The Olun'dai is a spiritual concept of the Ilujanka. The Ilujanka believe that everything in their world is connected and that every person has a part in it, although they may not know what it is. Every person in the Olun'dai works selflessly and together to achieve something greater. The Ilujanka also believe that those who don't follow their Olun'dai are punished.[1]

The place that a person has in the Olun'dai is called their Olun'det.[2]


  1. ^ Hannibus, "One of a Kind", RuneScape. "I tried to cheat the Olun'dai and I have paid the price, dearly."
  2. ^ Hannibus, "One of a Kind", RuneScape. "The Olun'det is a measure of the impression we leave on the Olun'dai. Sort of like a measure of destiny, or one's spirit."

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