For the Free-to-play guide, see Free-to-play Magic training.
This article is about training Magic using pay-to-play methods. For Magic, the skill, see Magic.

This guide is for pay-to-play Magic training and aims to help players find the most effective and efficient methods of Magic training.

Magic is a very useful combat skill and is used for many bosses and combat in general. When training magic via combat, you can change it so you gain experience solely for magic, defence, or both at once.

This guide aims to offer training methods for any level. Note that some lower level sections may also be included within the free to play magic training guide due to the easy availability and limited methods at these levels.

While ranges are given, many methods are cost effective across many levels. These ranges are only a suggestion and player preference should decide from the given information which methods will be more enjoyable in typical game play. For example, many players choose to strictly use High Level Alchemy from level 55 to level 99. This involves hours of idle play, but may be more comfortable for casual players than combat methods.

Training tipsEdit

Potions can be useful to players, as they can boost a player's experience per hour rates. There are several potions and spells that can boost a player's magic level: There are super magic potions, as well as regular magic potions and extreme magic potions.

A vecna skull has an unlimited amount of uses and temporarily boosts your Magic level by 2 + 10% of your magic level (rounded down). The downside is that once it is used, the cooldown period is hardset to 6 minutes. The skull currently has a cost of 216995 coins, and it is up to the player whether or not this cost is justifiable.

When training magic with combat use the monster's elemental magic weakness to your advantage. It will work better than using a different elemental spell. It will also increase your experience rate as well, not to mention saving some runes.

If you intend to be a Magic pure do not attempt any combat spells as these will also give Constitution experience.


Elemental staves are always recommended for all levels for their ability to eliminate costs. The weapon you choose will depend on your level and intended training method. The air version of multi-elemental staves has been used, but it may be swapped for any element as they all share stats. Staves are ordered from most practical to least in obtaining and upkeep with combat in mind.

Staves are generally two-handed and have higher stats, but one-handed wand and book/orb combinations typically have faster casts. If you prefer combat and wands, it is recommended that you upgrade your wand when an upgrade is available to increase your damage and kills per trip. However, after tier 70 many magic weapons begin degrading and thus have limited lifetimes. Thus, the initial investment may need to be repeated depending on the level of use.

Players at level 1 should start The Blood Pact quest and then use Caitlin's staff to kill monsters. Players should kill the troll shaman for the rare mindspike drop.

Level 1 Typical weapons
Wizard robes (blue) female equipped Staff
Caitlin's staff
Mindspike (air)
Staff of air
Avernic wand
Wizards robes
Levels required
1 Magic Magic
Level 10 Typical weapons
Imphide robes (female) equipped Mindspike
Imp horn wand
and imphide book
Imphide robes
Levels required
10 Magic Magic
10 Defence Defence
Level 20 Typical weapons
Spider silk robes equipped Spider wand
and spider orb
Spider silk robes
Levels required
20 Magic Magic
20 Defence Defence
Level 30 Typical weapons
Batwing robes equipped Air battlestaff
Bat wand
and bat book
or batwing shield
Batwing robes
Levels required
30 Magic Magic
30 Defence Defence
Level 40 Typical weapons
Splitbark armour equipped Mystic air staff
Splitbark equipment
Levels required
40 Magic Magic
40 Defence Defence
Level 50 Typical weapons
Blue mystic robes equipped Ancient staff
Iban's staff
Mystic wand
and Mystic orb
Mystic equipment
Levels required
50 Magic Magic
50 Defence Defence
Level 60 Typical weapons
Grifolic armour equipped Toktz-mej-tal
God Staves
Grifolic equipment
Levels required
60 Magic Magic
60 Defence Defence
Level 70 Typical weapons
Ahrim the Blighted's equipment male equipped Ahrim's staff
Ahrim's wand
and Ahrim's book of magic
Ahrim the Blighted's equipment
Levels required
70 Magic Magic
70 Defence Defence
Level 75 Typical weapons
Robes of subjugation set equipped Staff of light
Polypore staff
Abyssal wand
Abyssal orb
Armadyl Battlestaff
Robes of subjugation
Levels required
75 Magic Magic
70 Defence Defence
Level 75 Typical weapons
Ganodermic armour equipped Staff of light
Polypore staff
Abyssal wand
Abyssal orb
Armadyl Battlestaff
Ganodermic armour
Levels required
75 Magic Magic
75 Defence Defence
Level 80 Typical weapons
Virtus armour equipped Chaotic staff
Attuned crystal staff
Attuned crystal wand
and Attuned crystal orb
Virtus wand and Virtus book
Virtus equipment
Levels required
80 Magic Magic
80 Defence Defence
Level 85 Typical weapons
Seasinger's robes equipped Staff of darkness
Seasinger kiba
and Seasinger makigai
Wand of the Cywir elders
Seasinger's equipment
Levels required
85 Magic Magic
85 Defence Defence
Level 90 Typical weapons
Tectonic armour equipped Noxious staff
Seismic wand
and Seismic singularity
Tectonic armour
Levels required
90 Magic Magic
90 Defence Defence

The tome of frost only requires 48 Dungeoneering to wield, but the tokens to purchase it require level 64. Similarly, the gravite staff only requires 45 Dungeoneering to wield, but the tokens to purchase it require level 64.

Note that some weapons will also have external requirements including quests and other skill levels. Most weapons will also require an associated Attack level to wield them. Further, some Dungeoneering weapons will require a lower level to wield than you will need to acquire enough tokens to buy them.

Training by levelEdit

Levels 1-7Edit

Wielding an air staff, you can kill chickens north of the Lumbridge lodestone and west of the cow pen across the bridge. Chickens can be killed almost instantly even at level 1 and provide 30 experience points each. It takes about 4 minutes to gain 1-7.

Levels 1-30 Edit

Go north after arriving in Burthorpe and enter the cave. There are three chambers of low level trolls. They provide 40 experience points each, are almost always a 1 hit kill and, depending on the world, respawn very quickly. While trolls have poor drops, not needing any runes if wielding an air staff or the faster Avernic wand makes this method very quick and practical.

Levels 7-29Edit

At level 7, enchant sapphire tablets can be made in a player-owned house. You will need soft clay and the specific runes depending on which spell you would like to create. For profit per tablet analysis, see Calculators/Tablet. It requires access to a player-owned house, so go to World 31 (House Party) if you do not own one. The Prifddinas house portal has the closest bank to a portal, followed by Yanille. If you don't want to take the hassle of buying often expensive soft clay, try blasting the lesser demon at the Wizards' Tower.

At level 15 players gain the ability to cast Bones to Bananas, effectively turning bones into food. This may be beneficial if casting spells in an area where damage is taken. Further, with the use of a mystic mud staff, players will only need to pay for nature runes. Using this in combination to combat methods can increase experience over time and add time to trips.

Once level 20 or above has been reached, go to the Lumbridge Catacombs and use magic on the Skeletons there.

Low Level Alchemy can be cast from level 21, giving a maximum of 62,000 experience per hour, making it the fastest experience by far until approximately level 40. Players should expect to pay roughly the cost of a nature rune for each cast, making it cost approximately 14.6 gp/xp. Players keen on efficiency may want to make these casts while training gathering skills such as Fishing or Woodcutting to minimise banking time involved with these skills.

Also for people of high combat level who are doing the Holy Grail quest, it's a good idea to train with the Black Knight Titan, from level 1-25.

Players may also enchant Emerald Necklaces to make Binding necklace once level 27 which grants 37 xp per cast and can be used to make a decent profit when using an Air Staff to save on casting cost by using just 1 cosmic rune per cast.

Note: check prices on runes and both types of necklaces before bulk buying to ensure profit and not lose. Buy limit of 5,000 per 4 hours.

Levels 29-41Edit

At level 29, cast Earth Bolt to level 33. This can be effectively done against cockroach drones or cockroach workers in the Stronghold of Player Safety as all roaches are weak to earth spells. However, since drones are relatively weak it is recommended to use air spells to kill them as it significantly lowers training cost without sacrificing kill rate. The last floor has several spawn points so training can be fairly rapid. However, high defence or decent magic armour may be necessary.

At level 33, you can use Telekinetic Grab in the basement of west Varrock bank and take the gold necklace, the gold bar, the brass necklace, and some of the coins. This method doesn't require combat and offers some things to sell. After taking these items, it is recommended to switch worlds and continue. Alternatively, one may also choose to collect Wine of Zamorak, as this is highly valued by high-level herblorists. Otherwise, you can go to the top floor of the Wizards' Tower where people often train on the lesser demon trapped there and seldom bother with the loot. Use telegrab to grab some of the more valuable loot like ashes, herbs, chaos/death runes, and some of the more expensive melee equipment.

If players prefer combat, hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon can be safe-spotted by numerous stalagmites. They are very easy to kill, especially when an air battlestaff or better is wielded as they are weak to air spells and casts become essentially free.

Levels 41-58Edit

Ancient Magicks may be unlocked at level 50 and will henceforth be referenced.

At level 41, players may switch to casting Air Blast against ogres as they are weak to air spells. Thus, if a player used a mystic air staff or equivalent, this method is free training on the standard spellbook. Ogres provide ~300 experience per kill or roughly 60,000 experience per hour.

  • If killing them west of Yanille, there is a safespot behind the wall to the west.
  • Note: The ogres may start walking toward the water or woods to the east while you're attacking, dragging players out of the safespot.

At level 41, players may cast Air Blast against black guards (level 50-60, 80 xp) or trade floor guards (level 70, 160 xp) in Keldagrim as they are weak to air spells and fire spells. Thus, if a player used a mystic air staff or equivalent, this method is free training on the standard spellbook.

At level 43, Superheat Item can be used to train Magic and Smithing simultaneously. A minimum of level 30 Smithing is recommended for this method in order to make steel bars. Note, however, this method requires an initial investment of purchasing relative ores and coal to create bars. Further, this method also requires the Smithing level needed to make the bar conventionally. Profit is possible, though prices will have to be evaluated daily.

After reaching level 45, Camelot Teleport is a popular method of power training. By using a mystic air staff, only one law rune will be used making it relatively cheap and fast. This spell grants 55.5 Magic experience per spell for 111,000 experience per hour (the fastest possible cast speed is once per 1.8 seconds).

  • Alternatively, using a lectern in either your own or another player's house allows you to make Camelot teleport tablets. Using the lectern method makes a considerable profit but is 25-33% slower than casting the spell repeatedly.

Most popularEdit

From level 55 players typically cast High Level Alchemy until level 99 due to its ease and lack of movement. Using a mystic fire staff brings the cost down to a single nature rune per cast, but the High alchemy calculator can help assess the value of its use. The most popular items are the yew shieldbow, magic shieldbow, or any type of elemental battlestaff; however, familiar pouches may also be used. It takes 197,967 casts of High Level Alchemy to reach 99 Magic from 55, which is around 165 hours of constant alching if 1,200 alchs are cast an hour. This method is typically 65,000-78,000 experience per hour. Costs will also depend on the item used.

High level alchemy has several related calculators to establish profit margins and training costs.

However, the repetitiveness can mean an increased risk of repetitive strain injury.

Levels 58-65Edit

The Watchtower Teleport is unlocked at level 58 giving 68 experience per cast and is used similarly to the Camelot teleport. This method may yield roughly 100,000 experience per hour with focus.

  • Alternatively, using a lectern in either your own or another player's house allows you to make Watchtower Teleport tablets. Using the lectern method makes a considerable profit but is 25-33% slower than casting the spell repeatedly.
  • Note: Level 67 Construction and a mahogany eagle lectern is required.
  • Use of a mystic earth staff will reduce the costs of casts.

At level 59 players can use Fire Blast on giant rock crabs (weakness to fire). They give 174 combat experience and constitution experience. They also drop three charms at a time and drop gold charms commonly so they are also a great way to gather charms. A Defence level of 60+ is recommended though, as they can hit for over 200 damage. Wearing magic armour will reduce their chance to hit, so that is also recommended.

At this point, players may use Blood Rush from the Ancient Magicks spellbook to heal five percent of damage dealt. This can extend trips if other methods are also used, but is best used against monsters weak to fire.

Levels 65-99Edit

Lunar Magic may be unlocked at this level and will henceforth be referenced.

At level 65 Water Wave may be used on exiled kalphite guardians (weakness to water) in the Exiled Kalphite Hive for fast experience and decent drops. This method may give up to 150,000 experience per hour and the guardians frequently drop rune items which can be high alched for profits. Decent armour and Defence level is recommended. There are two safe zones inside the Kalphite lair. The first is near the entrance near the rock. The other safe zone is located at the southern end of the U shaped tunnel. At higher levels, up to 240,000 experience can be earned with concentration meaning this method can be used to achieve level 99 magic.

Earth warriors in the Edgeville dungeon is an alternative as they are weak to water spells.

If non-combat methods are preferred, at level 66 players may charge air orbs near Edgeville for 76 experience per cast. This method is frequently used for profit as air orbs typically sell for more than their components and may be used for significant crafting experience. Each orb requires a charge, but a make-x screen allows for automatic inventory completion giving roughly 40,000 experience per hour.

  • This method is also featured in a money making guide.
  • Note: Using this method involves attention and frequent movement through the Edgeville dungeon and teleporting back to the Edgeville bank.

For those seeking a more idle option after high level alchemy, Humidify may be cast with level 68 after completing Dream Mentor. To power train with this method, an item with a single click empty may be repeatedly filled and emptied offering 65 experience per cast for the cost of the runes For example, fish bowls may be used as a single item to quickly fill and empty using hotkeys. Simply assign Humidify as key 1 and the fish bowl as key 2.

  • Use of a mystic steam staff will make this method more economical by cutting the need for water and fire runes.

Levels 70-80Edit

Using Ancient Magicks is a quick - albeit expensive - way to train Magic. Use the multi-target burst spells in areas, such as the Tzhaar Fight Pits, Soul Wars or a combat ring in a player-owned house, to hit many targets at once for more experience per cast. Mummies, rock lobsters, and the monsters in the Shadow Dungeon are efficient monsters to kill with multi-target Ancient spells. Another great place to use multi-target spells would be the desert bandit camp. Their weakness to fire and relatively low hits can be made up by a blood spell healing factor, making them an excellent spot to hit. They are so weak in fact you could AFK them with ease. Killing creatures in the Abyss is also a great way to easily gain at least 250,000 experience per hour. Using a Bunyip pouch and Blood Spells allows you to AFK these creatures with ease. A Staff of Light is recommended to save money on runes.

  • Caution must be used as protection prayers only protect from 50 percent of damage.
  • Keep in mind this method may be slower than previously recorded as experience is only granted for kills.

Alternative combat zones include:

Ape Atoll - Players may cast Earth Wave on monkey guards in the Temple of Marimbo while using the Protect from Melee prayer for a 50 percent damage reduction. There is an altar upstairs in this temple potentially making for long trips if rapid heal or equivalent is also used. For those with higher prayer, Soul Split may also be used for consistent healing. Once players have stayed long enough to build tolerance, training becomes easier as guards can be attacked at the player's own pace. This method can offer up to 100,000-200,000 experience per hour with focus.
Glacor Cave - Players may cast Fire Wave on glacors (weakness to fire) with level 75 magic. This may result in up to 175,000 experience per hour with focus. Players interested in this method can view the related strategy guide for faster trips.

The Abyss - Players may cast Blood Burst or Blood Barrage(expensive) with level 70 magic this may result in up to 400,000 experience per hour in magic. Players interested in this method need to have completed Desert Treasure for access to the Ancient spellbook.

  • Note: Desert Treasure is required for this method
  • Tier 7 or higher weapon and armour (you can use tier 6 but may need to bank for food sometime)
  • Use of mystic fire staff will reduce the cost of cast (and slow down experience)
  • BONUS - chance of Pouches for Runecrafting

At level 71, casting Hunter Kit may be used for 70 experience per cast. This method can give up to 100,000-200,000 experience per hour, but is expensive requiring two astral runes per cast. Using mousekeys, four casts can be done in a single animation, giving roughly 1,890 experience per inventory.

From level 77 players may train magic and crafting simultaneously by casting Superglass Make. This method is best utilised near a bank chest such as the Castle Wars or Clan Camp chests. Players may profit from selling the finished molten glass or use it for Crafting glass items. Using this method players can expect roughly 40,000 experience per hour with focus. However, more experience may be gained by utilising mousekeys and assigning the spell to a key rather than clicking the spell to streamline the banking process and minimize clicks.

  • Note: This method requires prior investment of purchasing or gathering seaweed and sand.
  • Use of a mystic fire staff will reduce the costs of casts.

Most popularEdit

For those enjoying skill spells, String Jewellery is another popular method at level 80 for power training taking 48.6 seconds for an inventory. This method offers 83 magic experience and 4 crafting experience per amulet strung. Utilising the make-x feature, this spell will string each amulet in the inventory individually and will consume the required runes for each amulet. Players can expect roughly 130,000 experience per hour with focus.

Players often combine this method with casting Hunter Kit and Magic Imbue while using the tome of frost for faster experience. However, combining these significantly increases the number of clicks required and the costs involved while increasing experience minimally. This method can produce up to 160,000 experience per hour with focus.

Levels 80-90+Edit

By level 81 players may utilise the Polypore Dungeon's upper levels for fast experience. Casting Air Surge on infested axes (weakness to earth) is a free, efficient way to level. Each kill offers 846 magic experience as infested axes have 7500 life points. Players should expect 150,000-200,000 experience per hour with focus.

  • Note: Utilising an Armadyl battlestaff will produce free air surge casts.
  • A level 82 Dungeoneering resource dungeon contains more infested axes if there is competition.

This method will require some focus as the axes are small and move quickly, but there are obstacles players may hide behind to avoid damage. By using these obstacles, an experienced player could stay indefinitely with minimal damage. Note, however, that these axes will slowly drain the player's life over time with their attacks if players stand near them. This effect can be negated by utilising Regenerate, Guthix's Blessing, or Sacrifice when damage is taken.

At level 85 players may switch to the Brimhaven Dungeon and kill steel or iron dragons using Water Surge. Players must bring antifire protection to negate the dragons' far-range dragon breath. Utilising abilities will make kills faster. Players can expect at least 100,000 experience per hour with focus.

Alternatively, players with level 85 Herblore may use super antifire potions and utilise an abyssal wand and abyssal orb. Likewise, either an Ahrim's wand and Ahrim's book of magic or both an attuned crystal wand and attuned crystal orb may be used in its place although these both will degrade. Using a wand/orb combination may result in faster kills, but attention must be paid to the player's antifire protection as without it players can be horribly burnt.

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Other requirements
86 Non-combat Casting Plank Make on mahogany logs can be an effective way to train magic, yielding to about 150,000 experience per hour if concentrated. 150,000 4.6 (For logs)

2.4(For oak logs)

1.9(For teak logs)

4.2 (For mahogany logs)

Must have completed the Dream Mentor quest.
88 Combat Casting Shadow Barrage at Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island) can get you 300-350k per hour or higher with overloads / torment from ancient curses. May not be effective because of an update which decreased their aggression. If Shadow Barrage is unavailable, Earth Surge will also work with a slightly decreased kill rate. Though those are not needed for this, it will greatly improve the kill rate per hour. With decent equipment (level 70+, such as Ahrim's) will improve defence against the dagannoths, who use melee often. Try to lure as many of them as you can towards you as they are extremely aggressive towards players. Abilities such as Chain, Dragon Breath and Detonate will greatly improve the kill rate as players will have a very quick kill rate (with Detonate it is found that it can hit many Dagannoth at once and deal over 2000+ damage on them). Players will also find decent drops such as berserker helms, warrior helms, farseer helms and archer helms as the special drop. Crimson charms are extremely common from these Dagannoth. Players should move around to attract as many Dagannoth as they can. 150k-200k Cost of blood and earth runes and some food. A cheaper alternative can be earth and air runes. The Fremennik Trials or at least have started it and pay Jarvald 1000gp.
92 Combat Cast Blood Barrage on monsters in the Abyss. Use Legacy Mode (recommended), wear Power armour (Virtus > subjugation), bring super magic potions, and dual wield (Virtus wand+book > Abyssal wand+orb, or staff of light. Take a left-click teleport, such as a house teletab and a few portents of restoration just to be safe. Food is unnecessary as Blood Barrage's healing effect will keep your life points full. Stand in the south of the abyss. When the abyssal creatures become unaggressive, run to the other side of the abyss and run back. Do not pick up drops, but take a charming imp if you so wish. It is also recommended to bring magic notepaper due to the often drop rate of fire,water and earth talismans. Using this method you can profit. 150,000-300,000 Very expensive, several thousand blood runes and tens of thousands of fire runes. Completion of the Abyss miniquest and of Desert Treasure is required.

Levels 94-99Edit

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Other requirements
94 Combat Casting Ice Barrage on rock lobsters can make well over 250,000 experience per hour but is very expensive, as players will not only need runes but may need to pray too, depending on how fast the lobsters are killed. It is also effective to use against mummies in the chaos tunnels or skeletal monkeys under Ape Atoll, although they have higher magic resistance than rock lobsters. You need to have completed Desert Treasure in order to do this. 250,000 Battle robe/staff of light combo recommended.
95 Combat Players who have completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat and are able to switch prayers fast can cast Fire Surge at glacors, which (being made entirely of ice) are extremely weak to fire spells, allowing for very high hits. Glacors also provide a generous profit; the shards of armadyl can be made into armadyl runes for good money, or for players with less than 72 Runecrafting, they can be made into armadyl battlestaves, worth several million coins. Furthermore, glacors have the potential to drop glaiven/ragefire/steadfast boots, all of which are worth millions of coins. 300,000+ High-levelled staff recommended.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat

95 Combat Casting Fire Surge against ganodermic creatures results in a decent, profitable way to gain quick Magic experience. Ganodermic beasts are known for dropping moderate to high level seeds. They also drop a large number of ganodermic flakes, resulting in the majority of the profit. Each kill awards 1,085.5 magic experience. You require 95 slayer to kill these creatures. 220,000+ High level equipment recommended.

95 Slayer

94 Non-combat Casting the spell Vengeance can be used once every 30 seconds, which can be used in combination with other Lunar spells, such as String Amulet or Plank Make, or even while training another skill, to make experience faster. Vengeance grants 112 experience per cast. Also, this is very afk-able on its own. 13,400(at best) No equipment required, except an earth staff to save runes.
94 Combat Although expensive rune costs, dual-wielding the barrage spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook against waterfiends or the abyssal monsters in the Abyss provides excellent experience for level 94+ mages. Using the Ice and Blood Barrages results in fast kills and constant healing. NOT utilising abilities (except for Metamorphosis and healing abilities, Legacy is a good method also) can allow for faster experience. If you're willing to give up healing abilities, you may use Momentum for higher hits and the occasionally automatic use of the abilities. Momentum's high hitting mixed with the dual wielding ancients can make for very fast experience, but if you are using this method, it is highly recommended to bring food. If you stick completely to abyssal walkers (weak to Earth spells), then your experience rates may drop, but you will need an extremely smaller food supply, freeing your inventory up for drops. Every 1,000 bloods at this level, one should expect to get about 100,000 experience. Along with this it is recommended to bring a charming imp, and magic notepaper due to their constant drops of water, earth, and fire talismans. 300,000+ High levelled wand and book.

Combat trainingEdit

Magic Level Monster Weakness Profit Recommended Requirements Experience
1 Cow Earth Spells Yes

Cowhides and beef

Staff of air None 34 per kill
8 per kill in Taverley
5 Goblin Air Spells No, but sometimes they can drop grapes that are over 1.3k Staff of air None 32-40 per kill


50 Ogres (Combat Training Camp location) Air Spells No Mystic air staff Completed Biohazard quest 137.5 per kill
60 Fungal magi Air Spells Yes

These monsters drop various herbs, as well as many noted and stackable items that can add up over time, including limpwurt root, snape grass, potato cactus, and others including various seeds

God staff or better

Batwing robes or better

None 245 per kill
60 Ogres (Yanille location) Air Spells Yes

These monsters drop various seeds which can add up over time.

Mystic air staff None 303 per kill
70 Abyssal Walker Earth spells No

(don't loot unless you are going for Pouches used in Runecrafting)

Charming imp is recommended as they drop a good amount of charms (looting will slow down the exp per hour a lot).

Subjugation set

Staff of light (75+ magic)

Blood burst or blood barrage (Ancient spell book)


Rune Mysteries

to unlock

Abyss (miniquest)

211.5 per kill

400k+ an hour

80 Exiled kalphite guardians Water spells Yes 80+ defence

Robes of subjugation or ganodermic armour Staff of light or polypore Staff

None 693.9 per kill

150k+ an hour

85, although 90 is recommended. Waterfiends Ranged, but not strong against magic Yes, each kill drops runes and many charms. Also drops many noted items. Blood Barrage is a useful spell as they can heal, but it is not necessary. Air Surge works well against them. Use Protect against Magic prayer or a bunyip for extended periods of training. Food for low Defence/Magic Levels 934.2 per kill

200k-400k exp per hour depending on attention paid.

85+ Abyssal demons Slash Yes Robes of subjugation, Highest available tier staff Food for low Defence/Magic Levels 661 per kill

500-600k per hour depending on attention paid

Alternative methodsEdit

Distractions and DiversionsEdit

Some D&Ds offer generalised points which may be allocated for experience in any skill. This section will focus on D&Ds which offer experience specifically in the Magic skill without a choice.

Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top BonanzaEdit

The circus is a great way to earn easy Magic experience once a week. Players can take part in the magic section, which takes only a few minutes to complete and can give as much as 25,000 experience, although will likely give between 15,000-20,000 experience for mid level players.A high Magic level and Magic boosts will be an advantage.



Main article: Conquest

Points may be used to obtain pieces of Void Knight equipment or magic experience. Overall the non-repetitive nature of the mini-game makes the training seem to go by faster than with other popular methods. The recommended level is 40 to effectively play.

Mage Training ArenaEdit

Main article: Mage Training Arena

This arena is broken into multiple theatres featuring different spells. Activity in these theatres accumulates points which may be redeemed for items benefiting mages, including the infinity robes set. The robe set is typically bought and sold for a profit by those training magic in the arena.

  • Telekinetic Theatre: The minimum level is 33 for Telekinetic Grab. Training with this method involves frequent clicking and can take a long time to accumulate points. Starting at level 33 is recommended to save time later if pursuing infinity robes.
  • Creature Graveyard: Casting Bones to Peaches is good experience, although this spell must already be unlocked by playing within the arena. Bones to Bananas may be used up to this point. A mystic mud staff is recommended to reduce the runes needed to only two nature runes.
  • Enchanting Chamber: Casting Enchant Level 5 Jewellery at level 68 while wielding a mystic mud staff yields up to 60,000 experience per hour. Keep in mind enchanting within the arena provides only 75 percent of the normal experience, which reduces Enchant Level 5 Jewellery to 58.5 experience per cast.
  • Enchanting Chamber: Casting Enchant Level 6 Jewellery at level 87 while wielding a mystic lava staff yields up to 50,000-85,000 experience per hour with focus. Keep in mind enchanting within the arena provides only 75 percent of the normal experience, which reduces Enchant Level 6 Jewellery to 72.8 experience per cast.
    • The maximum amount of Pizazz points a player can earn in the Enchanting Chamber is 16,000. A mid-level mage can earn 16,000 points achieving just a few Magic levels. If the player does not intend to earn points in the other rooms, they can instead talk with the Rewards Guardian upstairs to exchange the points earned just in the Enchanting Chamber for cosmic runes. One cosmic rune is worth five Enchantment Pizazz points. This can work for any enchantment spell, but 68 or 87 is highly recommended.

Stealing CreationEdit

Main article: Stealing Creation

Points may be used to obtain sacred clay robes and/or magic staff to gather bonus experience in magic. However, each Stealing Creation game is 15–20 minutes depending on the world, so this method could take some time. Upon draining the items of their bonus experience, the item may still be used as normal gear with level 50 Defence and Magic.

Quests with Magic experienceEdit

Quests without skill requirementsEdit

It is suggested that you finish these quests before training magic, as it results in some quick magic experience at low levels if necessary items are bought.

These total to 2,100 experience. From level 1 this will give a player level 14 with only 311 experience until level 15.

Quests with skill requirementsEdit

These quests may have other high-level requirements which can be found on their associated page.

These quests total to 591,785 experience.

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