Ogre Boat1

The ogre boat being pulled by Fycie and Bugs.

The ogre boat ride is a method of transportation unlocked during Recipe for Disaster, when the player attempts to rescue Skrach Uglogwee. The boat runs between the eastern Feldip Hills and just west of Tai Bwo Wannai. It is run by Rantz's children Fycie and Bugs. Westward passage from Karamja to Feldip Hills costs two "Glug-glug herbies" (see below). Passage east from Feldip Hills to Karamja costs two Cooked chompy (obtainable from the Gift Shop in Oo'glog).

Glug-glug herbies that they will accept include:

The children do not accept grimy herbs. Clean snake weed is perhaps the most convenient as the patch is just near the boat ride. They also won't transport the player if they are holding Karamjan rum.

Players playing Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup can take the boat ride in order to bank at Oo'glog. There's also a fairy ring in Feldip Hills, just west of the boat.

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