Open Bar
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Talk to the Drunken Dwarf while carrying 28 different ales.
Release date 29 August 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Miscellaneous
RuneScore Runescore 5
Requirements Access to Keldagrim

Open Bar is an achievement that requires players to speak to the Drunken Dwarf in his house in the north-eastern side of Keldagrim with 28 different ales in their inventory. As more than 28 different ales exist, it is not required to use all of them to obtain the achievement.

The ales are kept after getting the achievement.

Working alesEdit

Ale Brewing
(Cooking level)
Bars/Sources GE price
Asgarnian ale Asgarnian ale 24 686 coins
Asgarnian ale (m) Asgarnian ale (m) 24 N/A 863 coins
Asgoldian ale Asgoldian ale N/A Using a single coin on an Asgarnian ale N/A
Axeman's folly Axeman's folly 49 N/A 424 coins
Axeman's folly (m) Axeman's folly (m) 49 N/A 10,756 coins
Bandit's brew Bandit's brew N/A The Big Heist Lodge (Kharidian Bandit Camp) 2,881 coins
Beer Beer N/A Various shops and monster drops, see article 662 coins
Beer (tankard) Beer (tankard) N/A Rellekka Longhall Bar 955 coins
Chef's delight Chef's delight 54 Possible drop from gourmet implings and their jars 9,598 coins
Chef's delight (m) Chef's delight (m) 54 N/A 39,688 coins
Cider Cider 14 The Esoterican Arms (below Miscellania) 3,430 coins
Mature cider Mature cider 14 N/A 7,343 coins
Dragon bitter Dragon bitter 39 Dragon Inn (Yanille) 1,250 coins
Dragon bitter (m) Dragon bitter (m) 39 N/A 3,697 coins
Dwarven stout Dwarven stout 19 354 coins
Dwarven stout (m) Dwarven stout (m) 19 Pickpocketed from a Trahaearn worker 109 coins
Greenman's ale Greenman's ale 29 1,621 coins
Greenman's ale (m) Greenman's ale (m) 29 N/A 61,419 coins
Grog Grog N/A 54 coins
Moonlight mead Moonlight mead 44 Hair of the Dog (Canifis) 198 coins
Moonlight mead (m) Moonlight mead (m) 44 N/A 38 coins
Pigswill Pigswill 64 N/A 1,473 coins
Mature pigswill Mature pigswill 64 N/A 1,985 coins
Ranger's aid Ranger's aid N/A The Poison Arrow (East Ardougne) 1,229 coins
Ranger's aid (m) Ranger's aid (m) N/A The Poison Arrow (East Ardougne) 1,055 coins
Slayer's respite Slayer's respite 59 Possible drop from eclectic implings and their jars 2,501 coins
Slayer's respite (m) Slayer's respite (m) 59 N/A 2,667 coins
Squeck juice Squeck juice N/A The Golden Scarab Inn (Menaphos) 27 coins
Wizard's mind bomb Wizard's mind bomb 34 309 coins
Mature wmb Mature wmb 34 N/A 1,811 coins


  • An open bar is a beverage function where the drinks are paid for by the host, allowing the guests to drink for free.