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For the Free-to-play guide, see Free-to-play Magic training.
This article is about training Magic using pay-to-play methods. For Magic, the skill, see Magic.
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This guide is for pay-to-play magic training and aims to help players find the most effective and efficient methods of Magic training. The cost of magic spells has been greatly reduced since the Evolution of Combat. However, Ancient Magicks spells may still be costly depending on the method.

Magic is a very useful combat skill and is used for many bosses and combat in general.

This guide aims to offer training methods for any level.

When training magic via combat, you can change it so you gain XP solely for magic, defence, or both magic and defence at once.

Training tipsEdit

Potions can be useful to players, as they can boost a player's experience per hour rates. There are several potions and spells that can boost a player's magic level: There are Super magic potions, as well as regular magic potions and extreme magic potions.

One can also use a vecna skull, which has an unlimited amount of uses and temporarily boosts your Magic level by 2 + 10% of your magic level (rounded down). The downside is that once it is used, the cooldown period is hardset to 6 minutes. The skull currently has a cost of 40405 coins, and it is up to the player whether or not this cost is justifiable.

Find the right training method for you. Some people get bored after minutes of one activity while others can stick at it until level 99. Try different methods to see which works best for you to get to your desired level.

When training magic with combat use the monster's elemental magic weakness to your advantage. It will work better than using a different elemental spell. It will also increase your experience rate as well, not to mention saving some runes.

Some spells can be trained at the same time. For instance, you can alternate between casts of stun and high alchemy. This can significantly increase training speed because you can cast the second spell immediately after the first, whereas when casting only 1 spell you must wait a certain amount of game ticks before casting it again. Note that the amount of game ticks must still pass before you cast either spell a second time. This click pattern will also be significantly more complicated, but helps to make more experience points.

If you intend to be a Magic pure, do not attempt any combat spells, which will give Constitution experience as well.

Prior to EoC, a popular training method would be to cast Stun (now known as Stagger) against the Skeletons on the other side of the wilderness ditch in Edgeville whilst wearing Sacred Clay armour for its double experience bonus. With the right camera angle setting, all a player would need to do is repeatedly click their mouse for large amounts of experience.

Activities at all levelsEdit

The below training ideas can be used at any Magic level, as they just require elemental spells to cast, also making these all combat type activities. As different elemental spells give different amounts of experience, it is impossible to say how much experience will be gained per hour.

Members only What & Where? Other requirements
Yes Barbarian Assault – Fun, cheap Magic training as runes are supplied, but you must be attacker to get any Magic experience. At least 13 Magic should be obtained before playing this activity, as you need all four types of element spells to constantly attack the enemies.
No Dark Warriors' Fortress - There is an unlimited supply of air, earth, fire, water, body, mind, and chaos runes inside that can be used on the level 8 dark warriors. Beware as this location is in the wilderness, and player killers may attempt to attack you.
Yes Slayer Tasks - Casting elemental spells during Slayer assignments or on high levelled Slayer monsters can provide great Magic experience at an almost break-even or even profitable level. Ideal monsters include metal dragons, demons, strykewyrms, and blue dragons. Another method of attack, since some Slayer tasks are very resistant to magic.
Yes Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza - The circus is a great way to earn easy Magic experience once a week. Players can take part in the magic section, which takes only a few minutes to complete and can give as much as 25,000 XP, although will likely give between 15,000-20,000 XP for mid level players. A high Magic level and Magic boosting prayers will be an advantage.

Combat Training Edit

Magic Level Monster Weakness Profit Recommended Requirements Experience
1 Cow Earth Spells Yes


Staff Of Air None 34 per kill
8 per kill in Taverley
5 Goblin Air Spells No, but sometimes they can drop grapes that are over 1.3k Staff Of Air None 32-40 per kill


50 Ogres (Combat Training Camp Location) Air Spells No Mystic air staff Completed Biohazard Quest 137.5 per kill
60 Fungal Magi Air Spells Yes

These monsters drop various herbs, as well as many noted and stackable items that can add up over time, including Limpwurt Root, Snape grass, Potato Cactus, and others including various seeds

God staff or better

Batwing Robes or better

None 245 per kill
60 Ogres (Yanille Location) Air Spells Yes

These monsters drop various seeds which can add up over time.

Mystic air staff None 303 per kill
80 Exiled kalphite guardians Water spells Yes 80+ defense

Robes of Subjugation or Ganodermic armour Staff Of Light or Polypore Staff

None 693.9 per kill

150k+ an hour

85, although 90 is recommended. Waterfiends Ranged, but not strong against magic Yes, each kill drops runes and many charms. Also drops many noted items. Blood Barrage is a useful spell as they can heal, but it is not necessary. Air Surge works well against them. Use Protect against Magic prayer or a bunyip for extended periods of training. Food for low defense/magic Levels 934.2 per kill

200k-400k exp per hour depending on attention paid.

Levels 1+Edit

Wielding an air staff, you can kill cows south of the Burthorpe lodestone or at Lumbridge. Alternatively, you can kill rats outside Lumbridge Castle. They provide a decent amount of experience, are an almost guaranteed instant-kill and respawn extremely fast. 

Additionally while wielding an air staff, you may go north after arriving in Burthorpe and enter the cave. There are three chambers of low level trolls. They provide 40 experience points each, are almost always a 1 hit kill and, depending on the world, respawn very quickly. 

Levels 7-29Edit

Mahogany eagle lectern

A player making tablets at a lectern.

At level 7, enchant sapphire tablets can be made in a player-owned house. You will need soft clay and the specific runes depending on which spell you would like to create. For profit per tablet analysis, see Calculators/Tablet. It requires access to a player-owned house, so go to World 31 (House Party) if you do not own one. The Yanille house portal has the closest bank to a portal. If you don't want to take the hassle of buying often expensive soft clay, try blasting the lesser demon at the Wizards' Tower.

With the introduction of the Evolution of Combat, splashing Curse no longer provides any experience and is thus not a viable option for training.

Once level 20 or above has been reached, go to the Lumbridge Catacombs and use magic on the Skeletons there. This can use up a lot of runes very fast though, but it is an efficient way to level up.

Low Level Alchemy can be cast from level 21, giving a maximum of 62k experience per hour, making it the fastest experience by far until approximately level 40. Players should expect to pay roughly the cost of a nature rune for each cast, making it cost approximately 5.8gp/xp. Players keen on efficiency may want to make these casts while training gathering skills such as Fishing or Woodcutting to minimise banking time involved with these skills.

Also for people of high combat level who are doing the Holy Grail quest, it's a good idea to train with the Black Knight Titan, from level 1-25.

Levels 29-39Edit

At level 29, cast Earth Bolt to level 33. At level 33, you can use Telekinetic Grab in the basement of west Varrock bank and take the gold ore, the gold necklace, the gold bar, the brass necklace, and all of the coins. This method doesn't require combat and offers some things to sell. Alternatively, one may also choose to collect Wine of Zamorak, as this is highly valued by high-level herblorists. Again, you can use Telekinetic grab in the Telekinetic Theatre of the Mage Training Arena for Pizazz points, which can be traded for infinity robes if the player has also earned points in the other rooms. This can easily save you lots of time when you plan to earn pizazz points in the future, as this particular way of training involves lots of clicking and can be very long. Also, you can go to the top floor of the Wizards' Tower where people often train on the lesser demon trapped there and seldom bother with the loot. Use telegrab to grab some of the more valuable loot like ashes, herbs, chaos/death runes and some of the more expensive melee equipment. Alternatively, in the Edgeville Dungeon are Hill Giants which can be safe-spotted by numerous stalagmites. They are very easy to kill, especially when a Air Battlestaff or better is wielded.

Levels 40-69Edit

At 40+ you may want to try Conquest if you do not want to sit and click and do the same thing for a while, you can try out your own setup to see what works best. You can also use the points you get for pieces of void armour and the void mace or level up Attack, Strength, Ranged, or Prayer along with Magic. You can also make money doing this by staking, though it is not recommended until you know what you're doing. Overall the non-repetitive nature of the minigame makes the training seem to go by faster than with conventional methods.

Upon reaching level 43, you may try to purchase all ores required at the Grand Exchange to smith Steel, mithril, adamantite, or runite bars; equip a fire staff, or mindspike; and use the spell Superheat Item to smelt into bars. This is the fastest way to train Magic and Smithing simultaneously, with relatively little cost to a small profit. A profit can be made when smelting mithril/rune bars. This requires the Smithing level needed to smith an ore, level 30 Smithing minimum is advised for making a steel bar.

At level 45 you may want to try repeatedly cast Camelot Teleport. By using an air staff, only one law rune will be used for this popular training method. This spell can be cast at a relatively fast rate, with a gain of 55.5 Magic experience per spell for 111000 experience per hour (the fastest possible cast speed is once per 1.8 seconds). Alternatively, using a lectern in either your own or another player's house allows you to make Camelot teleport tablets. Using the lectern method makes a considerable profit (200k+ per 1,000 tabs made) but is 25-33% slower than casting the spell repeatedly.

After reaching level 50, you may use the sacred clay robes and/or magic staff rewards obtained from Stealing Creation to double the experience received from casting any combat spell. This works with Ancient Magicks very well. However, each Stealing Creation game is 20 minutes, so this method could take some time.

At any levels from 62+, you may want to try ogres. They provide ~300 experience per kill. If killing them west of Yanille, there is a safespot behind the wall to the west. (Note: The ogres may start walking toward the water or woods to the east while your attacking, dragging your player out of the safespot) The ogres also have a weakness to air spells, so if you use a Staff Of Air you can train for free. You can get upwards of 150k Experience per hour.

At 65+ Giant Rock Crabs become a possibility, providing 530 experience per kill. Note that 60 Defence is recommended and they are weak to fire spells.

Levels 60-70Edit

At level 60 you should be able to kill giant rock crabs easily enough. They give 174 combat experience and constitution experience. They also drop three charms at a time and drop gold charms commonly so they are also a great way to gather charms. A Defence level of 60+ is recommended though, as they can hit for over 200 damage. Wearing magic armour will reduce their chance to hit, so that is also recommended.

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Other requirements
55 Non-combat Cast High Level Alchemy. Use a fire staff so as to only consume 1 nature rune per spell. Consult the High alchemy calculator for advice on which items to convert into coins. The most popular items being yew shieldbow, magic shieldbow, any type of elemental battlestaff, and occasionally a type of familiar pouch. If you choose to use alchemy at the Mage Training Arena, you can earn more profit if you also choose to do telekinetic grabbing there. High alchemy is a popular and consistent training method. It takes 197,967 casts of High Level Alchemy to reach 99 Magic from 55, which is around 165 hours of constant alching if 1200 alchs are cast an hour. This way of training is also available to F2P. 65,000-78,000 Cost depends entirely on the item you cast the spell on, check Grand Exchange for +/- profit
58 Non-combat You can either cast Watchtower Teleport gaining 68 Magic experience (318gp loss per teleport), or you can create a watchtower teleport tablet on a mahogany eagle lectern in a player-owned house (67 Construction is recommended) gaining 68 experience and making 126 coins profit per each tablet. Casting Watchtower Teleport requires 2 law runes and 2 earth runes. It is recommended to use a staff of earth to cover the loss of the earth runes which yields you extra 82gp profit making the total profit 126gp.

This method can earn you around 100,000 experience per hour if you focus. Making the teleport tablets can earn you a large sum of money but is significantly slower. This is a great way to train Magic without training Constitution.

80,000-100,000 for teleport, 40,000-62,000 for tablets
60 Non-combat Casting the Bones to Peaches spell in Creature Graveyard at the Mage Training Arena is good experience and goes toward making a profit by buying and selling infinity robes, if the player has also earned Pizazz points in the other rooms. A mystic mud staff is recommended to reduce the runes needed to only two nature runes.
60 Combat Casting fire Bolt or any other combat spell in the Taverley Dungeon to fight blue dragons is a great way to get experience and money. There are a few safe spots but be careful, as dragons can hit up to 5000 without an anti-dragon shield. There may also be rangers there that can make this slow, but it is still rewarding. Note: After the Evolution of Combat, all dragons were given a long-range Magic attack, and their dragonfire will now hit a player even at a distance. This method is no longer viable unless using dragonfire protection. Attempting to safespot the dragons without protection may result in death Anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield strongly recommended
66 Non-combat Buy unpowered orbs and cosmic runes and craft air orbs. This yields a reasonable amount of experience. With Amulets of glory to teleport back to Edgeville after a run, about 540 orbs can be charged per hour. You can easily achieve 99 Magic with this by buying approximately 167,073 orbs and you will generate a profit of 20-25m. Each cast grants 76 experience, which is more than High Level Alchemy, which only gives 65 experience. If buying the unpowered orb and cosmic runes on the GE and wielding an air staff and then selling the created air orb, you will make 1205 coins per orb or 32535 coins for an inventory of 27 orbs. 40,000
68 Non-combat If you have completed Dream Mentor: Cast Humidify. astral runes, fire runes, a water staff (or a steam staff, which gives an unlimited supply of fire and water runes), and a bucket are required. Keep filling the bucket and emptying it. Doing this is convenient near Baba Yaga's rune shop. Additionally, you can cast Humidify on empty vials or empty water skins and sell the full vials for a profit. It is highly advised to purchase a steam battlestaff or mystic steam staff to compensate the elemental runes and maximise profit. Cost to fill entire inventory of vials with steam staff: (220 + (7*27) = 409); then sell the full vials: 40*27 = 1080. An even better method to train Magic efficiently would be to cast Humidify using an empty fishbowl. Fill the bowl with the spell, empty it, and repeat. The advantage of using a fishbowl is that it has a left-click empty option. Use the F1 and F4 keys on your keyboard to get to your inventory and spellbook faster. When level 82 Magic is achieved, the Magic Imbue spell will be available. Couple that with the Humidify technique to maximise experience at a very minimal loss. With the release of the Evolution of Combat, this method has become very easy by having the spell in one slot and the container in the other slot of the action bar, and just pressing both shortcut keys, waiting until the container is full, and repeating. With little attention, one can easily get over 70,000 XP per hour with this method.
68 Non-combat Casting Enchant Level 5 Jewellery in the Mage Training Arena while wielding a mud staff yields up to 60,000 experience per hour. The Pizazz points earned can be exchanged for infinity robes, if the player also earns points in the other rooms. Keep in mind enchanting within the Enchanting Chamber provides only 75 percent of the normal experience, which reduces Enchant Level 5 Jewellery to 58.5 experience per cast. Note: The maximum amount of Pizazz points a player can earn in the Enchanting Chamber is 16,000. A mid-level mage can earn 16,000 points achieving just a few Magic levels. If the player does not intend to earn points in the other rooms, they can instead talk with the Rewards Guardian upstairs to exchange the points earned just in the Enchanting Chamber for cosmic runes. One cosmic rune is worth five Enchantment Pizazz points. This can work for any enchantment spell, but 68 or 87 is highly recommended. 60,000

Levels 70-93Edit

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Other requirements
70 Combat Using Ancient Magicks is a quick - albeit expensive - way to train Magic. Use the multi-target burst spells in areas, such as the Tzhaar Fight Pits, Soul Wars or a combat ring in a player-owned house, to hit many targets at once for more experience per cast. Mummies, rock lobsters, and the monsters in the Ape Atoll Dungeon and Shadow Dungeon are efficient monsters to kill with multi-target Ancient spells. Another great place to use multi-target spells would be the desert bandit camp. Their weakness to fire and relatively low hits can be made up by a blood spell healing factor, making them an excellent spot to hit. They are so weak in fact you could AFK them with ease. Killing creatures in the Abyss is also a great way to easily gain 100k+ experience per hour. Using a Bunyip pouch and Blood Spells allows you to AFK these creatures with ease. 100,000-250,000 Varies Desert Treasure
70 Combat Killing exiled kalphite guardians in the Exiled Kalphite Hive is a great way to earn experience quickly and to make some money, as they drop some rune items. They give 693.9 combat experience and 228.9 constitution experience, making them a good source of experience. 150,000 Varies None
70 Combat Training on the monkey guards in Ape Atoll is a great way to gain large amounts of Magic experience. This may not be effective now, since you cannot stay indefinitely in one place at the ape atoll. Because of the Evolution of Combat, the protect from Melee only deflects 50% of damage, so it becomes less useful than in the past. Though, if you want to attempt this method, you can still try to cast earth wave on them, and use Protect from Melee, which you can recharge at the altar in the room. Once you're in there long enough for them to build Tolerance, training will much easier as you'll be able to fight and heal at your own pace. 100,000-200,000 Varies Monkey Madness
70 Combat Use blood burst with the best magic bonus armour you have. You must use a blisterwood staff in order for this method to work, however. 200,000-300,000 Varies The Branches of Darkmeyer
71 Non-combat Casting Hunter Kit spell from the Lunar Spellbook (after completing Dream Mentor) can yield up to 200,000 experience per hour, but it is expensive. It requires 2 astral runes if you use an earth staff. If you use MouseKeys, you can get 4 casts into one animation, making 280xp per animation and roughly 1890xp per inventory. To minimise consuming time it is recommended to go to the bank deposit box in Catherby or the bank chest in Soul Wars. 100,000/200,000 (with mouse keys) 8.3 (With staff of earth) Dream Mentor
75 Combat Casting the fire wave spell from the normal spellbook on glacors (after Ritual of the Mahjarrat) can yield up to 175,000 experience per hour. Fire spells have a greater damage output than the other elements on glacors. 150,000+ Varies (profitable with drops) Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Further info: Glacor/Strategies
77 Non-combat Casting Superglass Make on a one click bank can be an easy way to profit by maging after Lunar Diplomacy. 40,000

Earning (about 213gp per cast, 400-600 casts/hr)

Some type of fire or air staff recommended
80 Non-combat Casting String Jewellery. The spell takes 1.8 seconds per amulet strung, or 48.6 seconds for an inventory, and gives 4 Crafting experience and 83 Magic experience per amulet. Once clicked, it will string each amulet one by one in your inventory, giving you experience for each amulet strung. This can be combined with casting Hunter Kit and even with the Magic Imbue (using the tome of frost) to gain quicker experience, but this requires significantly more clicking and costs much more. This method is around 160,000 Exp/hour without distractions. 130,000 6.6 (With mystic mud staff) Mystic mud staff recommended
81 Combat Casting Air Surge at Infested axe in the Polypore Dungeon's upper levels (you may want level 82 Dungeoneering for access to the resource dungeon)is an extremely fast way to train magic as the axes provide 846 magic exp (plus 280 constitution exp) per kill, and have 7500 life points. Using air surge is a cheap and effective way of killing the Infested axe as it only costs you 5 air runes per cast. Using an Armadyl battlestaff is recommended while fighting the infested axes as they give unlimited air runes with the staff equipped. However, this method may require some concentration as infested axes may be difficult to click on and can sometimes float over empty space, outside of the range of your attacks. You can easily hide behind some of the obstacles in the dungeon so that they can't hit you. With this method a medium level player could continuously train on the infested axes for hours without taking damage if done correctly. The infested axes will slowly drain your life over time with their attacks if you stand near them. Regenerate, Guthix's Blessing and/or Sacrifice could come in handy while fighting in case you misclick and take damage. 150-200k Cost of air runes. Should be negligible as abilities do not use runes. 82 dungeoneering ONLY IF you want to use the resource dungeon.
85 Combat Casting Water Surge on steel dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon can yield up to 115,000 experience per hour. Killing them requires antifire protection; using an antifire potion and a Anti-dragon shield will negate all damage allowing you to focus on offensive abilities to kill the dragons faster. Alternatively, players with at least level 85 Herblore may use super antifire potions and wear a magic book such as ahrim's book of magic to be able to cast spells twice as fast. Steel dragons have a chance to drop the rare draconic visage. 100,000+ Varies None, though 85 Herblore will reduce recurring expenses and speed up kills
86 Non-combat Casting Plank Make on mahogany logs can be an effective way to train magic, yielding to about 150,000 experience per hour if concentrated. 150,000

4.6 (For logs)

2.4(For oak logs)

1.9(For teak logs)

4.2 (For mahogany logs)

Must have completed the Dream Mentor quest.
87 Non-combat Casting Enchant Level 6 Jewellery in the Mage Training Arena while wielding a lava battlestaff yields up to 85,000 experience per hour. The Pizazz points earned can be exchanged for infinity robes, if the player also earns points in the other rooms. Keep in mind enchanting within the Enchanting Chamber provides only 75 percent of the normal experience, which reduces Enchant Level 6 Jewellery to 72.8 experience per cast. Note: The maximum amount of Pizazz points a player can earn in the Enchanting Chamber is 16,000. A high-level mage can earn 16,000 points achieving just one or two Magic levels. If the player does not intend to earn points in the other rooms, he can instead talk with the Rewards Guardian upstairs to exchange the points earned just in the Enchanting Chamber for cosmic runes. One cosmic rune is worth five Enchantment Pizazz points. 50k-85k

1.3 (Outside magic training arena)

1.7(Inside Magic Training Arena)

88 Combat Casting Shadow Barrage at Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island) can get you 300-350k per hour or higher with overloads / torment from ancient curses. May not be effective because of an update which decreased their aggression. If Shadow Barrage is unavailable, Earth Surge will also work with a slightly decreased kill rate. Though those are not needed for this, it will greatly improve the kill rate per hour. With decent equipment (level 70+, such as Ahrim's) will improve defence against the dagannoths, who use melee often. Try to lure as many of them as you can towards you as after the Evolution of Combat, they have become extremely aggressive towards players. Abilities such as Chain, Dragon Breath and Detonate will greatly improve the kill rate as players will have a very quick kill rate (with Detonate it is found that it can hit many Dagannoth at once and deal over 2000+ damage on them). Players will also find decent drops such as Berserker helms, Warrior helms, Farseer helms and Archer helms as the special drop. Crimson charms are extremely common from these Dagannoth. Players should move around to attract as many Dagannoth as they can. 150k-200k Cost of blood and earth runes and some food. A cheaper alternative can be earth and air runes. The Fremennik Trials or at least have started it and pay Jarvald 1000gp.
92 Combat Cast Blood Barrage on monsters in the abyss. Use legacy (recommended) or use Momentum, wear Power armour (Virtus > Subjugation), bring super magic potions, and dual wield (Virtus wand+book > Abyssal wand+orb, or Staff Of Light. Take a left-click teleport, such as a house teletab and a few portents of restoration just to be safe. Food is unnecessary as Blood Barrage's healing effect will keep your life points full. Stand in the south of the abyss. When the abyssal creatures become unaggressive, run to the other side of the abyss and run back. Do not pick up drops, but take a charming imp if you so wish. It is also recommended to bring magic notepaper due to the often drop rate of fire,water and earth talismans. Using this method you can profit. 150,000-300,000 Very expensive, several thousand blood runes and tens of thousands of fire runes. Completion of the Abyss miniquest and of Desert Treasure is required.

Levels 94-99Edit

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Other requirements
94 Combat Casting Ice Barrage on rock lobsters can make well over 120k XP per hour but is very expensive, as players will not only need runes but may need to pray too, depending on how fast the lobsters are killed. It is also effective to use against mummies in the chaos tunnels or skeletal monkeys under Ape Atoll, although they have higher magic resistance than rock lobsters. You need to have completed Desert Treasure in order to do this. 250,000 Battle robe / staff of light combo recommended.



Players who have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat and are able to switch prayers fast can cast Fire Surge at glacors, which (being made entirely of ice) are extremely weak to fire spells, allowing for very high hits. Glacors also provide a generous profit; the shards of armadyl can be made into armadyl runes for good money, or for players with less than 72 Runecrafting, they can be made into armadyl battlestaves, worth several million coins. Furthermore, glacors have the potential to drop glaiven/ragefire/steadfast boots, all of which are worth millions of coins.

300,000+ High-levelled staff recommended.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat

95 Combat

Casting Fire Surge against Ganodermic creatures results in a decent, profitable way to gain quick Magic experience. Ganodermic beasts are known for dropping moderate to high level seeds. They also drop a large number of Ganodermic flakes, resulting in the majority of the profit. Each kill awards 1,085.5 magic experience.

220,000+ High level equipment recommended.

95 Slayer

94 Non-combat

Casting the spell Vengeance can be used once every 30 seconds, which can be used in combination with other Lunar spells, such as String Amulet or Plank Make, or even while training another skill, to make XP faster. Vengeance grants 112 XP per cast. Also, this is very afk-able on its own.

13,400(at best)

No equipment required, except an earth staff to save runes.

94 Combat Although expensive rune costs, dual-wielding the Barrage spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook against Waterfiends or the abyssal monsters in the Abyss provides excellent experience for level 94+ mages. Using the Ice and Blood Barrages results in fast kills and constant healing. NOT utilising abilities (except for Metamorphosis and healing abilities, legacy is a good method also) can allow for faster experience. If you're willing to give up healing abilities, you may use Momentum for higher hits and the occasionally automatic use of the abilities. Momentum's high hitting mixed with the dual wielding ancients can make for very fast XP, but if you are using this method, it is highly recommended to bring food. If you stick completely to abyssal walkers(weak to Earth spells), then your experience rates may drop, but you will need an extremely smaller food supply, freeing your inventory up for drops. Every 1,000 bloods at this level, one should expect to get about 100,000 experience. Along with this it is recommended to bring a charming imp, and magic notepaper due to their constant drops of water, earth, and fire talismans. 300,000+ High levelled wand and book.

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