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Oak sapling detail

An oak sapling is obtained by planting an Acorn in a plant pot filled with soil, then using a watering can on the plant pot. A player must then wait several minutes for an Oak seedling to sprout into a sapling in the plant pot. This will occur even if the pot is placed in the bank.

A player must have at least level 15 in farming to be able to make this item.

Planting the sapling in a tree patch will result in the chance of growing an Oak tree. Players can ask the gardener for assistance in watching over their Oak tree for a payment of a basket of tomatoes.

Planting the sapling gives 14 Farming experience and checking the tree once it has finished growing gives 467.3 experience. It takes around 160 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes) for an oak tree to grow. A fully grown tree can be cut then dug up to gain oak roots.


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