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Novite equipment (tier 1) is a weapon and armour set found while training the Dungeoneering skill. It is the weakest melee equipment found within Daemonheim, and requires level 1 Attack, Strength and Defence for the weapons and armour respectively.

Novite weaponsEdit

Novite dagger Novite dagger
Novite warhammer Novite warhammer
Novite rapier Novite rapier
Novite longsword Novite longsword
Novite battleaxe Novite battleaxe
Novite spear Novite spear
Novite maul Novite maul
Novite 2h sword Novite two-handed sword
Novite arrows 5 Novite arrows

Novite armourEdit

Novite plate armour set (lg) (female) equipped
Novite full helm Novite full helm
Novite platebody Novite platebody
Novite chainbody Novite chainbody
Novite platelegs Novite platelegs
Novite plateskirt Novite plateskirt
Novite gauntlets Novite gauntlets
Novite kiteshield Novite kiteshield
Novite boots Novite boots


Novite arrowheads 4 Novite arrowtips
Novite hatchet Novite hatchet
Novite pickaxe Novite pickaxe


  • The word "Novite" may have come from the word "Novice."

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