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Opal detail

An opal is the lowest level of semi-precious gem. They are created by cutting an uncut opal with a chisel which gives 15 crafting experience. They may also be stolen from H.A.M members using Thieving. The market tends to have a large supply of these so trading with another player, and purchasing from the Grand Exchange is an option for obtaining them as well.

Cut opals may be sold to Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Cooperative in Tai Bwo Wannai Village for 30 trading sticks after 100 sold , while uncut opals only sell for 6. This may be explained by the fact that cutting opals destroys many of them, leading to increased value for opals that survived the cutting process.

While cutting opals, the player will occasionally accidentally crush an uncut opal into a crushed gem and will receive only 3.8 Crafting experience. (In a test of 1000 opals at crafting level 42-44, 670 opals were cut and 330 were crushed, in a test of 1000 opals at crafting level 50-51, 741 opals were cut and 259 were crushed, 1000 opals at crafting level 71, 855 opals were cut and 145 were crushed. And in a similar test with 1000 opals at level 96, 958 opals were cut and 42 were crushed. At level 99 only 24 out of 1000 were crushed.) Using the chisel on an already cut opal make 12 opal bolt tips and gives the player 2 Fletching experience per gem. Opal bolt tips are used to tip bronze bolts, which can then be enchanted. Opals are not used in jewellery crafting.


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