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Oak plank detail

Oak planks are the second-lowest level of plank used in the Construction skill. Each Oak plank gives 60 experience points. They are mainly for the second grade of furniture, out of four grades.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Adventurer's chestN/A2–5Unknown
Armoured zombie 42; 46; 84; 86; 915Uncommon
Casket (CS Week)N/A20Unknown
Eclectic implingN/A4Common
Ithell workerN/A1Common
Jungle horror674Rare
Magical chestN/A3–10Varies
Mystery box (Court Cases)N/A10Unknown
Premier Club VaultN/A1–5Varies
Tormented wraith4280Rare
Undead troll77; 81; 86; 956Rare
Young implingN/A1Rare

Making oak planksEdit

Via Sawmill operator/Plank maker:

  • Cost of oak log: 122.
  • Cost to make oak plank via sawmill: 250.
  • Oak plank sells for: 572.
  • Profit: 200
  • Profit/trip: 5,600

Via the Lunar Magic spell Plank Make:

  • Cost of oak log: 122.
  • Cost to make oak plank via Plank make: 175
  • Cost of runes (1 nature, 2 astral, earth staff): 1,118
  • Cost to make oak plank via plank make: 1,415.
  • Oak plank sells for: 572.
  • Profit: -843
  • Profit/inventory: -21,918

Via using Portable sawmills:

  • Cost of oak log: 122.
  • Cost to make oak plank via Portable sawmill: 225.
  • Oak plank sells for: 572.
  • Profit: 225
  • Profit/inventory: 6,300


Using to train constructionEdit

Oak planks give 60 experience each. Oak planks are most commonly used to build and remove oak larders, which require 8 oak planks each, or oak doors in the dungeon, which require 10 oak planks each.

With the current Grand Exchange price, each experience point received by building oak items would cost 9.53 coins. This does not include butler fees.

It is possible to obtain over 300k Construction experience per hour with oak planks by having a Butler or Demon butler bring planks.



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