The slang dictionary is a list of informal words, expressions, and abbreviations that are commonly used in RuneScape. It is incomplete, and never will be complete because of RuneScape's constantly changing vocabulary and community, so please add to it.

The slang dictionary only lists RuneScape-specific terms.


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Abbreviation Meaning
2H Two handed
3a Third Age
99 The maximum level for 24 of the 27 skills
120 The maximum level for Dungeoneering, Invention, and Slayer. The maximum virtual level cap for all skills, besides Invention, which has a maximum cap of 150.

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Abbreviation Meaning
AA Auto-Attack
AB, AB-er Anti-ban, Anti-botter
Abby Abyssal, Aberrant Spectres, Abyssal whip, Abyssal demon
Ac Anti-crash (usually for bosses or group Wilderness fights)
Adr, Adren Adrenaline
AFK Away From Keyboard, often refers to methods of training skills that don't require looking at the screen, referred to as "afk training".
Agi, Agil Agility
Alch(ing), Al Using an alchemy spell to convert items into gold using either Low or High Level Alchemy
Asphyx Asphyxiate
Aml The Amlodd district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Ammy, Amm(s) Amulet
Ancients Ancient Magicks
Anti poison cure, Anti-dragon shield, Antifire, Super antifire
AntiP, Ap, SuperAP Anti-poison, Super Antipoison potions
AoD Nex: Angel of Death, an extension of Nex released on 30 January 2017
AoE Area of Effect, referring to attacks and/or abilities that affect multiple targets at once.
AoG Armies of Gielinor, an online multiplayer game on FunOrb. It is based on the world of RuneScape.
Aquas Aquanites
Alt Alternative account, generally the second account a player plays in.
Ardy Ardougne
Arma Armadyl
Asc Ascension crossbow
Assist Assist System (usually found while Runecrafting or opening an Effigy)
Atk, Att Attack, Attacker role in Barbarian Assault
Ats About to sprout, referring to the Evil tree Distraction and Diversion, where a new Evil Tree sapling is about to sprout.
Autoer/autoing A bot user/using a bot
Ava's Avatar of Creation or of Destruction found in Soul Wars, Ava's attractor, accumulator, or alerter, Clan Avatar
Avs, Avies, Avys Aviansie
Az Armoured zombies

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Abbreviation Meaning
B2B/BTB Bones to Bananas, Back to back
B2P/BTP Bones to Peaches
BA Barbarian Assault or Battleaxe
Bank made An exclamation, usually sarcastic, about the value of a drop or other benefit. Particularly used of drops (such as the abyssal whip and dragon boots) which used to be extremely valuable.
Bankstanding Socialising with other players in a populated area such as a bank or the Grand Exchange
Barb Barbarian, Barb-tail harpoon, Gunnarsgrunn (previously known as Barbarian Village)
Barrage Ice Barrage, Smoke Barrage, Shadow Barrage, Blood Barrage
Baxe Battleaxe
BB Blue Base (Stealing Creation), Barrows brothers or big bones
BBV, BV, BBvill, Barb vill Gunnarsgrunn (previously known as the Barbarian Village)
BF Blast Furnace
Bh Bounty Hunter, Bandos helmet
BK Bot kill(ing) (Player killing bots in the Wilderness)
BKK(er) Bot Killer Kill(er)
BM Beastmaster Durzag
Blitz Ice Blitz
Blk Black
BoL Battle of Lumbridge
BotD Birthright of the Dwarves
Box Fighting rules at Duel Arena, when no equipment is used
Br, brz Bronze
Brac, Brace Bracelet
BS/BSer Bow strings, bank sale, back stabber (usually used in wildy)
B sale, Bsale Bank sale, big sale
Bsk, Bskr, Zerker, Berz Berserker
BXP/BXW/BXPW Bonus XP Weekend

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Abbreviation Meaning
C(number 1-6)

Complexity (Dungeoneering); usually refers to either Complexity 1 or 6. Can also refer to the class of clay, resources or sacred clay objects in Stealing Creation, up to 5.

CA Combat Academy, Chaos altar temple (popular for clan player killing)
Cade Barricade defensive ability
Cammy, Cam Camelot
Capp (ed, ing) Reached or reaching the maximum weekly resource limit in a Clan Citadel.
Cad The Cadarn district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Cath, Cathy Catherby
Cav Cavalier hats
Cball Cannonball
Cb, Cb lvl, Cbt Combat (level)
Cbow Crystal Bow; Crossbow (weapon type)
CC Clan Camp; Clan chat; before Clan Chat was implemented, for Player killing in the old Wilderness it meant "change channel" or world, teams changing worlds commonly used this, e.g. "Cc 17". Can also refer to a Christmas cracker.
CCB Chaotic crossbow
CDBF Chaos Dwarf Battlefield, the location of Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers.
Cept Intercept
Chins, chinning Chinchompas, or the act of hunting/using chinchompas.
Charges Refers to the charges from the charge pack or in the Fist of Guthix minigame.
CHop, Clhp Clan Hopping, meaning to join a clan and quit then join another one and quit.
Citi, Cita, Cit Clan Citadels
Choob A high-level player who acts like a Noob; a Jagex moderator's normal player account.
Clue Clue scroll
Clueing Attempting to get a Clue scroll for a period of time, or doing a Treasure trail.
Clwars, clw Clan Wars
Cls Chaotic longsword
Cm, C maul, Maul Chaotic maul
Cma Corrupted Morrigan's throwing axe
Cmb, Cb, Combat Combat (level)
Comp cape Completionist cape
Con, Cons Construction, Constitution
Corp, CB Corporeal Beast
CS CoinShare, Customer support, Clue scroll.
Ct Chaos Tunnels
Cr, Crapier Chaotic rapier
Crash Stealing a person or group's kills at a multicombat boss (like God Wars Dungeon, Tormented demons, Dagannoth Kings).
Crest A rare drop from each of the four Heart of Gielinor generals.
Crys Crystal
CW, CWA, cwars Castle Wars, Clan Wars, change worlds (CW)
CoS Crown of Seasons

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Abbreviation Meaning
D/Drag (weapon/armour name) Dragon. Applies to the dragon two-handed sword (D2h), dragon battleaxe (Dba), dragon boots (Dboots), dragon hatchet (Dhatchet, Daxe), dragon chainbody (Dchain), dragon pickaxe (Dpick), dragon full helm (Dfh, Dfull), dragon helm (Dmed), dragon platelegs (Dlegs), dragon plateskirt (Dskirt), dragon longsword (Dlong), dragon platebody (Dplate, Dpl8).
D2H Dragon two-handed sword
Da, Duely Duel Arena, ring of duelling
Dag, Dagg, Daggy Dagannoth, dagger
Dbones Dragon bones
DC, DC'd Disconnect, disconnected. Used when players have lost connection with the gmaer server. May result in death.
DD Dragon dagger, death dot (see below), dragon defender (more commonly known as ddef)
DD+, DDP+ Dragon dagger extra poisoned; sometimes mistakenly used instead of DDP++
DDH Death dot heal.
DDP Dragon dagger poisoned
DDS, DDP++ Dragon Dagger (P++)
Death dot, DD A multicombat player killing tactic where a number of players stand on the same square, making them appear as one player on the minimap.
De Dead end, usually used in Dungeoneering.
Denk Dead end, no key, a term used in Dungeoneering stating that there is no key in a recently-reached dead end room.
Dewk Dead end, with key, a term used in Dungeoneering stating that there is a key in a recently-reached dead end room.
Def Defence, Defender
Def noob, Defence noob Insult directed towards players with high Defence or players who wear armour (particularly in free-to-play worlds where dealing damage through armour is much more difficult than it is in pay-to-play worlds). Usually used in the context of PvP.
Def tank, Defence tank Player with a Defence level of upwards of 90 or higher. Usually a player who is not pure and has Defence as one of their highest combat skills.
Devo Devotion
Dfs, Dfsm, Dfsr Dragonfire shield (melee), Dragonfire shield (magic), Dragonfire shield (ranged).  Sometimes erroneously used for Anti-dragon shield
Dh axe Dharok's Greataxe
D hide, D'hide Dragon hide
Dharok'ing, Dh'ing Getting one's life points as low as possible while in full Dharok's to maximise damage inflicted in battle. Often accompanied with Protection prayers.
Div Loc Divine location
Divine, Div, Divi Divine spirit shield, Divination
DK Dorgesh-Kaan
DK, DKs Dagannoth Kings
DL Darklight
DM Deathmatch, Dark magic aura, or Dominion mine
Dp Drop party, drop potential, death potential, door partner (to get past the doors in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon).
DPS Damage Per Second (amount of damage dealt over time)
Dino Short for dinosaur. Used to refer to the Bovimastyx.
Drag Dragon, either the type of armour or the monster
DS Dragon spear, Double shot (mainly used in reference to the dark bow and magic shortbow), dragon scimitar
DSwift Death's Swiftness
DT Desert Treasure, Dominion Tower
DTD Deathtouched dart
Dning, Dung, Dungy, Dungeon, Dunge, Dg, Dunging Dungeoneering
Dummy Training dummy, Combat dummy, or Elite training dummy
Dusties, Dusts Dust devils
Dwf Dark Warriors' Fortress
DXP/DXW/DXPW Double XP Weekend

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Abbreviation Meaning
Ecto, Ecty Ectofuntus, Ectophial
ED# Enhanced Devoted, with the rank (number) ranging between 1-3.
Edge, Edgy Edgeville
Ee, Eee (Elite) Enhanced excalibur.
EEK Eagle-eye kiteshield
Ele Chaos Elemental
Ele' Elegant clothing
Ely, ESS Elysian spirit shield
Emmy Emerald
Enr Enrage, a boss mechanic which the fight gets tougher the higher the enrage.
Ess, Pess, P-ess Rune or pure essence (for variants with P).
Etc., etce Etceteria
EOC, EoC Evolution of Combat
Ext Extend (typically aura or daily challenge)
Excal Enhanced excalibur

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F(number), NF(number) Floor number in Daemonheim. The N variant stands for "Need floor".
F2P, F2Pers, Ftp, Freers Non-members (Free-to-play).
Fally Falador.
Farcaster/FC Someone who casts a "hold" spell and doesn't go face-to-face with another player (often used with Ancient Magicks).
Fc/Fcc Friends chat channel.
Ff Fish Flingers, Faithful shield.
FFA Free for all. Person who deals the most damage gets the drop.
FI/Fall/Fi Fall in, used to get people to follow a leader into a war or battle or player killing trip.
Fist, FoG Fist of Guthix.
FL Friend's list
Flat A term used to describe having 99 Attack, Constitution, Defence and Strength.
Flip(ing) A trading term that refers to buying an item and then, within a short period of time, selling it for a profit.
FM Firemaking, Farming, Forum moderator, Fish mask.
FMod Forum moderator.
Focus Focus sight.
Fogging Playing Fist of Guthix.
Fogscape When a graphics glitch causes the edge of the map (on your main screen) to be foggy instead of black, even when you have fog off.
Frag(s) Short for "fragments"; e.g. Soul fragments used in Soul Wars; fragments in Stealing Creation; Sacred metal fragments used in the Battle of Lumbridge; Chronicle fragment used in Divination
Fraw(s) Free raws, when at a fishing spot (i.e. trout and salmon).
Fremmy, Frem Fremennik.
Froob Free-to-play noob.
Frost(s) Frost Dragon or Frost Dragon Bones
Full Complete set that usually consists of a helm, shield, body piece and leg piece (such as full dragon armour); or inventory being full (e.g. picking flax).
Funning Duelling for fun (possible rules and no stake).

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Abbreviation Meaning
G axe, Gr8 axe Dharok's greataxe
GB Group Bank, God book, God bird, Green bomb
GD Green dragon, Greater demon, Guardian door (Dungeoneering)
GDZ Greater demons (deep wilderness location)
GE, G.E. Grand Exchange
GF RS Good fight RuneScape. A sarcastic comment, to the effect that some feature change will destroy the game. Sometimes used with double sarcasm to mean "that is not going to make much difference to the game".
GG General Graardor, Gunnar's Ground
GH Green Hill (Wilderness, popular Player Killing spot)
GGS Group gatestone
Glory Amulet of glory
Gmaul Granite maul
Gmace Granite Mace
G Legs Granite legs
GOP Great Orb Project
G2H Gravite 2h sword
GP, Geepee(s) Gold pieces
Gold sink Removal of an in-game item (that holds a monetary value) or currency. For example; training Prayer through the usage of a gilded altar is considered a gold sink. 
GR Ghostly robes
Greg Gregorovic. (Not to be confused with Greg.)
GRS Greater runic staff
GS Godsword, Gatestone, Guthix staff
Gsb Gravite shortbow
GS'ed Left a Gatestone (uses "Gatestone," or "GS," as a verb)
G Spear Guthan's warspear
GTE Teleport to the Group gatestone and end the dungeon. (Dungeoneering)
Guth, Gth Guthix, or Guthan's
GV Group Vengeance

God Wars Dungeon

Gws Game was a success (PKers language, mostly said after a war is won)

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Abbreviation Meaning
Hally Halberd
Hef The Hefin district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Hellies, Hells, HH Hellhounds
Hemmy, Hemi Hemenster, Heim crab
Herb, Herby Herblore
Hex Hexcrest, Hexhunter bow
H, HF Used to advertise a Dungeoneering floor you are hosting. Example: H39, HF39
HHB Hexhunter bow
Hilt Godsword hilt, Araxxi's fang, web, eye.
Hillies, Hills, Hillys Hill giants
Hiss Saradomin Hiss
HLF High level forums, forums which can only be accessed by having an account with level 99 in all skills.
Hop To change worlds
Horn team A team in Barbarian Assault that plans to only go up to wave 5 or 6, then disband, to fill up a penance horn quickly.
HP Hitpoints. Could be used to refer to a player's Constitution level, an amount of Life points, or to Hitpoints as it was before the 3 March 2010 updates.
HPK Honour PKing (See also: NH)
HT Home teleport, Horn team in Barbarian Assault
Hybrid A player who fights with more than one point on the Combat Triangle

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Abbreviation Meaning
Ignore, Iggy'd Ignore list, added to ignore list.
In Accepting an invite, typically used in group-making friend's chats
Inc Incite
Inv Inventory, Invention
Inv Me Invite Me (when asking to join a Dungeoneering party or a Clan Chat)
IOM "In on me". Used to tell other players to enter an instanced area with the person's name.
Ior The Iorwerth district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Ith The Ithell district, similar to above.

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Abbreviation Meaning
Jad TzTok-Jad/TokHaar-Jad
JMod Jagex moderator
Jw Jelly wrangler, an unofficial role at Yakamaru

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Abbreviation Meaning
K kilo meaning 1,000 (e.g.: 10K=10,000)/kilogram, thousands of gold pieces)
K0, KO Knock-out, instant kill
KB, Kbase Knowledge Base, former name for Game Guide
KBD King Black Dragon
KC Kill count
Kelda, Keldy Keldagrim
Kite Kiteshield
KJ Kill jacked
KK Kalphite King
KOS Kill on sight (used during Wilderness Warbands; also used in particular friend chats)
KQ Kalphite Queen
Korasi's, KS, KSW, K sword Korasi's sword

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Abbreviation Meaning
L Jack/Lumb Jack Lumberjack clothing
Large Full helm, Large dungeoneering floor
Law(s) Law rune
LBS Leaf-bladed sword, Leaf-bladed spear
LD Low detail (graphics settings)
Legs Platelegs
Lesser Lesser demon
LF Looking for (Specifically in Barbarian Assault)
Life Ring of life
Loafer Someone who does nothing in a team-work based game, like Soul Wars and Castle Wars. Many look down upon these people because of the fact that they earn rewards without helping.
Lob, Lobby, Lobs Lobster
Loc Location
Long Longsword, longbow
Looter One that gathers on the spot of a kill in hopes they can get something valuable.
LP Life points
Lpot Lobster pot
LotD Luck of the dwarves, a tier 4 luck ring.
LRC Living Rock Caverns or Living rock creatures.
LS LootShare
LSP LootShare potential
Lsed Lsed is that the victim is being "loot shared" by 2 or more people, teaming up on their victim in hopes of good loot.
Lumby/Lummy Lumbridge

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M Edit

Abbreviation Meaning
M, Mil Million (e.g.:. 6M=6,000,000)
MA Mobilising Armies
Mage, Mager Referring to the Magic skill, a player who uses Magic more than Range or Melee; an NPC Wizard; a player with 99 Magic; a player currently using Magic for combat.
Mage tank Player with high Magic and Defence.
Main A player's main character
Mani Maniacal aura
MB Mage bank (the Mage Arena in deep Wilderness) or Mage box (used in duelling).
Maul Granite maul, Obsidian maul or Chaotic Maul
Mauler Player who uses a Granite maul, Obsidian maul or Chaotic Maul as their weapon.
Max, Maxed When a stat has reached level 99 (e.g. maxed Strength); when someone hits their max hit on a person (maxing); when someone has a combat level of 138 – often referred to as "maxed cb" or "max melee"; or when a player has reached the maximum experience (30,000) through the Assist System and cannot assist for a few hours.
M camp Mountain Camp
MD Melee Distance
Med (helm) A regular helm, after the old name, medium helmet.
Mei(l) The Meilyr district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Mem, Memb Member/membership
Mep1, Mep2 Mourning's end part 1 and 2
Merching, Merch, Merchanting Usually means the buying of very large amounts of an item on the Grand Exchange to cause the price to unnaturally go up, then selling that same item later on in order to make a profit. It is also a term referencing free trade, when a player could buy an item at one price and then flip it for a profit without restriction.

May also refer to other profit-making activities using the Grand Exchange and/or NPC stores such as 'flipping', however these alternate uses are less common.

Mith Mithril
Mm Monkey Madness
MSB Magic shortbow
Mta Mage training arena, north of the Duel Arena
Murm, Murmer Saradomin murmer
MVGT, MGT Move gatestone. In Dungeoneering, requests that another party member move the group gatestone from where it is to a more suitable location.

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Abbreviation Meaning
Nat Nature rune
Neb Nebula (Runespan)
Nech Nechryael
Necro Necromancer, Necrolord
Nezzy, Nez, Neit Neitiznot
NH No Honour: A player who wins by any means necessary in PvP
Nip Dreadnip
No arm(ing) Fighting without armour
Noob Short for newbie (new player), has many variations and uses but most often as a non-serious insult
Nox Noxious weaponry
NS,Nsing Nonstop, generally used in clan wars FFA portal to refer to non stop killing, night spider
Nuke System update

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Abbreviation Meaning
Obby Obsidian, as in TzHaar items; the Soul obelisk in Soul Wars; the Soul Obelisk in Menaphos; a Summoning obelisk; the Wilderness Obelisk; a type of pure with low Attack and high Strength (Obby pure).
Occ An Occult floor in Daemonheim.
One-iteming Using a single item (usually weapon) to minimise risk when player-killing
Ooo Orb of oculus
Ovls Overloads
ob x m  Overload boxing x mil
OP Over Powered

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Abbreviation Meaning
P# Precise (perk), Phase #
P2P(er) Members (Pay-to-Play)
Papa smurf A joke regarding Saradomin's blue skin smurf-esque look.
Pass Password (the word password is censored in-game), Shantay pass, Underground Pass
Pb Pernix boots, personal best, purple bomb
Pc Pest Control, Private Chat, Price check
PC product A pejorative used to refer to players that trained combat through Pest Control
Pess, Ess Pure essence, rune essence
Peng(s) Penguin Hide and Seek
Pg Pernix gloves
Ph, Phat Partyhat
Piling Multiple people attacking the same opponent. With the Evolution of Combat, this is seen more often, and is more deadly.
Pick Pickaxe
PJ Pile jumping. The act of interrupting a player vs player fight by attacking one or both of the players, or attacking the winner of a fight, aiming to get the loot pile.
PJer/PJing Someone who PJs/Going out into the Wilderness specifically to PJ.
PK, PKer, PKing Player Killer/Player killing. Someone who is fighting other players - specifically in the wilderness or other high risk PvP areas.
Plate/Pl8 Platebody
Pm/PM Private message, Pirate Mine, Player Moderator
Pw/PW Password (the word 'password' is censored in-game)
PMod Player Moderator
POH Player-owned houses
Pool An enriched divine spring
POP Player-owned port
Pot, Pots Potion, Lobster pot. Can also be used to inform other players in a group to drink their potions ("pot up"). There is also an item named pot.
Potter Someone who uses potions to fight, or performs pottery.
Pouchcrafting Slang term for the Summoning skill.
Pp Pyramid plunder, pickpocket, polypore
Pps Polypore staff
Prep Preparation
Price Check Term used to open a Trade screen to find the price of the item if sold in the Grand Exchange for the middle price; used before the Price Checker was released.
Prif Prifddinas
Proc/Procs Programmed Random Occurrence. When a random event, such perks activation, triggers.
Prod/product Someone that relies on a certain weapon or special attack when Pking/PvPing to defeat their opponent. For example, "AGS prod", "Turmoil prod", Korasi prod". Can also refer to the way someone got quick experience: "BXP herb prod", PC prod".
Pure Someone who trains only one type of skill; someone who only trains combat skills, or only non-combat skills.
Pure set Super (or Extreme) Attack and Strength, but no super (Extreme) Defence.
Purist A player who plays without trading any player, or using the Grand Exchange and also does not player kill. The only exception to this is in the quests they rely on having two different players complete it (i.e. Heroes' Quest, Shield of Arrav). See also: Ironman Mode.
Pray Pot/Ppot Prayer Potion

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Abbreviation Meaning
QBD Queen black dragon
QC Quick Chat, Quest Cape
QFC Quick find code, for referring to the forums
QH Quick hop, the act of joining a friend on another world without going to the lobby
QP/QPS Quest points, Quick prayers
QPC Quest point cape
QS Quick Start, Phrase used before Barbarian Assault waves to start before the 30 second wait

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Abbreviation Meaning
R Ready

Rune two-handed sword

RaF, RAF Refer a Friend Programme
Ragging, Raggers Term often used in pking as someone with inferior or cheap gear.
Rages Ragefire Boots
Rago Vorago
Range Tank Player who focuses mainly on Ranged and Defence.
Rangers, Rngrs Ranger boots
Rax Araxxor/Araxxi
RB Red Base (Stealing Creation)
Rcb Royal Crossbow
RCing Runecrafting
RC Pker

Runecrafter player killer. Someone who killed a runecrafter on their way to the Abyss runecrafting area.

RCW Ranked Clan Wars
Reck Reckless aura
Recoil, RoR Ring of Recoil
Red barred Term sometimes used to describe a monster/person with so little Life points that its health bar is almost completely red.
Req(s) Request assistance, Requirement(s)
Rev Revenant
Rev Caves Forinthry Dungeon
Rex Dagannoth Rex
Rg Re-group
RFD Recipe for Disaster
RFH Rune Full Helm
Rimmy Rimmington
Rm Rematch
RMH Rune helm
Rng, RNG Ranged, Random Number Generator
Robin Robin Hood hat
ROL Ring of life
ROTM Ritual of the Mahjarrat
ROTS Barrows: Rise of the Six
Rox Rune mining site in high wildy.
RoW Ring of Wealth
Rq Ragequit. Often described as when a player leaves an activity because they are angry at occurrences within. An example of this is within Dungeoneering, when a player dies, or if the floor contains a barrel puzzle room on a critical path.
RR Reroll
RS RuneScape
RSC RuneScape Classic
RSMV RuneScape Music Video, RuneScape model viewer
RSOF RuneScape Official Forums
RT, Rocks Rocktail
Rush, Rusher PKing tactic, in which a player is attacked directly after finishing a fight by someone using a high-powered spec weapon (eg. Dragon Claws, Armadyl Godsword)
RWT Real world trading

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S Edit

Abbreviation Meaning
SC Sacred clay equipment, Stealing Creation, Skill capes
Safer Someone who heals at a life points value that is greater than the maximum hit of the opponent or in some cases eating to full life points. Typically used in the context of one-on-one PvP, though some use it in multi-way combat incorrectly.
Santa Santa Claus, Santa hat
Saph, Sapp Sapphire
Sara Saradomin
Scimmy, Scim Scimitar
Scop Scopulus mechanic at Vorago
SD Shield down (In reference to the Tormented demons)
Seers Seers' Village
Sgs Saradomin godsword or Solomon's General Store
Sg Soulgazer
Shilo Shilo Village
Short Shortsword/Shortbow
Sig Sigil or Ascension signet
Sign The activation of a Sign of life, Sign of death, Portent of life, Portent of death, Defence cape perk, or Desert pantheon aura ward of Icthlarin effect.
Size x The layer that the Shooting Star is currently on. Often abbreviated to just SX, such as S5.
SK Swiftkit, a commonly used toolkit with many useful calculators.
Skirt Plateskirt
Skiller Someone who trains non-combat skills (can be any combat level), more commonly someone who trains non-combat skills primarily or exclusively.
SL / SNL Suicide leech / Suicide no leech (Dungeoneering terms, when creating a party)
Smoke Smoke pool in Nex: Angel of Death
Snipe To receive a desirable drop in LootShare, when one does not have the highest LootShare potential in the team.
Sof Squeal of Fortune, the prize wheel in-game.
Sol Staff of Light, Scroll of life
Sos Staff of Sliske or Stronghold of security
Spam Banner Achievement banner
Spec Special attack, Spectral spirit shield
Sq Square shield
SS Saradomin sword, SwiftSwitch, screenshot, Santa suit, Super strength potion, Spirit Shield, Soul Split, Strange sapling, Steel Sword
SSH Shadow silk hood
Stall The act of stalling adrenaline, or the delay Vorago has when he moves a square on phase 5 in NM, or phases 10/11 on HM
Steads Steadfast Boots
Str Strength
Stronghold Stronghold of security
Stun The act of using Emerald bolts (e) to stun the Dark Energy Core spawned by the Corporeal Beast
Subj Subjugation equipment
Super sets Super attack, Super defence, Super strength
SW Soul Wars
swh/stat hammer Statius's warhammer
Sword Swordfish, sword, or longsword

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Abbreviation Meaning
T95/T99 Level 95 or level 99 curses
Tally/Tali Talisman
Tab A teleport tablet
Tag Attacking a monster first, or being the first to touch a Shooting Star
Targ Target
Ttas/Tas, Curse Temp The Temple at Senntisten
Tassy, Tassets Bandos tassets
Tav/Tavvy Taverley
Tb, Tbed, Tb'ed, Tb'd Teleblock, reference to someone getting Teleport Blocked, mainly used during pking. Can also refer to the Trouble Brewing minigame.
T Bow Training bow
TC Team cape
TDS Tormented demons
Terminator A bot used for Player Killing.
TBird, Terror Spirit terrorbird
Tfh Torva Full Helm
Tg Torva gloves
TH Treasure Hunter
That, Tree Hat Christmas tree hat
Thunder Yk'Lagor the Thunderous, the highest Occult-themed boss in Dungeoneering
Tk Toolkit (Dungeoneering)
TLH Target Likelihood, used mainly in Bounty Hunter worlds for saying how near you are to target
Tnl To Next Level
TOC Time on clock
Tog/Tears Tears of Guthix
Total/ttl Total level
TP Teleport
Trah The Trahaearn district in Prifddinas, typically used when saying where the Voice of Seren currently is.
Trollgazer Seeker, a Dungeoneering creature which looks very similar to the much more sought-after Soulgazer.
TT Treasure Trail, Temple Trekking
TTB Trips to bank. Used to refer how many trips to the bank someone is going to do (e.g. I'll do

5 more TTB and I'll go to PVP). Used mainly while Mining, Woodcutting or Fishing.

Tubbied A Shooting Star that has been mined to its centre, revealing the Star sprite. This term refers to the TV show Teletubbies, which many believe the Star sprite resembles

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Abbreviation Meaning
Uds or UDS Undead soul at the Runespan.
Ult Ultimate ability
(u) Unstrung, unenchanted, uncharged, etc
(unf) Unfinished

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Abbreviation Meaning
Vambs Vambraces
V arm Varrock armour, Verac's armour
Varr, Varry Varrock
V Brassy Verac's brassard (Armour)
Vb Virtus Boots or Virtus Book
Veng Vengeance, Vengeance Other, or Vengeance Group
-vention Added to the end of a skill or action to refer to training it via Invention (e.g. "fishvention" refers to training Fishing and Invention at same time, most commonly by using a Fishing rod-o-matic)
Ver, V (Armour) Verac the Defiled's equipment
Vit Vitalis mechanic at Vorago, or the Vitalis pet.
Vg Virtus Gloves
Vine Whip Vine
Vis, Visage Draconic Visage
Vls Vesta's longsword
V Sq Varrock Square
VoS Voice of Seren

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Abbreviation Meaning
War Alert ON if a Clan is warring; OFF if a Clan is not warring
WB Wilderness Warbands
WC(ing),WC Woodcutting, wrong chat
Wealth Ring of wealth
Wfs Waterfiends
Wgs While Guthix Sleeps
WH/Whop(ping)/Whing World Hop, expression meaning to change to a different world
Whammy/Wham Warhammer
Whip Abyssal whip, Abyssal vine whip
Whisp Saradomin Whisper
Wildy Wilderness
WM Wild magic
WOM Wise Old Man
W# World #, where # is the world in question; e.g. "W60"

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Abbreviation Meaning
Xlog Log out by closing the game window

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Abbreviation Meaning
Yaka Yakamaru
Yan Yanille

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Abbreviation Meaning
Zammy Zamorak
ZBook or Zammy Book Zamorak's Book of Chaos
Zbow Zaryte Bow
Zerker(s) Berserker
Zgs Zamorak godsword or Zaros godsword
Zh Zamorak Halo
Zily Commander Zilyana
Zsgs Zaros godsword
Z spear, Zs Zamorakian Spear

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