This article is about the Treasure Hunter promotion. For the event, see NovtumberFest.

The Novtumber Festival is a Treasure Hunter promotion that was originally planned for August 2015 under the name Harvest Festival. For unknown reasons this Treasure Hunter promotion was cancelled and later renamed to Novtumber Festival and rescheduled becoming active between 19 November 2015 and 23 November 2015.

During the Festival, players can win Novtumber Festival seeds, which can be planted anywhere a Fire can be lit. After about 20 seconds, these plants grow fully, and can be harvested for either a Novtumber Festival produce or, rarely, a Novtumber Festival perfect produce. Both types of produce can either be offered to the gods for Prayer XP or returned to the earth for Farming XP.

Additionally, Magic beans are rewarded for every 200 Farming xp gained during the promotion, and the Farmer's outfit and First age outfit have a higher chance of being won.

Its associated items are scheduled to be removed on 1 January 2016.

Promotional itemsEdit

Novtumber Festival seed
Novtumber Festival seed
Novtumber Festival seed
Farmer's hat
First age tiara

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