For the non-player character, see Paul.
Paul Gower
Paul Gower
Nationality English
Jagex moderator crown Name Paul
Role Co-founder
Team Content Developers
Project RuneScape
Employed 2001 ─ 2011
Paul Gower is the co-founder of Jagex, along with Ian, and Andrew Gower.[1] In addition, he helped develop and program RuneScape since 1999 when he helped create an early version of the game. The Sunday Times Rich List 2007 ranked Paul and his brother Andrew Gower as the 654th richest entrepreneurs in the UK, worth £196 million.[2] They were awarded the Industry Legend prize at the 2010 Develop Awards.[3]

He developed many of the quests in RuneScape, including many of the earliest ones, and thus was a key figure in shaping the story of the game. The quests he has developed include many in the Mahjarrat storyline, starting with Temple of Ikov in 2002 and ending with Ritual of the Mahjarrat in 2011.

Paul has also created Karamja, leather crafting and the Cooks' Guild.


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