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This guide describes ways to train Fishing from level 1 to level 99. This guide is for members' training.

Useful Summoning familiarsEdit

These familiars will fish alongside you and provide an invisible boost to your Fishing level. Each familiar is able to catch different fish; the granite lobster is the best and is able to catch fish up to sharks. If possible, it is highly recommended to have one of these familiars out while training, as the fish they catch will be worth more than the price of the pouches.

Sacred clayEdit

The Sacred clay harpoon, which is a reward for the Stealing Creation activity, can be used to fish Tuna, Swordfish, and Sharks, giving double experience per catch until it degrades after a certain amount of experience is achieved. The sacred clay harpoon's animation takes 50% longer than that of other methods; therefore you can only achieve 2 attempts in the time you could make 3 attempts with an ordinary harpoon or barbarian fishing. Note that it is possible to right-click on the fishing spot and click "harpoon" repeatedly. This will make the sacred clay harpoon match the speed of a regular harpoon.

There is debate on whether it is worth the time playing Stealing Creation to get this harpoon. Each harpoon is good for approximately 23,000 (11,500 base, 11,500 bonus) experience. Harpoons cannot be stacked in a player's bank. A player can only reasonably plan on getting one harpoon per game of Stealing Creation. Each game can last 20 minutes with no guarantee of earning enough points to purchase a harpoon. This makes Stealing Creation worth roughly 35,000 fishing experience or less in worst-case scenarios. This number rises with faster turnaround times of Stealing Creation, but only to roughly 70,000 experience given a 10-minute game. This makes some players with fairly high fishing levels feel that a sacred clay harpoon is not worth their time, as they can get the same or higher experience rates from normal fishing methods. Still, given these facts, there is still a significant boost from using a sacred clay harpoon, and players that do participate in Stealing Creation may want to consider spending their points on harpoons, as the time spent earning the points is a sunk cost, and the harpoon does provide a decent bonus that stacks with Fishing gloves.

Fishing Gloves (Fist of Guthix)Edit

Players may also use swordfish or shark gloves while fishing. These gloves provide an extra 100 experience when fishing their respective fish. This bonus will be doubled by the sacred clay harpoon, thus providing 200 experience per swordfish or 420 experience per shark.

As with the sacred clay harpoon, there is debate as to whether or not the time it takes to get a pair of gloves is worth the additional bonus. The gloves only have 1,000 charges on them, which may not be worth the time spent playing Fist of Guthix for players with fairly high Fishing levels.

Fishing UrnsEdit

Fishing urns will give a significant amount of extra experience if you have them in your inventory. Using any fishing urn will increase your fishing xp/h by about 20% (Note: The urns give a boost of 20%, but they also occupy an inventory space.) These items are stackable in a player's bank, and no more than two are needed in a player's inventory at any time. While the ready urns have an unlimited stack amount, players can only have 10 full urns combined between their banks and bags. There is no advantage to holding onto several full urns, so it is recommended that players send away urns as soon as they are full.

Power fishingEdit

Some players choose to power-fish by dropping fish as they catch them in order to avoid spending time running to the bank. For methods where banking would be inconvenient, many players find that the time saved fishing is worth the loss of profit. On the other hand, if a bank is near, some players find the hassle of dropping 28 fish is greater than banking.

Adding the caught fish to the action bar enables fast dropping. This is tested on crayfish, salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, lobster, swordfish, Leaping trout, Leaping Salmon, Leaping Sturgeon, monkfish, shark, cavefish and even rocktail.

Cods on action bar don't drop that way. However, you can add the cod to the action bar, right click on it and select "drop." This way is the fastest because you continue fishing while dropping fish. This is made easier by switching the number of mouse buttons to one, minimizing the chat box, and left clicking twice for each drop. This method eliminates the need to move the mouse.(In a recent update, fishing at Otto's Grotto has the same mechanic as power fishing in any other spot. You can now place Leaping Trout, Leaping Salmon, and Leaping Sturgeon on the action bar to get the same effect.)

Level 1 to 20Edit

Experienced players may have to swap fishing activities often to maintain optimum experience levels.

To achieve level 5, you will need to catch 37 crayfish with a Crayfish cage. Every player automatically has one of these in their toolbelt, so there's no need to buy one.

The best spot to fish Crayfish is behind the Lumbridge church on the River Lum.

Alternatively, you can catch shrimp (which give the same exp.) with a small fishing net. A good place for this is the eastern part of the swamp south of Lumbridge. However, catching crayfish seems to be faster at this level.

After reaching level 5, you will need some Fishing Bait. It is suggested to fish with fishing bait until level 20. At level 10, players can catch Herring. Going from level 5 to level 20 will require roughly 160-210 bait. However, many players find that it is better to keep caging crayfish until level 10 because of the slow speed of bait fishing at level 5.

The best place to fish with bait is Draynor Village, as the fishing spots there are near a bank. You can also train Cooking there with the fish you catch; players often burn willow logs nearby.

Catherby is a good place to train fishing and cooking in tandem, as there are multiple fishing spots, a range, and a bank all in close proximity.

Money MakingEdit

Players cannot make much money during these levels, but cooking the fish and using them as food could prove useful.

Level 20 to 30Edit


Fishing Trout is the easiest way to achieve level 30 Fishing. To do so, you will need a Fly fishing rod and some Feathers. It will take 178 Trout to achieve level 30 from level 20, so you will need 178 Feathers.

The best spot is near Rasolo, south of the Baxtorian Falls. You can fish and sell to Rasolo, but this is only marginally profitable.

You can choose to drop or bank the fish; keep in mind that banking will reduce your hourly experience rate.

Money MakingEdit

You will not make much money; however, you can make a little bit of profit by selling (raw and/or cooked) Trout.

At level 35, you can fish tuna, but this is not recommended.

Level 30 to 70/99Edit


Fly fish for Salmon and Trout at Shilo Village. Fly fishing is the fastest experience until leaping sturgeon. Shilo Village is especially convenient for fly fishing due to its proximity to a bank. The completion of the Shilo Village quest is required in order to use this location. The unofficial world for fishing in Shilo Village is world 22.

A second, lesser-known spot that actually gives 5,000 to 15,000 more experience per hour than Shilo Village is the river west of the Fishing Guild. The downside to this is that you cannot bank your fish, but instead should sell them to Rasolo, who wanders just north of the area and is usually visible on the Minimap. The experience rate near Rasolo is between 36-40k/hr with no familiars or urns. This was tested with 77 fishing. This spot is rarely crowded.

A third spot, comparable in quality with these, is on the lake northeast of the bank in Seers' Village. The bank is nearby, and Feathers can be gathered from chickens at the nearby Sinclair Manor. This spot is generally very quiet.

A fourth spot is Barbarian Village. This location has the advantage of nearby clay rocks, a well, a pottery wheel, and a pottery oven for crafting fishing urns. The Soul Wars bank and the Edgeville Bank are closer than that of Seer's Village, but slightly farther than the bank at Shilo Village. Recommended over Shilo, as the spaces themselves are closer to each other.

A fifth spot is Lumbridge. Due to the Battle of Lumbridge event which took place in the fall of 2013, there is a training area extremely close to the fly fishing spots on the other side of the river with a bank chest. It is closer than the Edgeville bank.

With Trout and Salmon on the Action bar for easy dropping 83k/hr was reached at level 90. Full fishing gear, clan avatar familiar (6% xp boost) and decorated fishing urns were being used. All fish were dropped, fished at the Barbarian Village.

Money Making - Level 90+Edit

Instead of fly fishing all the way to level 99, you would be better off switching to the Living Rock Caverns at level 90. While this method is slightly slower in terms of experience, it earns a lot more money and a lot less attention is needed. The official world for fishing in the Living Rock Caverns is World 84.

Level 40 to 62Edit


As stated earlier, the fastest experience is fly fishing salmon and trout. It will take you 64,426 trout or 46,019 salmon to reach level 85 without fishing urns. However, since you will catch a mixture of both fish, the total number of fish required will be somewhere in between these numbers.

Money MakingEdit

Fishing lobster is one of the best ways to balance experience and money at these levels. You can earn almost double what you would earn while fishing trout and salmon, while getting two-thirds as much experience. To catch lobster, you need to use a lobster pot.

Lobster fishing can be done on Karamja at Musa Point, or at Catherby in front of the fishing shop, just next to White Wolf Mountain.

Level 62 to 99Edit

The Fish Flingers Distraction and Diversion is a very easy and fast way to gain large amounts of experience past level 62 Fishing. The experience rewards increase slightly as the player's level increases, but an experienced solo player or a player with assistance in the calls from others (which is easier if playing with a clan) can gain up to 16.6k to 20k experience per game, translating to a total of 50k to 60k experience per hour. To max out the experience reward, you must gain about 40 points per game; any further points will not increase your experience reward. While it is possible to play Fish Flingers at level 61 or below, the experience rates are 40k experience per hour or less, making it relatively inefficient to do so. World 89 is the official Fish Flingers world.

Level 62 to 76, 85 or 90Edit


Note: It is strongly recommended that you acquire the Fishing Outfit at this point, as it gives a 5 percent experience boost. The set can be acquired from the Fish Flingers Distraction and Diversion, for 140 tokens per piece, with the whole set costing 560 tokens. 

You can participate in the D&D by default two times each day. Additional tickets may be earned by fishing, in the form of a ticket being in the mouth of a fish that you've just caught. You may also earn additional tickets during the D&D itself, while catching fish. An experienced player using a friend chat can make upwards of 30 tokens per round. The D&D is also a fast source of experience, with an average of 18k experience per round.

The fishing outfit consists of items in the head, body, leg, and boot slots.

Though fly fishing trout and salmon earns faster experience, monkfish may be best for those who desire profit. At 120 experience each, monkfish give more experience per catch and are caught much faster than sharks. Raw monkfish are currently worth 658 coins each on the Grand Exchange. You can gain between 25k and 40k experience per hour without urns and about 30k-45k with fishing urns. Monkfish fishing demands less attention than trout/salmon fishing, thus drawing most players to this option for training the skill.

These are great fish to catch up until level 85, at which point you can fish cavefish, or level 90, at which point you can fish rocktail. Both of these fish are more profitable than monkfish.

The main downside to this method is that completion of the Swan Song quest is required. This quest is a Master quest and therefore cannot be easily completed by lower-levelled players, and is completely out of the question for skillers.

Level 70 to 99Edit

Barbarian Fishing with a barbarian rod is the fastest method for gaining Fishing experience in the game. The catch rate for leaping fish (leaping trout, leaping salmon, and leaping sturgeon) is exceptionally high, resulting in very quick experience compared to conventional fishing (e.g., fishing monkfish). None of the fish that are caught with a barbarian rod may be cooked or eaten, but they may be cut with a knife into fish offcuts, roe, and caviar, all of which may be used as bait to catch more leaping fish. Therefore, it is possible to remain at Otto Godblessed's lake indefinitely, cutting the fish up into bait as you catch them and thus removing any need to bank. Alternatively, you can drop the fish, but this would require that you bring large amounts of your own stackable bait (fishing bait or feathers). The downside is that, unlike conventional fishing methods, you will not be banking the fish you catch, resulting in no profit.

The unofficial world for barbarian rod fishing is world 116.

An additional advantage to fishing with a barbarian rod is that the fish grant a small amount of Strength and Agility experience in addition to Fishing experience when caught; furthermore, a small amount of Cooking experience is gained from cutting the fish. 15 Strength and Agility are the minimum requirements to catch leaping fish; catching leaping sturgeon, the best leaping fish, requires 45 Strength and Agility.

Due to the lack of a nearby bank or shop to free your inventory of fish, there are five main techniques to train with barbarian fishing, each of which is discussed in detail in the following subsections. For added experience while using any of the fishing techniques, however, you will need a charged ring of duelling, a charged games necklace, and decorated fishing urns (the amount depends on how long you plan on fishing). Bring your ring of duelling and games necklace, (both worn) and around 4-8 decorated fishing urns. When an urn becomes full, teleport it away. Once all of your urns have been sent away, teleport to Castle Wars with your ring of duelling, withdraw more urns, and use your games necklace to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost and continue fishing. Using a ring of duelling and a games necklace allows you to wear both pieces of jewellery and does not require you to deposit the games necklace at Barbarian Assault, which you would need to do if using an amulet of glory in place of a ring of duelling. Alternatively, you may use a ring of kinship instead of a ring of duelling for unlimited teleports. Also, if you have completed the Elder Kiln quest, the TokKul-Zo is a very good teleport ring.

Barbarian Fishing - Banking MethodEdit

This is the only of the five methods that yields a profit while barbarian fishing and is the slowest in terms of experience per hour. There are three main ways to bank your catch and many variations.

The first way is to use the deposit box at the Barbarian Assault activity, located just to the east of the Barbarian Outpost games necklace teleport location. You can either use the games necklace teleport to get there or run there from the lake; either way, you will need to run back to the lake.

Alternatively, you can use a ring of duelling to teleport to the bank chest at Castle Wars to deposit the fish and return with a games necklace teleport. This is the fastest method possible while still banking your catch, but there are many possible variations and choices of teleport locations using other jewellery, runes, teleport tablets, etc.

This method is not recommended, but it is the only way to make money from fishing leaping trout, salmon, and sturgeon.

With the addition of Divination to the game Signs of the Porter are available for automatic banking of fish, this method eliminates the need to drop the fish manually at the cost of a few gp per sign. *Needs exact exp rates.

Barbarian Fishing - Cutting MethodEdit

A cost-effective and relatively efficient method for fishing with a barbarian rod is to use a knife to cut each fish to obtain roe, caviar, and fish offcuts, each of which may be used as bait to catch more leaping fish to repeat the process. The main benefit of this method is that it eliminates repetitive dropping and slow bank trips and can be continued indefinitely. Only 25 (or fewer) pieces of bait are required to start the process.

An example of the process is as follows:

  1. Bring a barbarian rod and 25 feathers or fishing bait to the fishing spots at Otto Godblessed's lake.
  2. Catch 25 leaping fish using the feathers or fishing bait.
  3. Cut the fish into fish offcuts, roe, and caviar.
  4. Because some leaping fish (notably leaping trout) may give nothing when cut, you will most likely have a few open inventory spaces. Fill these by catching fish with the fish offcuts; once your inventory is full again, drop the offcuts.
  5. Resume fishing. You will automatically use the roe, then the caviar, as bait, which essentially replaces a full inventory of bait with a full inventory of fish.
  6. Repeat from step 3 as desired.

This technique is faster than banking each inventory but much slower than using the high alchemy or dropping methods. At 77 Fishing, this method earns between 30k and 35k experience per hour with neither urns nor familiars and approximately 40-48k experience per hour with urns and a familiar.

Barbarian Fishing - Dropping MethodEdit

Speed of this method is same as low/high alchemy methods below but is less costly. Fish should be added to action bar and dropped with your keybinds. This way you continue fishing while dropping the fish ending in max experience per hour.

Perhaps the fastest way to gain fishing experience via heavy rod fishing is to bring your own bait (at least a few thousand) and drop the fish from the action bar using keybinds. Using this method with fishing urns and a granite lobster familiar, it is possible to achieve over 100k (approximately 104k at level 86) experience per hour.

Barbarian Fishing - High Alchemy MethodEdit

A very effective, somewhat costly way of gaining fishing experience without paying much attention utilising Barbarian fishing is by casting High Level Alchemy on the fish while catching them, eliminating the need to drop fish. If done correctly, fishing isn't slowed down and you get additional magic experience. With the right setup, no extra mouse movements are needed. This method requires that you are on the normal spellbook.

To start, you need the Barbarian rod, a stack of bait, nature runes, and a fire staff equipped. Go into the Spellbook tab and hide all spell categories except the miscellaneous spells. Then change it so Combat Spells are first. Therefore, if you were to place your cursor on the High Level Alchemy spell icon and click, you would be alching an item in the first inventory spot.

One way to do it is to go into Runescape's graphics options and change your screen sizing to resizable mode. On your browser's menu, go to View, Zoom, then 50% (for Internet Explorer, may be a bit different for other browsers). This should allow you to shrink your game window much smaller than normal. Leave the height tall, but shrink the width until the High Alchemy icon overlaps the fishing spot. This may require a slight rotation of the camera.

You should have a finger on the left mouse button (or 5 key if using MouseKeys), and fingers on F1 and F4. Begin fishing, and open the Spellbook tab. Click the left side of the High Alchemy icon, and when the fish appears in your inventory, alch it. Now, you will need to close the inventory by pressing F1 and click the fishing spot before the Spellbook comes back up. If successful, the orange sparks should appear above your head as your character recasts the line. If you try to alchemize too fast and click the fishing spot, the Spellbook won't come up; just press F4 and begin the cycle again.

An easier way used by not adjusting any window, is to click the High Level Alchemy spell and wait for the fish to appear, as soon as it appears click on it, the window will go back to the magic spells, click on the High Level Alchemy spell, and don't click on another fish until the emote from the last High Level Alchemy has finished.

This method can potentially give you 65k+ fishing experience an hour as well as 60k+ magic experience. However, you will lose the price of a nature rune minus the High Level Alchemy value of the fish, which is on average 30 coins (as the three values are 15, 30 and 45 coins respectively). At 1000 alchs an hour, you will have a net cost of approximately 170,000 coins/hr, including the price of bait. This isn't a terrible loss for the experience gained.

With the addition of the Decorated fishing urn, players can earn an additional 10k - 15k xp per hour with this method, totaling to 75k - 80k xp per hour. Players should bring as many urns as desired depending on the length of time they want to fish. It takes approximately 8–10 minutes to fill an urn which grants 1900 xp once full.

Barbarian Fishing - Low Alchemy MethodEdit

The most effective, though most costly method. As it stands currently you can low alch the fish without it interrupting the fishing. This is more effective than high alching because while high alch interrupts the action low alching does not. Meaning, no matter what your screen play style is, it's viable. It is more costly than the high alchemy method due to less per fish but still same set-up minus the screen adjustment. It does not require as much concentration and timing as the high alch method and gives the same or higher fishing experience an hour. The only thing to remember is not to alch too fast or it will interrupt the fishing.

Barbarian Hand Fishing - Swordfish and Tuna - RellekkaEdit

A decent way to train is making use of barehanded fishing. Each fish is the normal exp rate but the catching of them is improved. Due to the closeness of the fishing spots on the Rellekka port. One doesn't need to move very far to start fishing again, unlike fly fishing and other methods.

The fish can be dropped by the action bar making for better results as you can fish and drop at the same time. Taking urns to the to spot is ideal.

For those who have done Rellekka tasks, items can be deposited at Peer the Seer nearby, though this will reduce the amount of exp per hour.

Barehanded fishing alone results in around 45k experience per hour, though this can be improved with various experience boosting items, such as the Fishing outfit, Swordfish gloves, and Urns. A player can also earn double experience through Stealing Creation.

Level 85 to 90Edit

Raw cavefish detail
At level 85 fishing, players can catch Cavefish which are profitable and give 300 experience per catch or 315 experience with a full fishing outfit. Cavefish are caught using regular fishing bait and a regular fishing rod. World 84 is the official world for the Living Rock Caverns, and Worlds 88 and 77 are the unofficial worlds for Fishing in Living Rock Caverns. Fishing in the Living Rock Caverns can be dangerous, so do not bring anything you're not willing to lose or defend. Monsters in the area are Level 92 (post Legacy-update).

Level 90 to 99Edit

Raw rocktail detail
Rocktail fishing is one of the best ways of gaining experience. One can gain roughly 48,000 experience per hour depending on the fishing level you are and if fishing urns are present. Rocktails grant 380 experience per catch or 399 experience with a fishing outfit, the highest experience per fish in-game. They can be caught in the Living Rock Caverns. This is only recommended if you are a reasonably high-level player and are able to withstand (level 92) enemies attacking you such as Living rock protector and Living rock striker; although they are weak and inaccurate, they can be annoying.

For this method of fishing, players need the following:

  • A supply of Living minerals (which can be bought or mined from defeated Living Rock NPCs).
  • Food for healing; there is no proper bank, just a deposit box. At least lobster and above just in case Guthans does not heal or you do not have Guthans. However, bring no more than 5 pieces as they do not hit high often. A Saradomin Godsword or the Soul Split curse also allow the player to stay as long as they want.
  • The Magic golem outfit awarded from the Treasure Hunter between June 17, 2014 and June 24, 2014 allows the player to walk among the Living Rock NPCs without being attacked, and is thus highly recommended.


  • When fishing here, make sure you are in a safe spot by trapping the monsters in order to fish without having to kill the enemy and make it spawn next to you.
  • Sticking to the west side of the cave will help you immensely because most rocktail-baiting spots are located there.
  • World 84 is the official Living Rock Caverns world, whether the activity you're doing is fishing or mining. Keep in mind that this is a highly populated area with lots of players and NPC's, so having a computer that can handle the heavy load is recommended. Having an emergency one-click teleport such as an Ectophial or teleport tablet is advised for lower leveled players.
  • The Living Rock creatures are not aggressive unless you run right next to them, so if you can stay at least 1 square away from them, you will be decently safe.
  • Decorated fishing urns are useful as they grant a large amount of additional experience when fishing.
  • Along with urns, Signs of the Porter can be effectively used to reduce trips to the bank. One should keep in mind the cost factor in using these.
  • Any tacklebox from Fish Flingers will reduce the number of times you have to run to the bank, in turn increasing your profit and xp/hour.
  • If desired, bring armour to kill the monsters. Weapons and armour will not affect your inventory space as long as you keep them equipped. (Melee armour is best suited as most of the living rock creatures attack with melee and ranged, providing you with the most protection as it is strong against ranged and good against melee attacks)

Dungeoneering fishingEdit

At level 80 and 90 fishing players can fish blue crabs and cave morays respectively. The best known method for finding the most fish is to make complexity 2 dungeons. Oftentimes this is done in pairs; one person doing the floor, while the other person fishes on shared experience. This is a great way to do rush floors if you want fishing experience.

The exp you gain is not completely dependent on the tier of the fishing spot - there is a number of different exp rates for each tier of fish, and a randomly allocated exp rate is assigned to each separate fishing spot. It was changed to this due to people earning exp at too high a rate.

Testing shows that at high fishing levels you can gain up to 100kxp/h soloing floors, and can reach up to 140kxp/h with a partner leading the way.

Since the update to dungeoneering that made raw materials stackable, this method of fishing yields over 100k exp an hour at level 90 or higher fishing.

However, when fishing on Complexity 2 floors one of the fishing spots' exp is halved.

Alternate methods to levelEdit

Image Fish Start
Number Of
Fish Required
Profit per
Raw Fish (coins)
Total Profit
Raw herring Herring 10 20 111 48 Coins 1000 5,328
Raw trout Trout 20 30 178 33 Coins 1000 5,874
Raw troutRaw salmon Trout and Salmon 30 99 130,211 Trout
93,008 Salmon
Trout - 33
Salmon - 91
Coins 1000 4,296,963
Coins 1000 8,463,728
Note: When fly fishing for Trout and Salmon approximately 60% will be Trout and 40% Salmon. Total Fish 223,624 Total profit Coins 1000 12,766,019

Current pricesEdit

Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
Raw shrimps Raw shrimps 12
2 3 20,000 F2P icon view graph 7 hours ago
Raw trout Raw trout 33
8 12 20,000 F2P icon view graph 5 hours ago
Raw salmon Raw salmon 91
36 55 20,000 F2P icon view graph 7 hours ago
Raw tuna Raw tuna 112
48 72 20,000 F2P icon view graph 2 hours ago
Raw lobster Raw lobster 379
113 170 20,000 F2P icon view graph 3 hours ago
Raw swordfish Raw swordfish 477
136 204 20,000 F2P icon view graph 8 hours ago
Raw monkfish Raw monkfish 658
92 138 20,000 P2P icon view graph 4 hours ago
Raw shark Raw shark 1,124
120 180 20,000 P2P icon view graph 7 hours ago
Raw cavefish Raw cavefish 1,842
140 210 20,000 P2P icon view graph 2 hours ago
Raw rocktail Raw rocktail 1,958
240 360 20,000 P2P icon view graph 8 hours ago
Leaping trout Leaping trout 5
10 15 5,000 P2P icon view graph 87 seconds ago
Leaping salmon Leaping salmon 18
20 30 5,000 P2P icon view graph 6 hours ago
Leaping sturgeon Leaping sturgeon 104
30 45 5,000 P2P icon view graph 71 minutes ago

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