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Orange tree seed detail

Orange tree seeds may be grown into a orange tree which gives Oranges. You must have level 39 Farming to plant it; planting it gives you 35.5 Farming experience. To plant it, you will need to put it into a Plant Pot and water with a Watering can to turn it into a Orange sapling. Then you can put it into a fruit tree patch with a Gardening trowel.

A nearby gardener will watch over your growing orange tree at the cost of 3 baskets of strawberries .

It is possible to reduce grow time of the orange trees by as much as 30% by using Supercompost.

Healthy Orange Tree
Stage Description Image
1 The orange sapling has only just been planted. Orange1
2 The orange sapling grows slightly taller. Orange2
3 The orange sapling grows even taller. Orange3
4 The orange tree grows a small canopy. Orange4
5 The orange tree grows taller. Orange5
6 The orange tree grows wider and taller. Orange6
7 The oranges on the tree are ready to be harvested. Orange tree7

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