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For the quest item, see Olive oil (Some Like it Cold).
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Olive oil is an item used in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. It may be purchased from Razmire's general store in Mort'ton or from Rasolo the wandering merchant for 26 coins. It is also sometimes received from giving Serum 207 or Serum 208 to the Afflicted found wandering in the town.

To create sacred oil, an item used in the preparation of pyre logs, players must first help to restore the Temple of Mort'ton that lies to the north-east of the town. Restoration also earns points. Once the temple is rebuilt, players may light the altar in the centre of the temple and use their olive oil on the fire. This converts the ordinary olive oil into sacred oil, consuming sanctity. Each 4 dose item, when sanctified, consumes 3.6% sanctity, but requires at least 10% to sanctify.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Rasolo the Wandering Merchant26Coins 25Coins 10Yes
Razmire General Store26Coins 25Coins 500Yes


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All Release date18 October 2004 +
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Junk chance98.9 +
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