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Orb may refer to:


  • Heat globe, an orb made during the Temple at Senntisten quest
  • Imperfect heat orb, the imperfect version of the former
  • Orb of protection, used to protect the Tree Gnome Village, used in the quest of the same name
  • Orb of light, a quest item used in the Underground Pass
  • Scrying orb, an orb that the player uses in the Mage of Zamorak miniquest
  • Commorb, a recording and finding orb used in the Wanted! quest
  • Commorb v2, the second version of the Commorb used in Slug Menace
  • Communication orb, the orb given to the player during The Brink of Extinction by Tzhaar-Mej-AK and Tzhaar-Mej-Jeh


  • Unpowered orb, used for charging and making battlestaves
  • Fire orb, used for charging and making a fire battlestaff
  • Earth orb, used for charging and making a earth battlestaff
  • Air orb, used for charging and making an air battlestaff
  • Water orb, used for charging and making a water battlestaff


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