Release date 13 July 2015 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Constitution
Level 90
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −25%
Equipment Any weapon
Cooldown 120 seconds
Channel a powerful attack at your opponent starting at 33%-150% weapon damage, each channel adds 33% weapon damage to the max hit and takes 25% adrenaline. If you run out of adrenaline the ability will start damaging you for 25% of damage dealt as payment, adding 1000 base damage to this past 10 hits.
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Onslaught is a channelled ability, unlocked through Raids from either the untradeable Onslaught Ability Codex, or the tradeable Mazcab ability codex. As a Mazcab ability, Onslaught has a damage cap of 30,000 per hit.

Onslaught begins with an orange visual effect and 33-150% ability damage - this increases by 11-33% per hit. The user initially pays 25% adrenaline per attack. When adrenaline reaches 0, the visual effect changes to red, and the user pays with life points instead, starting with 25% of damage dealt. The damage dealt to the caster is increased by 1,000 per attack past 10 hits. (If the 12th attack dealt 10,000 damage, the caster paid 4,500 health.)

The user does not pay for missed attacks, but missed attacks are still counted as attacks for the purposes of calculating damage increase and payment. In most situations where the target takes modified damage (a Reflecting Jellyfish takes 0% damage, and the Mahjarrat aura causes the caster to deal 105% damage) the caster receives self-harm as if they had inflicted 100% damage to the target.

The following will heal the user of Onslaught without interrupting the ability:

The following will either have no effect or will interrupt the ability:

  • Soul Split will not heal the user
  • Intercept will not transfer damage
  • Drinking potions or eating food will interrupt the channel
  • Soul Link will not split self-harm damage, and being healed via Soul Link stops Onslaught
  • Immortality and Sign of life will revive players killed by the self-damage, and a phoenix necklace will heal them when they fall below 20% maximum life points, but Onslaught will be interrupted
  • Portents of restoration will not be activated by Onslaught's self-damage
  • Ring of life will teleport players when they fall below 10% maximum health
  • Being healed by Heal Other will interrupt the channel

The Ring of vigour and Invigorate auras have no effect on the adrenaline drained while using Onslaught. The buff granted by Meteor Strike, Tsunami or Incendiary Shot (10% bonus adrenaline gained on crit) as well as Inspiration aura will grant adrenaline during Onslaught. However, once adrenaline reaches 0, it is no longer possible to use newly-gained adrenaline to avoid self-harm.

Onslaught does not stack with Death's Swiftness. Chinchompas, red chinchompas, and mechanised chinchompas will allow Onslaught to deal area of effect damage; however, adrenaline/life points will be drained for every single target hit.

Additionally, a defender's special effect can reduce or negate self-damage dealt by Onslaught.


  • Initially, once adrenaline was drained, Onslaught would drain overload timers as well as life points. The overload-draining effect was later removed.
  • On release a glitch, involving the inspiration aura, which gives a small amount of adrenaline with every successful hit, was found. As Onslaught hits once every time it drains adrenaline, the player would gain a small amount of adrenaline every time it fell to 0 and therefore the ability would continue to go on without ever draining lifepoints.
  • Another glitch on release allowed users to use the Redemption prayer of the standard prayers, along with the Penance aura, in order to achieve an unlimited duration of Onslaught by preventing death.
  • A third glitch causes players using Onslaught to be stuck in the animation upon interrupting the channel. This has yet to be fixed but a player can simply move to get out of it.
  • If using Onslaught with a melee weapon from a distance the player will move into melee distance, but Onslaught will initiate then immediately interrupt after just one strike. 25% adrenaline will be drained for the one successful hit.
  • During development, this ability was called Surging Onslaught. This can still be seen by attempting to use the ability (if it was accessed through a shared ability bar for instance) without it unlocked. This gives the chat message: "You have not unlocked Surging Onslaught yet. You can unlock it by getting it as a drop in raids or buying it from another player."

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