Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Race Cat
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Menaphos
Sells items No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine Loving and giving...of dead birds on your mat.
Nodjmet chathead

Nodjmet is a cat found in Menaphos. Nodjmet appears on Fridays at one of six possible locations.

Nodjmet gives additional dialogue if the player is wearing a catspeak amulet or a cramulet.

Journal descriptionsEdit

Before being found and petted
I see him around Menaphos, now and then.

After being found and petted
Enjoys his life of extreme leisure.



  • Its name comes from Nodjmet, an ancient Egyptian noble lady.
  • When spoken to, they express a desire for catnip, reflecting a stereotypical stoner image.