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Our Man in the North is a quest released along with the city of Menaphos.


Start pointQuest map icon
Our Man in the North icon
Speak with Hassan in the Merchant district of Menaphos
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthShort to Medium
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat

Progress reportEdit

Grand Vizier Hassan chathead

Hassan requires that you to deliver a progress report to Emir Ali. He suggests that you grab the book that Osman previously requested from the Grand Library of Menaphos, to complete two tasks at once. Head over to the Grand Library and ask Kohnen the librarian about the book. He tells you that he cannot help you, but a man who used to work in the Grand Library, Aristarchus, may. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown of Menaphos, he cannot get back into the city. Head over to Commander Akhomet and request that she have the guards allow Aristarchus back into Menaphos; tell her Aristarchus specialises in the history and royal bloodline. She agrees to let him back into the city, but only because she doesn't agree with the Pharaoh's decision to ban bloodline information.

Getting informedEdit

Aristarchus chathead
Thugs attack

A group of thugs attack.

Grab some food, and head over to Aristarchus, who resides just north-west of the southern Pollnivneach rug merchant. You can fly here directly from the Menaphos rug merchant. Upon informing that him he can return to Menaphos, a Menaphite thug appears, and reveals that he's been watching Aristarchus. He plans to disguise himself as Aristarchus after killing him to gain entry into Menaphos. When you move to defend him, the thug will call three of his friends to kill you both. They are level 122, and have 15,000 health each. They use melee and it is easy to line them up and fight them one by one. Fend them off, then speak with Aristarchus again. He agrees to meet you in the Grand Library.

Head over to the Grand Library. Talk with Aristarchus. He will give you the book you need, which is disguised as a children's book. He remarks that it's a shame there's no one from that time period that you can talk to to corroborate what's written in the book. Thankfully, you know an ancient pharaoh queen! Head over to Senliten in the Uzer Mastaba once again, residing north-east of Nardah. You can use fairy ring code DLQ or the desert amulet 2 or higher to get there quickly.

When you enter the Mastaba, a short cutscene will appear with dialogue between Jabari and the Pharaoh. Talk to Senliten, and it will be revealed that Osman and Leela are her descendants, not only making them royalty, but also making Osman the current true heir to the throne of Menaphos. Osman knows this, and plans to prove it, but Senliten and Leela explain that he's going about it the wrong way, and suggest that you try and talk him down.


Osman chathead
Jabari and clones

Jabari and his clones in the palace.

Head over to Al Kharid and talk to Osman. You will give him the book, and relay what Senliten has told you. Osman agrees to go see the two again and resolve things, then tells you to report to the Emir. Talk with the Emir, and Jabari will burst into the throne room after killing all the guards. He argues briefly with Osman, revealing to the Emir that Osman helped the Menaphites kidnap him by giving them his travel logs in exchange for information about his ancestry. Osman responds by revealing that he knows Jabari killed Emir Shah. The Emir declares that both men are to be arrested, but Jabari uses his magic to create clones and hide throughout the city. Now you have to hunt him down in Al Kharid; after each conversation with Jabari he will damage you for 10% of your max health.

Go to Dommik's Crafting Store in the north-eastern part of the city and make your way to the top.

Walk across the plank.
Slide down the awning.
Go through the building.
Go across the washing line.
Climb the ladder.
Talk to Jabari.
Cross the planks.
Go up another ladder.
Jump down the scaffold.
Climb down the rug.
Swing across the wooden frame.
Jump to the next building.
Bounce across the awning to the bank.
Climb up the brickwork.
Talk to Jabari.
Parrot drop off the bank.
Run north of the bank, west of the furnace, and talk to Jabari.
Run north-east of the Al Kharid lodestone into a tent, and talk to Jabari.
Run north to the house near the north-east exit of Al Kharid, and talk to Jabari.

Fighting JabariEdit

Ambassador Jabari chathead
Jabari battle

The battle with Jabari.

Grab your gear and supplies and head over to the Duel Arena. There, Jabari will challenge you to a "fair duel with no tricks." Accept, and he will teleport you into the arena, where you're faced with 8 Jabari clones. Once you find the real Jabari, you must defeat him, using whatever combat style you wish. Although this is an easy battle, Jabari can hit over 2,000 damage, and will attack accurately and rapidly, sometimes stacking up to 3,000 damage in a single tick, making food or soul split beneficial, even at level 99 Defence.

This is a game of Spot the Difference, and the difference is random each time:

  • The only one facing backwards
  • The only one in attack position
  • The one with the smallest weapon
  • The only one holding his weapon backwards
  • The largest of them
  • The one targeted by the audience
  • The one with the correctly spelled name (the clones are anagrams of "Jabari", leading to names like "Barija" and "Jaabri")
  • The one with a different robe colour
  • The one without prayer renewal particles
  • The one who is not translucent

If you are too slow to find the real one, he will attack you and the difference will be randomised again.

Meeting Het

Het appears and protects you from Jabari's attack.

After all 4 are defeated, a cutscene starts, and Het appears to tell Jabari he has lost. Jabari refuses to go honourably and threatens to urge Amascut to retaliate against both you and Het. You inform him that the Pharaoh will likely want him imprisoned too, as his actions have threatened the trade deal. He responds by teleporting away.

Talk to Het at the Duel Arena entrance. He will inform you that he, Crondis, and Apmeken plan to search for Scabaras, despite his return being the last thing Amascut needs for her plan. Het asks that you will stand with the pantheon against Amascut when the time comes.


The Pharoah's goals

The Pharaoh reveals his goals.

Head back to Emir Ali, and talk to him. This triggers a cutscene in which Osman is declared a traitor, and is exiled from Al Kharid. Osman swears that he will become Pharaoh to cement peace between the two cities, regardless of the Emir's feelings toward him, and teleports away. Another cutscene will begin with the Pharaoh calling for Jabari, who does not appear. He will then go on about his goals to ascend to godhood. He then continues calling for Jabari to no avail.

Speak to the Emir again after both cutscenes to finish the quest.

Quest complete!


Our Man in the North reward
Additional rewards/activities
Music unlocked

Required for completingEdit




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