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The Orb of Oculus can be used to view many locations that are otherwise out of reach or you don’t have access to. Free-to-Play users can activate the orb to peek inside members-only areas. The orb cannot see into structures that you cannot see on the minimap. For example, the orb cannot see into the tower on the roof of the Al Kharid palace.

If a player logs out and logs back in at the very edge of a dungeon area, (such as the Runecrafting altars) the player can then use the Orb to view into further areas.

Players cannot use the Orb in Fist of Guthix, doing so will yield the message: "You cannot use the orb in battle".

The orb also cannot be used in the Corporeal Beast's lair before you complete Summer's End, doing so will yield the message: "You cannot use the Orb of Oculus here."

Here is a list of discovered hidden locations:

  • It was once possible to look into the Tutorial Island bank from south of the Wizards' Tower but see no bankers.
  • When standing in the north-east part of the Blast Furnace and using the Orb of Oculus to look further north, you can see the Candlelight Chapel, which is an old, retired Random event. Strangely, what appears to be the Gravedigger Random Event seems to be located to the west of it. Looking even farther north-east of the chapel, areas from Temple Trekking can also be seen. To the East and West of the Furnace, there are segments of caves from the Eagle's Peak quest.
  • One can see a snowy mountain in the place where the Tree Gnome Village is supposed to be, on the top floor of the Watchtower after completion of the Watchtower quest, which could possibly be Eagles' Peak or simply a glitch.
  • The 2005 Christmas event can be seen east of the third room of Pyramid Plunder.
  • The agility course from the 2007 Hallowe'en Event can be seen from the very far east of the scarab room at Uzer Mastaba.
  • The 2010 Easter event can be seen from barbarian assault.
  • When standing at the east side on fourth floor of the Stronghold of Security and looking east, you can see the old TzHaar Theatre which was used for TzHaar-Hur-Brekt's play and still use the old TzHaar City graphic.
  • The Draynor Bank Robbery Cutscene area can be seen in Burthorpe Games Room.
  • The Path Of Glouphrie goblin war cutscene can be seen in the east side of the games room.
  • To the south-west of Sophanem's bank, you can see the broken version of the bank, only accessible during Contact! To the far south-east, you can see part of a castle and railings, it appears to be the North side of the castle during the Holy Grail, if you look as far northeast as possible, you can see part of what appears to be the lower floor of Saradomin's Encampment in the God Wars Dungeon. if you look far south-east, you see the Player Moderator room.
  • When standing in the southern edge of the lowest part of the Saradomin Encampment, players can see an underwater area to the south with dead bodies floating around. This was confirmed by a Jagex Moderator to be a place where your character would swim through the lake on the way to Zamorak's Fortress, but was eventually scrapped. This area has been replaced by the Ancient Prison and no longer visible.
  • When standing at the far north-east and north-west corners of Bandos's throne room and looking north-east with the orb, you can see a collapsed cave. An un-collapsed version is north of the collapsed one.
  • Using the Orb of Oculus and look north of Bandos's Throne Room, it is possible to see into another room. It is an exact copy of Bandos's Throne Room, except that the Bandos Guards block the path to the portal out. It is probably used in The Chosen Commander quest during the portion where you play as Zanik. In that same area, are the two versions of the cave that Zanik and the player teleport to; one of them is normal, the other has the fissure.
  • Various locations can be seen from the Freaky Forester random event, such as the north-west part of the Fisher Realm, for example.
  • The Air altar can be seen by going to the far north-west of the Rune essence mine and looking west. The altar can be spotted but the game will push the camera down. A strange ice area can be seen by going to the far south end of the mine and looking south, not resembling any known ice-coated landscapes.
  • North of the Earth altar, You can see a railroad tunnel and a 3 or 4 floored building with lanterns. To the south is a green plane, with some trees to the west, which you can partially see on the mini-map.
  • When you're in the fire altar and you use the Orb of Oculus, at the most southern point of the altar, you can see the north part of the Freaky Forester random event.
  • The Mind altar can be seen if you go in the northwest of the Air Altar. There also seems to be a strip of land to the south of the altar, with nothing on it.
  • When you stand at the Body altar, it is possible to see the Law altar to the west and the Fire altar to the east. East of the Fire altar is the Earth altar.
  • When at the Cosmic altar and using the orb to see the furthest possible distance east, you can see the Death altar.
  • When at the Cosmic Entity's Plane (from Fairytale Part II - Cure a Queen), it is possible to view the western portal of the Cosmic altar.
  • When in the Stronghold of Security on the first floor, when at the nearest edge to the south, using the orb you can see the final battle area from Dream Mentor.
  • In the north-west corner of the Dondakan's mine, one can see part the Temple Knight Headquarters testing area used in the Recruitment Drive quest, some areas used for Temple Trekking and the Miscellania dungeon lift.
  • From the basement of the Black Knights' Fortress, one can see the court used for Court Cases to the west, the prison area used during the King's Ransom quest to the east, where Merlin and the knights were, and are still, kept.
  • West of the Edgeville dungeon Black Demons you can see under the Black Knights' Fortress from the quest While Guthix Sleeps.
  • When using the orb in the Box you can hide in near the Candle maker's shop in Catherby you can see the fire obelisk and the icy area of the Temple of Ikov quest.
  • There appears to be the building from the Ratcatchers quest that your character sneaks into just outside the Varrock Rat Pits.
  • The Mogre Camp from Recipe for Disaster can be seen by going to the southwest end of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon at the muggers and looking south. The blue hue from the water cannot be seen. Some coral reefs can be seen without the orb. This can also be seen from the dungeon near the Shaikahan on east Karamja.
  • Northwest of the first floor of the Stronghold of Security, the orb that activates the Dragon forge is visible.
  • When standing in the Northeast corner of the first floor of the Stronghold of Security, you can see a part of the elemental workshop.
  • When standing north in the Summer Garden while playing the activity Sorceress's Garden you can see the edge of Clan Wars.
  • When looking south-west from the Keldagrim rat pits, you can see part of the Temple of Light which plays a major role in the Mourning's Ends Part II quest as well as the Within the Light quest.
  • When standing on the west side of the basement of Summer's Farm, you can see into the Spirit Realm portion of the Forgotten Cemetery. South of the Forgotten Cemetery you can see the Goblin Temple from Land of the Goblins.
  • When standing in the south-eastern part of the Polar Eagle Lair, you can see the Brine Rat Cavern, and the latter is close enough to be seen on the minimap.
  • When standing on the north side of the Spirit Realm version of the Western Ruins, you can see the Abandoned Mine.
  • Northwest of the first room of Pyramid Plunder is the Dragonkin Castle.
  • When standing in Evil Dave's basement and look west you can see the Sacred Forge, the chest containing the map piece used in the Dragon Slayer quest is to the south west.
  • The Dwarven Mines can be seen by looking northwest in the basement of Draynor Manor.
  • When standing in the Draynor Sewers, the H.A.M. Hideout is to the east, the Artisans Workshop basement is to the north west, and the training room where you fight the Leprechaun Champion beneath the Champions' Guild is to the north.
  • In the basement of Hetty's house, looking north, one can see The Lair of Tarn Razorlor.
  • In the second storey of the Black Knights' Catacombs, immediately to the left is the basement of goblin village, to the right a cavern. If you go future into the catacomb, before crossing the east bridge, it is possible to see below Evil Dave's House to the East, along with the Edgeville Dungeon.
  • If you look to the north-west of the pickaxe machine in the Dwarven Mine, you will see the blown-up version of the goblin village basement, versus the non-blown up viewed from the Black Knights' Catacombs. However, the reverse does not seem to be true, as nothing can be viewed from the goblin basement after the Goblin Cook's part in Recipe for Disaster.
  • Many areas of the Troll Stronghold have disconnected rooms of similar cave structures. These are most likely segments used in cutscenes, or possibly part of a future update.
  • To the east of the underground portion of the Shilo Village mining site, a portion of the Ah Za Rhoon Temple dungeon, from the Shilo Village quest, can be seen.
  • Northwest of the interior of Baba Yaga's house is part of the Kharazi Dungeon (you can see a blue shimmering portal; the door that needs the Heart crystal).
  • In the dark room in the Temple of Ikov with the boots of lightness, there are two separate rooms, the illuminated room and the dark room can both be seen when in the other room when using the orb.
  • The basement of the Witch's House can be seen from the Fountain of Heroes.
  • A copy of the Lighthouse entered during the Horror from the Deep quest can be seen from Baba Yaga's house.
  • When near the Jubster altar in the Creature Creation dungeon, you can see what looks like the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon.
  • As soon as you enter the Lumbridge Catacombs, to the South can be found Draynor, or rather a copy possibly for the cutscene of a quest. Should you go down to the second level of the catacombs (level before monsters) and look south before the stairs going down, you should see another copy of Draynor.
  • From the Evil Chicken's Lair in the southwestern corner you can see an area with water, floating barrels and a dock.
  • When standing in Iban's Temple after completing the Underground Pass quest, looking north you can see the theatre of the Mime random event.
  • When standing north of the Naragi homeworld, you can see the back of warriors' Guild.
  • When in the far northwestern edge of the Vorago graveyard, you can see areas of Broken Home.
  • A few strange plank like objects can be seen floating directly north of the kalphite hive.
  • A strange red structure can be seen south east of the kalphite hive.
  • Northwest of the Burthorpe Games Room, there is an oddly stretched water texture.


Discontinued viewing areasEdit

Before an update after the Orb was released, it was possible to use the orb in areas such as Random Events. This is now impossible to do; it was done by entering a event, logging out, then logging in, this glitches the tabs letting you use the worn tab, allowing you to use the orb.

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