Nigel may refer to:

  • Nigel - An NPC involved with the Summer Beach Party
  • Nigel (farmer) - A malicious cabbage farmer
  • Rooster of Falador Farm - A rooster who is called Nigel
  • Harold Death, Esquire - A Guardian of Guthix who uses Nigel as one of his aliases
  • Major Nigel Corothers - A high-ranked soldier of the Burthorpe Imperial Guard
  • The Soggy Teabag On The Bench Gremlin - A friend of Harold's who prefers to be called Nigel
  • Evil Dave's uncle Nigel - Evil Dave's uncle, who makes him clean his Basement of Doom, although Oziach implies he may not actually exist
  • Nigall
  • Stiles - A certer on Karamja who was formerly known as Nigel
  • Nigel, a pack yak owned by Zaida
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