Ornate gravestone
Grave Ornate
Release date 10 December 2007 (Update)
Seller Father Aereck
Cost 5,000 coins
Duration 2:15 minutes
Message In loving memory of our dear friend (player name), who died in this place _ minutes ago.
Description An ornately carved gravestone.

An Ornate gravestone is a gravestone that can be bought from Father Aereck after completing The Restless Ghost. It is the most expensive gravestone available to non-members and the cheapest gravestone to last longer than 2 minutes. Its inscription bears the same message as the small Gravestone. It is one of four gravestones a non-member may buy.

During the 2011 Hallowe'en event, an advertised Ornate gravestone read "Make sure to buy the ornate marker, before you 'buy the big one'."

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