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Classic Runestone
Release date 28 February 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC Stolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough, Contact!, Recipe for Disaster and Do No Evil
Location Al Kharid
Sells items Sells replacement for Keris if lost.
Gender Male
Examine Spymaster of Al-Kharid
He looks a little shifty.
Notable features Al Kharid spy master
Osman location
Osman chathead

Osman is a NPC who can be found inside of the palace in Al Kharid. He calls himself the "Spy Master of Al Kharid". He cannot be accessed until the player completes Stolen Hearts.

He is a main character in the Stolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough, and Contact! quests. He also rewards players with thieving experience in exchange for Sq'irk juice, which players can obtain in the Sorceress's Garden minigame. He also makes an appearance in the first cutscene in the Recipe for Disaster quest. He is not involved in the quest thereafter, because he falls victim to the ScapeRune random event just before the Culinaromancer's appearance.

He makes a small cameo in Do No Evil appearing in the Uzer Mastaba at Senliten's temple telling his daughter, Leela, off for moving away from her post to go to Senliten, thinking that the mission she is doing with the monkeys are unimportant, causing him embarrassment from his friends.

Replacement Keris daggers can be bought from Osman for 20,000 coins after finishing Contact!, if a player lost the one you initially picked up at the end of the quest. If you failed to pick up the dagger on the quest, Osman will give you the dagger free of charge.

Audio options icon
Osman's voice


  • Osman was supposed to be involved in Recipe for Disaster as another person for the player to save, but delays in implementing the quest prevented this.[source needed]
  • Osman experiences several stretchy-skin glitches throughout cut-scenes of various quests caused by his updated character model.
Osman concept art

Concept art of Osman

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