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An Oubliette is a room designed to be built below the Throne Room (to work with the Throne Room traps) in a player-owned house. It can be built at level 65 Construction with 150,000 coins.

There are 6 hotspots available:

  • Floor - Attacks/injures anyone unfortunate enough to have fallen in the cage through the throne room or via a teleport trap from the dungeon.
  • Prison - Prevents escape from the trap, allowing more damage to be inflicted. Players must pick or force the lock. Note: If you remove your cage, you will lose the cage AND anything inside it.
  • Guard - Attacks any players during PvP (player-versus-player) or challenge mode.
  • Ladder - Allows access to the throne room if it is there.
  • Decoration - Ornamentation.
  • Lighting - Ornamentation.


The centre floor is where players dropping from a Throne Room above fall onto.

Flame pit

A Flame Pit rapidly chipping away the life points of a player.

Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Spikes Spikes(POH) 65 20 Steel bars, 50,000 coins 623 65,020
Tentacle pool Tentacle pool 71 20 Buckets of water, 100,000 coins 326 100,760
Flame pit Flame pit(POH) 77 20 Tinderboxes, 125,000 coins 357 127,920
Rocnar Rocnar 83 150,000 coins 387 150,000

Note: You can now build the Rocnar, flame pit, and spikes without a cage. However, it is impossible to remove/upgrade the cage without also removing its contents. The tentacle pool still needs a cage to be added. Note that it is not possible to voluntarily step into a cage, and therefore the tentacle pool is unsuited for players who desire to use the oubliette as a way to kill themselves quickly (restoring all stats).


To hold players dropping from a throne room above. Players have to pick the lock (using Thieving) of the gate, or force the lock (using Strength) of the gate, to get out. The stronger the cage, the harder it will be for players to escape. If a player tries to enter the cage voluntarily (for example by attempting to pick the lock from the outside) the game will stop them.

Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Oak cage Oak cage 65 10 Oak planks, 2 steel bars 640 4,562
Oak and steel cage Oak and steel cage 7010 Oak planks, 10 steel bars 800 10,570
Steel cage Steel cage(oubliette) 75 20 Steel bars 400 15,020
Spiked cage Spiked cage 80 25 Steel bars 500 18,775
Bone cage Bone cage 85 10 Oak planks, 10 bones 603 4,170

Guard (1)Edit

The tea boosts can be used when creating guards, but the crystal saw cannot.

Name Image Level Cost Experience Combat level
Skeleton guard Skeleton guard(oubliette) 70 50,000 Coins 223 100
Guard dog Guard dog(oubliette) 74 75,000 Coins 273 110
Hobgoblin Hobgoblin guard(oubliette) 78 100,000 Coins 316 120
Baby red dragon Baby red dragon(oubliette) 82 150,000 Coins 387 100
Huge spider Huge spider(oubliette) 86 200,000 Coins 447 144
Troll Troll guard(oubliette) 90 1,000,000 Coins 1000 140
Hellhound Hellhound(oubliette) 94 5,000,000 Coins 2236 120


Ladder back up to throne room above (if present).

When challenge mode is turned on (using the lever in the throne room) then only the house owner can go up the ladder.

Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Oak ladder Oak ladder 68 5 Oak planks 300 1,530
Teak ladder Teak ladder 78 5 Teak planks 450 3,010
Mahogany ladder Mahogany ladder 88 5 Mahogany planks 700 10,305


Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Decorative blood Decorative blood 72 4 Bottles of red dye 4 7,916
Decorative pipe Decorative pipe 83 6 Steel bars 120 4,506
Hanging skeleton Hanging skeleton 94 2 Skulls, 6 bones 3 666


Item Image Level Materials Experience Cost
Candle Candles(oubliette) 72 4 Oak planks, 4 lit candles 243 2,252
Torch Torches(oubliette) 84 4 Oak planks, 4 lit torches 244 1,272
Skull Torch Skull torches 94 4 Oak planks, 4 lit torches, 4 skulls 246 1,272



  • It is possible to kill the tentacles in the tentacle pool with the help of a summoning familiar, the tentacles will drop bones on death.
  • One of the traps players can add is called a "Rocnar", which when spelt backwards becomes "rancor". This was a monster from Star Wars episode 6, which tried to kill the protagonist Luke Skywalker.
  • The hanging skeleton requires two skulls to build, although there are four hanging skeletons in the room.
  • When you rest in the flame pit, the recurring damage doesn't interrupt your resting. However, elsewhere in RuneScape if you were to take damage while resting, your resting would be interrupted.
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