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Oak shelves 1 are pieces of furniture that can be built in the shelf hotspot of the kitchen in a player-owned house using the Construction skill. Building these shelves requires at least 34 Construction and gives the player 240 experience.

These shelves provide an unlimited amount of kettles, teapots, clay cups, empty beer glasses, and bowls. There are three shelves along two adjacent walls to take from, but despite the different appearances and different examine text, they all offer the same items. Items can be taken from the shelves with building mode on or off.

The tea made using the cup from this shelf provides a construction boost of +1. For this reason these shelves are not recommended if the POH has only one kitchen, as Wooden shelves 3 require only 23 construction, and can provide cups that give a +2 construction boost.

It should be noted that the tea and any materials used to make it cannot be taken out of the player's house. Thus, assisting for ancient effigies must be done at the player-owned house when boosting to the required level.


  • Even though the examine text states that there are two shelves full of plates, players cannot actually take any from the shelf.

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