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Worlds Icon The official world for Ourania Runecrafting Altar is world 36 (P2P).

The altar

Crafting at Ourania altar

A player crafting runes at the Ourania altar.

Location on World Map
West Ardougne
Arandar Ourania Altar Battlefield

The Ourania Runecrafting Altar (also known as the ZMI Altar (Zamorak Magical Institute) or the Ourania Altar) is one of the several Runecrafting altars located throughout RuneScape. The altar is in the Ourania Cave, which is west of the Battlefield, and south of West Ardougne.

The Ourania altar converts Pure essence into an assortment of random runes without a chance of bonus runes being created. The altar, which requires no talisman, tiara or staff to enter, gives double the normal experience for every rune crafted. Players do not need a specific Runecrafting level in order to craft at this altar, but the chance of crafting higher-levelled runes increases with a higher Runecrafting level.

Once inside the Ourania Cave, quickly reached by an Ourania Teleport, players may use a bank there that requires a payment of 20 runes of any type. They can then go to the altar by taking either a short and dangerous route or a longer and safe route. Note that the long, curving path has no monsters. At the end of the long path, there is a crack that requires no Agility level to cross.


  • XP Counter icon The experience here is double to what you would normally get for the runes.
  • Ardougne cloak 2 The Ardougne cloak 2 (and higher) adds a chance of creating more runes in the Ourania Altar (rune output is increased by roughly 15%). Though no extra experience is gained from the extra runes.
  • Armadyl rune The player will be able to craft all runes that are available in the game (except Armadyl runes and Combination runes), despite (maybe) not having the required level or quest requirements. Also note that there are no requirements to craft runes at the altar.
  • Worlds Icon The official Ourania Runecrafting World is World 36.
  • Master runecrafter robe Master Runecrafter robes (full set gives: +5% exp.) will work here. However, they have a maximum boost of 700 experience per altar click or batch.
  • Runecrafting-icon The higher the player's Runecrafting level, the higher-levelled the crafted runes will be.
  • Ourania Teleport icon Using Lunar spells teleports (level 69: Moonclan Teleport, and 71: Ourania Teleport) is highly recommended.


  • Explorer's ring 4 Multiple runes can not be created at this altar (with the exception of the effect from the Ardougne cloak 2). Also an Explorer's ring can only be useful to replenish run energy (3 and 4) not for multiple runes
  • Coins 10000 With the random nature of the rune mix, the cost of pure essences may exceed the street value of the crafted runes. Consequently, the higher the player's RC level, the less losses/more profit. Though generally this will cost you money.

    Location of the altar.

  • Water runecrafting gloves Runecrafting gloves (Air, Water and/or Earth from the Fist of Guthix minigame) will not work here, as the experience is already doubled.
  • Pure essence Only Pure essence may be used to craft at this altar. (Hence, Rune essence can also not be used to only make elemental runes.)


Below is a sample run WITHOUT the use of a spirit terrorbird or an abyssal familiar:

  • Set quick prayers to Protect from Missiles, Steel Skin, Rapid Restore and Rapid Heal/Rapid Renewal prayers.
  • Rotate compass east ('N' displaying to left).
  • Turn off auto retaliate.
  • Open bank with Eniola located just underground after entering the cave.
  • Withdraw all pure essence to fill inventory completely.
  • While still in the bank, right-click on the large pouch, then hover over the fill option. Left-click, right-click, then left-click. This will fill both the large and medium pouch.
  • Withdraw more essence. Right-click on the giant pouch, then hover over the fill option. Left-click, right-click, then left-click. This will fill both the giant and small pouch.
  • Click on the minimap to run to the altar.
  • While running to the altar, turn the camera view down fully so that the altar is clickable from a far distance, then click the altar to craft.
  • Left-click on the large and medium pouch to empty them both.
  • Left-click on the giant and small pouch to empty them both.
  • Right-click the large pouch, then move the mouse towards the left just over the giant pouch and over the empty pouch. Left-click, right-click, then left-click again. This will empty out any extra essence left over while emptying previous pouches. Click the altar again.
  • Cast the Ourania Teleport spell and run towards the cave entrance. Replenish prayer as needed by praying at the altar located just next to the entrance.
  • Open the bank. If using the full bank method, click the Deposit Inventory button. If not, deposit each rune type one-by-one.
  • [Continue cycle; Repeat.]

Gear setupEdit

The key is to stay light and protect against the members of the Zamorak Magical Institute, who are aggressive and fight with all three styles, it is recommended to wear armour that boosts Defence against Magic, and activate Protect from Missiles (recommended). Here is a list of a recommended setup with downgradeable options:

Further descriptionEdit

There are actually two altars in the Ourania area, and the Runecrafting altar goes by several names, which can cause some confusion:

  1. The Ourania Runecrafting Altar is in the cave itself. It is sometimes called the Ourania Altar, the Ourania rune altar, or the ZMI altar. This is a runecrafting altar, not a prayer one.
  2. A Zamorakian Chaos altar (used to recharge prayer points only) is outside the cave, near the cave's entrance. This altar is a prayer altar, not a Runecrafting one. (Elsewhere there is an altar called Chaos Altar, used to make chaos runes.)

Crafting runes at the Ourania Altar is the only known method of producing soul runes, as the equivalent altar may or may not be released into the game at a later date. The magic supply shops and the Grand Exchange are still the dominant supply for these runes.


Five efficient methods to access the altar:


The full bank method is very common and HIGHLY recommended with crafting runes at the Ourania Altar due to multiple runes being crafted. This enables a player to have the ability to click the Deposit Inventory button without depositing any rune pouches or runes used to bank.

Items such as vegetable sacks and fruit baskets may be used to fill a player’s bank fully. Other items include robes from Canifis and Rellekka, strung and unstrung short and longbows, variety of bolts and arrows, and rewards from Stealing Creation such as metamorphic and volatile tools. Vegetable sacks and fruit baskets with different amounts of fruit in them allow the player the player to expand and compress bank space at ease, making it more convenient for the player. (This avoids having to drop junk items.)

There are six methods of banking when runecrafting at the Ourania Altar:

  1. Teleport up and down between Lunar Isle (Tele Group Moonclan: Level 70 Magic, Moonclan Teleport: level 69 Magic, or Home teleport: level 0 Magic) and The ZMI (use Ourania Teleport: level 71 Magic). Group teleport tends to land the player a few squares closer to the bank than self teleport.
  2. Ring of kinship: This ring will transport you to Daemonheim and has unlimited charges.
  3. Ring of duelling: Use this ring to teleport to the Castle Wars lobby and the Ourania Teleport spell to return to the altar.
  4. Games necklace: Use this necklace to teleport to the Burthorpe Troll Invasion area and the Ourania Teleport spell to return to the altar. This is marginally cheaper than the Ring of Duelling, and just as efficient since the Loyalty Programme update placed a bank outside the Warrior's Guild.
  5. Eniola, a travelling banker: Eniola will allow you access to your bank account in exchange for 20 of any one type of rune. Using runes which are common, or not often used, such as body runes, or elemental runes, is the smarter economical decision. Currently, the cheapest runes are Body Runes or Mind Runes at 5 coins and 2 coins a piece respectively. Due to an update, you no longer need to close the bank window to fill Runecrafting pouches with pure essence.
  6. Use the TokKul-Zo to teleport to any of the three "Fight" options and the Ourania Teleport spell to return to the cave. This is just as close to a bank as the Castle Wars teleport but does not use any charges on the ring.


Ourania Altar long path

A player situated on a section of the long path.

There are two paths leading to the altar:

  • Shorter, dangerous route.
  • Longer, safe route.

Shorter routeEdit

Monster Level Attack style Weakness
Zamorak warrior 88, 94 Melee Water weakness icon Water spells
Zamorak mage 98 Magic Thrown weakness icon Thrown
Zamorak ranger 92 Ranged Slash weakness icon Slash
Cave lizard 94 Ranged Stab weakness icon Stab
Zamorak crafter 38 Melee Water weakness icon Water spells

The zamorak warriors, mages and rangers are often fighting the cave lizards. Players with a combat level of 110 or below will probably want to take the alternate route, but higher level players will be able to wear a combination of magic and melee armour and run through relatively unscathed.

There are several tactics used to minimise damage taken on the shorter route:

Longer routeEdit

This route is a long winding pathway. Once players reach the end of the path, they will have to squeeze through a small crack in the wall to reach the altar. The wall-crack shortcut has no Agility requirements.

Experience at different levelsEdit

At higher Runecrafting levels, experience does improve, but only slightly. As multiple runes are not produced by the Ourania Runecrafting altar, the average experience per pure essence can be calculated.

Around level 50, the experience per essence is approximately 14.8

Around level 60, the experience per essence is approximately 15.4

Around level 70, the experience per essence is approximately 17.4


  • Air, Water, and Earth runecrafting gloves, rewards from the Fist of Guthix minigame, do not boost xp received from crafting runes at the Ourania Altar.
  • The best familiars to use are the Spirit Terrorbird using the Tireless run scroll or the Abyssal parasite, Abyssal lurker, or Abyssal titan familiars which hold extra essence. Magpies are also a good option, as although they don't directly help with the crafting, they give a good amount of money to help with covering essence costs. There is a small Summoning Obelisk near the Moonclan Teleport location, so that you can renew summoning points when needed, if you bank there.
  • The nearest source of essence (assuming you are banking on Lunar Isle) is right on Lunar Island, northeast in the dungeon. Simply take a pickaxe there (watch out for level 111 Suqahs). The next closest is in East Ardougne. Wizard Cromperty, whose house lies north-east of the East Ardougne marketplace, provides a teleport to the essence mines.
  • It is safer to run in a group to the altar as it reduces the chance of being attacked.
  • Wielding a Staff of earth and using Tele Group Moonclan instead of Moonclan Teleport is an easy way to slightly increase Magic experience gained. Many mages teleport this way, so if you don't want to use your runes, make sure you have accept aid on and hitch a ride with them. It is also recommended to review the teleport destination before accepting, as sometimes a player may telegroup to a dangerous area such as the Ice Plateau.
  • At zero weight, and 59+ Agility, a player can make the long trip (safe route) within 100% run energy.
  • A player can save on banking trips by withdrawing their pouches and ess; and before exiting the banking interface, right-clicking on their pouches and selecting "fill". This will fill the pouches. The player can then withdraw more ess filling up the player's backpack. This means one banking per trip.
  • The deposit-all feature can be used to massively increase your experience rate. Withdraw your pouches and all of each rune that you will need to teleport (or if you are using Eniola, your stack of preferred runes) and then fill your bank to maximum capacity. You can simply click the deposit all button to bank the different runes you make at ZMI, instead of taking extra time to bank them all individually (or losing profit by dropping them on the return trip).
    • Rather than simply filling the bank with "random items", instead generate the needed items from other things in your bank, such as emptying a bolt pouch, collection bag, tackle box and so on, decanting potions held in the bank from four to two doses (by using a vial on the potion), and removing items from a costume room. This is beneficial as they can easily be put away/back together/decanted to restore the bank space once Runecrafting is finished.
  • Additional consideration - For players with 75+ runecrafting, consider using only the giant, large, and medium pouches. Configure as necessary with the large amount of inexpensive runes. Fill the giant and large pouches, and only fill half of the medium pouch every 10 runs. This will allow for only 2 x 20 runes (40 total) per run per bank visit. Repeat steps 2-5 of the alternative method. Once the giant pouch degrades on the 11th refill, players should THEN fill the medium pouch to capacity, along with the large pouch. After filling the two smaller pouches, players should withdraw the necessary runes for the NPC Contact spell (1 astral rune, 1 cosmic rune, and 2 air runes), as well as filling the rest of the player's inventory with pure essence. Contact the Dark mage to have him fix the giant pouch. Fill the giant pouch, and bank one final time to fill the player's inventory, then craft runes using the 2-bank method. This SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the amount of time between trips, allowing for greater amounts of xp/hr (as the Ourania runecrafting altar is based on the player's runecrafting level). The only downside to this is, since banking is done so quickly, it drains run energy quickly. It is strongly advised for a player to have at least 65 Agility (75+ recommended) to attempt this method, unless the player wishes to use Surefooted Aura, or Super energy potions in between runs, or a Spirit terrorbird familiar. However, terrorbird familiars are not recommended because the amount of run energy restored is based on the player's agility level, AND the amount of frequent run recharging makes the player a slightly greater target for the NPC's to attack.

This '2-bank' method not only reduces the cycle time (time it takes to bank, craft runes, and bank again), but it also saves a modest sum per hour on bank charges. Assuming body runes or mind runes are the preferred currency (at 5 coins per rune) for using Eniola's banking services, and a player can make 55 cycles (VERY probable using the aforementioned method), then the following savings can be achieved each hour:

55 cycles @ 360 coins (using 4 pouches / abyssal familiar for 3 bank visits): 19,800 coins per hour for banking charges

50 cycles @ 240 coins (using aforementioned method for 2 bank visits): 12,000 coins + 5 cycles @ 360 (3 bank visits when repairing giant pouch): 1,800 coins - totalling 13,800 coins per hour for banking charges.

Therefore, for 55 cycles, a player would save 19,800 - 13,800 = 6,000 coins, or 1,000 runes per hour. As a side note, the 4-pouch method DID NOT take into account the extra banking fee it would take to repair a degraded pouch.

This is based on the assumption that a player can make 55 cycles per hour using all 4 pouches, which is generally unsustainable, whereas 40 - 45 cycles per hour is a more reasonable estimate than 55 cycles per hour, based on the additional mouse-clicking time delay of filling and emptying all 4 pouches on each cycle.

  • Wearing an Ardougne cloak 2 or higher will grant the player a chance of receiving more runes from Ourania Altar (though it will not increase the experience you receive).
  • If you have never used mouse keys before, now is a great time to try them out. A few minutes of set up will save plenty of time!

Music unlockedEdit


  • 'Ourania' (Ουρανία) was the Muse of astronomy in Greek mythology (the name means 'heavenly' or 'of the heavens' in Ancient Greek). This is significant considering the proximity of the grave of the astronomer Scorpius and the Observatory. Furthermore 'Ouranos' (Ουρανός) is the Greek word for 'Sky'.

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