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For other uses, see Orange (disambiguation).
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Oranges detail

A basket of oranges is a basket containing 1 to 5 oranges. They are for members only. The best use for a full (5) basket of oranges is to pay a farmer to watch over a Maple tree. Putting oranges in a basket will instantly place all oranges in your inventory, up to 5, into the basket, thus it is possible to have incomplete baskets if you had less than 5 oranges in your inventory at the time. Due to the huge price and demand on the Grand Exchange it is both quicker and cheaper to gather baskets of oranges than buy them from GE or another player.

Oranges heal 200 life points when eaten.

Oranges may be collected through a player-grown Orange tree at level 39 farming, and may be found in gnome shops.


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