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Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members? No
Skill Magic
Level 2
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 30 seconds
Bombard your target with each of the 4 elements, dealing damage equal to 200-400% of your active spell's damage.
Click animation for full size

Omnipower is an ultimate ability associated with the Magic skill. It requires level 2 Magic. When activated, the user conjures a powerful spell that is enhanced with all four elements (air, earth, water, and fire) that, if it hits the target, deals 200% to 400% of the player's active spell's damage.


  • Overpower is a melee version of Omnipower.
  • Although Omnipower's description and animation make it clear that all four elements are used, it will not be any more accurate against a target that is weak to a specific element. The same applies to Sever as animations themselves usually do not affect anything.
  • This spell can be cast even if the player does not have the magic level to cast spells of all 4 elements despite the description.

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