • Bad drops

Levels 20 - 40Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Chaos druid Taverley Dungeon 32 1,150 50.4 None None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • May be crowded
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Giant bat Coal mine west of McGrubor's Wood, Taverley Dungeon 44 1600 72.6 None None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Weak to bolts
  • Easy access to healing by Galahad's tea
  • Semi-AFKable (Aggressive)
  • Level 20 agility needed to take the shortcut (although around 3 bats will gather close to the shortcut on the other side of the river, with striking distance of a shortbow)
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Werewolf Canifis 63 2250 132 Access to Morytania None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Can be assigned as Slayer tasks, useful if you're training it and Canifis' Slayer master is closeby
  • Decent loot, bring nature runes and fire runes/firestaff if you want to alch loot
  • Low defense despite the moderately high combat-level
  • Fighting them in a bank means your health automatically regens when they die
  • One that respawns in the Canifis bank every 20 seconds
  • Lower level players may need to bring food and/or defense potions
  • They can hit high, up to 80 when in werewolf form and 50 in human form

Level 40 - 50 Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Pyrefiend Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 61 2,200 125.7 30 Slayer Carapace armour

Tier 30 Ranged Weapon

Advantages Disadvantages
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Green dragon Chaos Tunnels or numerous wilderness zones (Forinthry Dungeon) 63 6,750 198 None Anti-dragon shield, Antifire
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Out of the way, far from banks
  • In dangerous or inconvenient areas (wilderness, chaos tunnels with aggressive baby black dragons)
  • Can hit very high when in melee range
  • Using an anti-dragon shield can hamper experience rates due to reduced damage rates.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Baby blue dragon Taverley Dungeon 44 1,600 72.6 Dusty key 70 Agility, allows use of shortcut and does not need dusty key
Advantages Disadvantages
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Infernal mage slayer tower 72 5,000 183 45 Slayer None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drops in general are poor

Levels 50 - 70Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Blue dragon Taverley Dungeon, Heroes' Guild, Ogre Enclave 74 5,000 263 Dusty key if training in Taverley dungeon, can be obtained within the dungeon Use of crossbow with Anti-dragon shield for protection, 70 Agility (does not need key this way)
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Baby blue dragons nearby, may be annoyance (may be more recommended to train on them at this level)
  • Dragonfire hits dangerously high (2500+) if within range and not using any form of dragonfire protection
  • Using an anti-dragon shield can hamper experience rates due to reduced attack damage.
  • Although they are weak to ranged they can still be tough for rangers at this level.
  • Often crowded
  • Bane ammunition has high requirements and takes a while to make.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Abyssal demon Slayer Tower Abyssal Area 98 8,500 661 Level 85 Slayer, partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, Dramen Staff/Lunar Staff Combat level 119 to avoid aggressiveness of guardians and leeches
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Occasionally crowded
  • Requires a very high slayer level (85)
  • Hits hard and accurately
  • Will teleport around and thus cannot be safespotted
  • Must be on a slayer assignment to receive the best drops (abyssal wand and orb).
  • Strong against ranged attacks.
  • Bane ammunition can take a while to make and has high requirements.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Lesser demon Crandor,Taverley Dungeon and/or Karamja Volcano resource dungeon 70 5,000 250.2 25 Dungeoneering for Karamja Volcano Runes for alchemy spells and/or Explorer ring 3 or higher, Accursed urn or better
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Good drops for alching
  • Drops accursed ashes to fill up urns
  • Weak to bolts
  • Attacks with magic
  • Can hit accurately on those with low defence
  • Out of the way
  • Drops tend to be mediocre most of the time
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Black demon Taverley Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels 98 9,000 661 Dusty key or 70 agility 70 agility for easy access
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drops infernal ashes
  • 40% crimson charm drop
  • Good drops for alching
  • Summoning obelisk nearby
  • Weak to bolts
  • Uses very accurate, hard-hitting magic attacks.
  • Must get past aggressive chaos dwarves and magic axes
  • Can take a long time to kill for rangers at this level, even when exploiting their weakness to bolts
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Experiment Experiment Cave 35 1,250 54 Creature of Fenkenstrain quest partially completed Wolfbane in case you accidentally hit a Canifis resident
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Decent experience
  • Low Max hit
  • Low Defence
  • Only drops Bones
  • Considerable distance to any banks (Closest one Canifis)
  • Low experience compared to other monsters in this level-range
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Jogre Ardougne Zoo 57 4,100 163.3 None Use a chargebow or bring runes for telekinetic grab, as ammo cannot be retrieved normally.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • No damage dealt to you due to it being in an enclosure.
  • Not crowded
  • You could attack cyclops beside the Jogre while waiting it to respawn.

Levels 70 - 99 Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Greater demon Brimhaven dungeon, Forinthry dungeon 82 6,000 385.2 Runes to high alch the drops
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Decent life points
  • Safespots
  • Moderate drops
  • Weak to bolts
  • Fairly strong Magic attacks
  • Their locations are either remote or located within the Wilderness.
  • Far from bank
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Rorarius Monastery of Ascension 84 6000 404.1 *81 Slayer Slayer Prayer/stat boost potions, Vampyrism aura, food
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Semi-fast exp gain
  • Quick kills
  • Several locations
  • Very profitable drops; roughly 3 million coins per hour.
  • Attacking them makes them aggressive, increasing experience rates.
  • Weak to Ranged
  • Far from bank
  • Very popular training spot, so most locations will be crowded.
  • Not all locations are efficient, and rates may be hampered if a Capsarius is nearby to heal them.
  • Their attacks hit quite hard and are accurate, which can lead to a quick death if too many are attacking at once.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Aviansie God Wars Dungeon 89, 92, 95 6,400-6,800 491.8 Skills that are needed to access to the dungeon

Death plateau and Troll Stronghold

Wear an item from all four factions to prevent aggression
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Very good drops
  • Clue scroll (hard)
  • Many available within the dungeon
  • Weak to bolts
  • Located in a dangerous dungeon
  • Far from bank
  • Dangerous in itself
  • Tends to be crowded at peak times
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Red dragon Red Dragon Isle and Brimhaven Dungeon 84 9,000 404 None Anti-dragon shield or Antifire
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Far from banks
  • Very strong, high damage when collecting drops
  • Widely distributed
  • Dragonfire hits dangerously high (2,500+) if within range and not using any form of dragonfire protection.
  • Player killers may attack in the Wilderness location.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Mature grotworm Grotworm Lair 98 10,500 881.4 None Alchemy runes. Prayer Potions for Protect from Magic. 50+ Agility for quicker access to the third level.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Very accurate and high-hitting Magic attacks.
  • Players with low Agility level will have to run through both levels of the lower level Grotworms to get to the third level
  • Inability to use a Dwarf Multicannon in the Lair
  • Quite a distance from a bank
  • Not aggressive
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Wallasalki Waterbirth Island Dungeon 79, 91 2,850, 8,125 516.6 Protect or deflect from Magic
Advantages Disadvantages
  • High experience
  • Some decent drops
  • Mild to good charm drop rate
  • Weak to arrows
  • Far from bank
  • Their attacks hit hard and accurately
  • Occasionally retreats when under half life points
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Vyrelord/Vyrelady Darkmeyer 98 11,370 680 The Branches of Darkmeyer

Blisterwood stakes

*Void Knight armour with Ranger helm unless on a slayer task, in which case a Full Slayer Helm or Focus Sight would be more recommended. High magic protection equipment such as black dragonhide, royal or armadyl armour to reduce the need of food.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Training here yields a high experience rate for little to no cost.
  • A good amount of money can be earned from drops such as Blood runes, Death runes, and Splitbark Armour.
  • Some food is necessary as prayer only protects 50% but altar is located within Darkmeyer, and all Vyres only use magic
  • Weak to thrown
  • Players must fletch their own Blisterwood stakes, as they are untradable.
  • Experience rates can be reduced substantially if even one more person is training in Darkmeyer; as Vyres are aggressive, making auto-retaliate less useful for training.
  • Unless a player has cremated a large number of Vyre corpses, they will not achieve the high hits necessary to earn the best experience rates.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Waterfiend Ghorrock, Chaos Tunnels, Ancient Cavern 107 8,000 934.2 The Temple at Senntisten *Players with higher Magic levels will find better experience rates due to better protection from the Waterfiends' magic attacks.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Very good drops, such as noted water orbs and uncut sapphires, and high crimson charm drop rates.
  • Waterfiends' combat levels also allow for very high Clue scroll (hard) drop rates. One such clue can be found easily within an hour.
  • Waterfiends drop raw fish regularly, which can be used with a Bunyip, extra pouches/Spiritualise Food, Summoning potions and Swallow Whole scrolls for nearly unlimited healing.
  • Once the Waterfiends become non-aggressive, they are quite easy to 3-hit with Hand Cannons for high kill/ammo rates. Players will need very little food once this occurs because of the Waterfiends' tendency to hit 1 on players more often than they either hit or miss.
  • Weak to bolts
  • If Player has access to Fairy Rings, they are very close to a bank at the Ancient Cavern
  • Ghorrock is very far from a bank; this is somewhat offset by the fact that most of their drops are noted.
  • Ghorrock is also very difficult to reach, see Ghorrock to find the best ways.
  • They are very popular for training, and are often crowded.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Life points Experience Requirements Recommendations
Kree'arra and Guards God Wars Dungeon 580/102 75,000/10,000 6573 Defeated Dad in Troll Stronghold, 70 Ranged *Players with higher Ranged will find faster experience rates.
  • Pay for an instance (200,000 coins for one hour) with spawn setting on fast.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Very high experience rates per rotation, with 8,871 combat experience in total per rotation.
  • Excellent drops, such as noted dwarf weed and dwarf weed seeds, which fetch a high price on the GE, along with Armadyl armour and the Armadyl hilt.
  • Can be camped for hours without needing to bank.
  • Very far from a bank, and requires killcount to enter, which can hamper experience rates.
  • Can be crowded if you choose not to create an instance.
  • You can die very easily if you are not paying attention.

Special Range WeaponEdit



Red Chinchompa and Grey Chinchompa are multitarget ranged weapons which hit up to 9 enemies in an area of 3x3.


Because in multicombat areas more than one enemy can attack you, it is highly recommended you use protection prayers. Your inventory should consist of mainly prayer potions and food, as well as other potions such as super restore and/or ranging potions. Also, an emergency teleport could be taken in case you run into trouble.

Experience gainEdit

Red chinchompas provide some of the fastest ranged experience within the game. The ranged experience you receive depends upon your armour, your ranged level, and whether or not you are using ranging potions. An average setup with full void will provide you with the following estimated experience per hour at ape atoll.

  • NOTE: Although Mummies in the Chaos Tunnels aren't as fast as Skeletons in Ape Atoll Dungeon, -150,000 experience per hour less- it saves you money while you are in there considering the Rune Scimitars, Rune Sq. Shields, and Ancient Staves make up the amount of money you spend on Prayer Potions, or even the cost of the Red Chinchompas if you are lucky. (does not cover both costs at the same time).
  • NOTE: Using Red Chinchompas at Soul Wars can be very difficult as for it to be effective you will need a few requirements. First of all, a busy world. Having a Soul Wars friends chat to help take over both graveyards helps as the only real effective spot is outside the opponent's spawn area (near their avatar) as if they have a grave, less will spawn and there will be more high levels attacking you. Standing next to where your opponent comes out of the barrier and throwing Chinchompas on oncoming victims is effective, however when they run you will run after them which is not desired. The best thing to do is to stand right where everyone comes out of the barrier - so most people won't see you - and chin a few people until someone decides to stand next to you and attack you. From there having Auto Retaliate ON is highly recommended as most people won't run. This method does involve taking a lot of damage so do always stock up on bandages and try to wear the best armour you can. For this reason Armadyl is recommended over Void. P.S: If sometimes you find you throw a Chinchompa at someone, it explodes but causes no damage symbol to appear, be happy. It simply means that others are soaking the damage for them. This makes it easier to target just one person. *Remember to always use the Attack Style "Short Fuse" for optimal results. It is also beneficial to use the soul split prayer from the Ancient Curses prayer book to maximize survival time to increase experience gain.
  • NOTE: To gain optimal experience throwing Chinchompas in a Combat Ring, gather around twenty people and have them stand in any one spot in the ring. Now, all you must do is simply throw the Chinchompas at the people. This method can rack in around 200,000 experience per hour. Useful for those who do not have enough cash to buy Prayer Potions.
  • NOTE: Using the "Knock-Out " aura can increase your experience gain in groups.

Cannon use guideEdit

Note that the gold cannon and royale cannon take 60 and 90 ammo per load, making them more efficient than a standard cannon at 30 ammo per load.


  • Slayer tasks (e.g. Dagannoths, Kalphite soldiers, and Black Demons)
  • Multi-combat zones with safe spots
  • NOTE: While the Black Demons are NOT particularly cost-effective for range training (as compared to the green dragons, which produce an exorbitant profit), many of their locations -particularly in the Taverley Dungeon- go quite unnoticed by most players as potentially some of the quickest experience given in the game. Taverley, for example, produces a fire rate almost double that typically found in the Green Dragons area near Clan Wars and has the added bonus of not requiring the Anti-Dragon Shield, antifire potions, or super antifire potions. However, the Black Demons WILL hit rapidly, heavily, and accurately when you must leave your safe spot, so lower levels must be wary to either activate Protect from Magic or to ensure their health and armour are strong enough to defend them very briefly to reload the cannon. When cannoning Black Demons, you may wish to bring prayer potions so you can continue to use Protect from Magic during extended trips.


The cannon cannot be set up in the following locations:


  • Cannon base, Cannon stand, Cannon barrels, Cannon furnace and Cannonballs.
  • Food, depending on where you are using the cannon.
  • Prayer potions, if prayer is needed in the location.
  • Ranging potions if you want to boost your Range level. Note that the cannon's accuracy is affected by your Range level and the attack style you are using. Also ranging level will only increase cannon accuracy if you wield a ranged weapon. Please note that the cannon's accuracy will not be affected as heavily as your own range stats.

Other training methodsEdit

Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza Edit

This gives Ranged experience as well as Magic and Agility, but can only be attended weekly. Depending on your levels, the experience varies but it could be high. Going to this circus is recommended and High ranged attack bonus and ranged boosting prayers will be an advantage. High magic attack bonus and magic boosting prayers is an advantage for the Magic too. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Black demons and Black salamanders Edit

With a full set of Void Equipment and black salamanders it is possible to kill black demons very quickly (5–20 seconds), which results in a decent amount of experience per hour. Black demons are also a good source of charms and are found in Taverley and Brimhaven dungeons as well as in the Chaos Tunnels.

Waterfiends Edit

Waterfiends are a very good source of ranged training. With Elite Void or Pernix equipment and a high level ranged weapon (handcannon, crystal bow, black salamander, royal crossbow, and Karil's Crossbow are all great choices) over 150 kills per hour (around 150,000-400,000 experience per hour) is possible. They are also an excellent source of charms and drop semi-valuable loot, making them a choice spot for higher level players to train.

AFK Waterfiends Edit

With sufficient levels and equipment, waterfiends at Ghorrock can be AFK'd for very easy ranged XP. This method, though requiring high levels is much cheaper than other AFK alternatives such as using Chinchompas in the abyss. You will need at least 92 prayer for Soul Split and 96 Herblore for Overloads is highly recommended. The use of a Geyser titan is also helpful though not explicitly required. With at least T70 armour and T80 weapons you can expect 450,000 experience per hour if concentrating and 350,000 experience per hour totally afk, as well as 100+ crimson charms.

What you will need: 20 Prayer potions (Soul split should be all the healing you need) 4 Overloads 2 Geyser titan pouchs (Beasts of Burden may be used as an alternative, and should be filled entirely with prayer potions) 2 Shark (In case of emergency)

You will need to find an area in the tunnel appropriate for the level you are and the equipment you are using, the first room is host to only 4 waterfiends, while the second room is host to six. These monsters will become tolerant after 10 minutes of fighting, this can easily be reset by running to the next room or climbing up and then back down the ladder located in the first room.

Completing quests Edit

Some quests grant Ranged experience. Refer to the main article for more details.

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