This article is about the quest item. For the weapon, see Tzhaar-ket-em.
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Obsidian mace detail

The Obsidian mace is used during The Brink of Extinction, in the tunnels encountered when chasing Ga'al-Xox.

It is first found on the floor in the first room of the tunnels. The mace is used here as part of a puzzle to open the door, along with an Obsidian sword and Obsidian knife. To open the door, the mace must be placed on the western pedestal and the sword on the eastern pedestal.

It is also one of the weapons found on the floor of the fourth room of the tunnels. It must be used on the northeastern pedestal as part of the puzzle to open the door.

A mace is used once again in the seventh room of the tunnels. It should be placed on a pedastal marked "Ket" and "Hur".

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