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For the variant encountered in Daemonheim, see Pale energy (Dungeoneering).
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Pale energy detail

Pale energy is a type of energy associated with the Divination skill. It can be collected from Pale wisps, located south-east of Draynor Village, requiring 1 Divination. Each harvest gives 1 Divination experience, and pale memories can be converted to pale energy for 1 experience, with the exact amount of energy per memory depending on your Divination level.

LevelConversion rate

One pale memory and 5 pale energy can be converted for 3.7 experience. There are no enriched versions of pale memories, unlike other tiers.

Boon? GE Price Normal XP Enhanced XP Additional XP GP/XP
No 76 3 3.7 0.7 542.86


Image Product Requirement Energy Secondary Experience
Divine crayfish bubble
Divine crayfish bubble Divination 1 Pale energy 1 5 20 Raw crayfish 1.0
Portent of restoration I Portent of restoration I Divination 2 Pale energy 1 30 Crayfish 1.0
Divine bronze rock Divine bronze rock Divination 3 Pale energy 1 20 20 Copper ore 1.2
Divine kebbit burrow Divine kebbit burrow Divination 4 Pale energy 1 25 20 Raw beast meat 1.3
Attuned portent of restoration IV Attuned portent of restoration I Divination 5 and Constitution 10 Pale energy 1 30 Crayfish 1.5
Sign of the porter I Sign of the porter I Divination 6 Pale energy 1 30 Sapphire necklace 1.7
Divine tree Divine tree Divination 7 Pale energy 1 5 20 Logs 1.8
Sign of respite I Sign of respite I Divination 8 Pale energy 1 25 4 Limestones 2.0
Boon of flickering energy Boon of flickering energy Divination 10 Pale energy 1 100
Flickering energy 1 100
None 3
Divine charge Divine charge Crafting80, Divination80, Smithing80 Pale energy 12000 20 Simple parts 80 (and 220 Invention)

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