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Patch Notes were first introduced on 13 January 2009 and are posted in the RuneScape Forums under General as a sticky forum topic named Patch Notes - Archive. They document previously hidden game updates, which generally affect gameplay by introducing minor changes to existing gameplay elements. Often these updates are intended to correct minor issues such as graphics clipping.

This feature is generally updated weekly and lists minor updates that the Jagex development team has implemented into the game that are not announced in the News section on the front page of the RuneScape website.

For whatever reason, some game changes don't even make it to the list of Patch Notes, but we try to find and list them anyway as Hidden updates. While Jagex may feel such updates are trivial and not worth mentioning in Patch Notes, some can actually make a significant difference in how that portion of the game is played. For that reason, hidden updates have come to be an extension of the patch notes and are as important to read.

Chronological list of Patch NotesEdit

The patch notes are listed reverse chronologically.










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