Occulo I (#709)
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Release date 19 August 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Daemonheim
Quest No
Unlock hint This track unlocks during Dungeoneering.
Instruments Violin, viola, synth string, percussion, horn, trumpet, sound effects (ghost wooing, technological)
Duration 02:20
Composer Mod Ian
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Occulo I is a music track that is unlocked while Dungeoneering. It is unlocked on the Occult floors of Daemonheim, from floor 36 to 47.


The track has a very ominous feel to it, appropriate for its floor's theme. It begins with a percussion beat that will remain consistent for much of the track. During what are mostly percussion solos are instant accented blasts from a brass. At any point where a melody is playing, it will be brass and may have supporting strings playing. Sound effects are also played during this track to add to the creepiness it conveys, namely an effect at the beginning of the piece similar to the sound of a ghost wooing, and about halfway through the song where there is a noise reminiscent of classic alien spaceship sound effects.