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Nex is one of the strongest bosses in RuneScape, tied in level with the Queen Black Dragon and surpassed by the Kalphite King and Vorago. All of her attacks can hit very high and can hit multiple players at once.

Unless you possess the strongest gear and experience, and are willing to risk a heavy loss, it is recommended that you fight Nex with a team. You can search for teams on the official RuneScape Forums, in the Teamwork section.

Skill level recommendationsEdit

  • Level 80+ Attack-icon or Magic-icon (95+ For solo)
  • Level 75+ Defence-icon (90+ for Solo)
  • Level 80+ Ranged-icon (90+ for solo)
  • Level 80+ Constitution-icon (90+ for solo)
  • Level 96+ Herblore-icon (for Overloads)
  • Level 70+ Prayer-icon (95+ for solo)
  • Level 68+ Summoning-icon (for the war tortoise and bunyip), (96 for solo)

The following levels are very useful:


Getting thereEdit

Ancient prison features
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Nex resides in the Ancient Prison. To enter this prison, one must assemble the Frozen key. The four pieces of the key are obtained by defeating followers in each stronghold of the dungeon, from Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak. Each piece is found in a different stronghold, and the strongholds require 70 Agility, Constitution, Ranged, and Strength. None of these skills may be boosted.

The frozen key has ten charges and one is used whenever entering the prison. The key can be repaired at an armour stand for 50,000 to 10,000 coins per charge, depending on your Smithing level.

Inside the prison is a chamber of Zarosian followers, which are aggressive towards all players, unless they use the Shard of Zaros, a post-quest item from completing Fate of the Gods quest. Like all chambers, another door is at the end, which requires killing 40 Zarosian followers or by wearing a set of ancient ceremonial robes, which bypass the killcount. It is highly advised you bring a set of ceremonial robes to avoid killing Zarosian followers, as they are potentially dangerous to players who do not have the Shard of Zaros yet.

Beyond here is a safe room and the spirit Ashuelot Reis, with whom you can access your bank. On the eastern wall is a magical barrier, which you can dispel to enter Nex's chamber. When you reach the safe room, deposit your key and ancient ceremonial robes (if you die with your key and fail to protect it, you will have to kill followers in the main strongholds for the key again and may take longer then one hour). Make a bonfire if you are going to solo her.

There is no altar within, and the only way out is to teleport or be slain. Unlike the other bosses of the God Wars Dungeon, if you die your grave will be on the spot you died. If there is no one in the room, Nex and any remaining bodyguards will despawn. If a player enters Nex's room, she will spawn shortly afterwards, but if a player logs in her room the spawn will be slightly delayed.


If you are in a relaxed team of several people, equipment such as ganodermic armour and chaotic weaponry will suffice. Nevertheless, Nex has quite high accuracy and defence, so tier 90 weaponry and at least level 80+ armour are recommended for smaller teams. Void can be used, although doing so is not recommended unless one has prior experience at Nex.

If you plan to solo Nex, you should bring a shield to counter her ice prisons. Also, surpassing her blood phase by yourself requires incredible DPS (40,000 damage in around 25 seconds); this may require drygore, Ascension, or seismic weaponry.

Drygore weaponry is far cheaper than the equivalent seismic weaponry, but Melee armour is weaker against Nex's attacks. Even so, Drygores are an improvement over the chaotic staff and Virtus wand with book, and should be used unless the player owns a seismic wand. However, if the Virtus wand and book are used properly they can pull off more damage in the same time. One should always bring a range switch, as it is common for Nex to protect melee on zaros phase. Ascensions are the best switch, but Death Lotus Darts or the Royal Crossbow suffice. Sirenic/Death Lotus/Pernix is recommended as the switch.

Players using Melee should remember that Nex can deflect against it on her last phase.

Magic is the strongest class against Nex, its armour defending best against her attacks. The downside is the weapons' price: the Virtus wand and book cost about as much as drygore weaponry, and the seismic weaponry, equal to Drygores, is exorbitant.

If you do not have Melee weapons of a greater tier, it is recommended to use Magic. Additionally, Nex's mages are immune to magical attacks, so you will need a Ranged switch.

Ranging Nex is a good idea for a DPSer but not for a tank. Nex will focus a player's weakness throughout the fight, espically during the last three phases where she moves in to deal heavy melee damage. Rangers, like mages, have a slight advantage towards melee fighters during the Shadow and Ice phases.
Be sure to bring a switch as Nex can use Deflect Missiles during the fight.

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Items to takeEdit

The following is only a recommendation.

Battle overviewEdit

The battle against Nex is fought in a circular room that resembles the symbol of Zaros. Nex moves very quickly; she can jump across the room in 2 ticks, as well as being able to leap across the holes. The battle has five phases: Smoke, Shadow, Blood, Ice and a final (Zaros) phase. There are 4 level 165 mages in the four corners of the room. These mages are Fumus, Umbra, Cruor, and Glacies, and they represent the four elements of the Ancient Magicks spellbook used in the first four phases. They are weak against bolts. As their represented spell users, each one also has special benefits for themselves.

Nex can use all three Deflect curses. She will used Deflect Magic and Deflect Ranged during any time during the fight, although it is uncommon for her to use them during the Zaros phase, where she uses Deflect Melee often during that phase. Nex's wings will change color according to the deflection curse she is using; blue for magic, green for ranged and orange for melee.

During the fight, Nex uses Ancient Magicks rush spells of the same type as the mage of that phase. Nex also has regular melee attacks that hit up to around 1500. Depending on the phase, Nex's attacks may or may not be area of effect attacks. The only times this happen is with her magic attacks during the Blood phase, along with her melee attacks during the Zaros phase. When Nex loses 40000 lifepoints, she will say "[mage name], don't fail me!". Kill the mage she has called for, and Nex must be successfully attacked to begin the next phase.

The phasesEdit

This section lists all the different attacks Nex will use. See below for what players should do in the different phases. It is very important that when killing the mages, she will start the next phase only when a successful hit is launched at her. For example, if Glacies is killed and Nex hasn't been successfully hit yet, Nex will continue to use "Ice phase" attacks until she is successfully hit.

  • Note-With a royal crossbow, one can kill Nex's mages without being in their attack radius, saving food.
Nex - Smoke Phase

Let the virus flow through you!

Shadow Barrage Smoke phase: During this phase, she will use Smoke spells in the form of chaotic clouds. These have a moderate range and are also capable of poisoning the player, up to 360 poison damage. Her special abilities in this phase are:
  • "Let the virus flow through you!" - One player (the one Nex targets) will get infected (this may miss). The player's combat stats are rapidly drained every time they say "Cough". This can spread between players and has a 3x3 radius. The cough resets if infected players spread it to healthy players.
  • "There is... NO ESCAPE!" - Nex will teleport and fly through one of the paths of the central symbol, damaging players who stand in her way for up to 4000 and disabling their protection prayers.
  • Dragging a player - Draws a player to Nex, deactivating their prayers and stunning them. Nex tends to do this during the beginning of the phase, and after that she usually tends to do the drag after she does her "NO ESCAPE!" attack.

After she reaches 4/5th of her life points and her mage Fumus is killed, she will go to the next phase.

Nex - Shadow Phase

Fear the shadow!

Smoke Barrage Shadow phase: During this phase, she will use Shadow spells, which are in fact ranged attacks that represents a shadowed vampyre. This is the only phase where she uses ranged-based attacks. Her special abilities in this phase are:
  • "Fear the shadow!" - Shadow traps will appear under every player in the area. After 3 ticks, any player still standing on them will be hit for up to 4000 damage. One can use Soul Split when she calls a shadow, helping save food during the kill.
  • "Embrace darkness!" - The room will be darkened drastically, only occurring to players within 15 spaces of her. The closer you are to Nex, the darker the room will be. If you stand too close to Nex for five seconds, you will get a message saying "The shadows start to consume you!" and be dealt rapid damage up to 700 per tick until you get away from her.

After she reaches 3/5th of her life points and her mage Umbra is killed, she will go to the next phase.

Nex - Blood Phase

A siphon will solve this!

Blood Barrage Blood phase: During this phase, she will use Blood spells which will heal her. Her special abilities in this phase are:
  • "A siphon will solve this!" - Nex will summon up to three blood reavers and kneel down for about 8 ticks. During this, all damage she receives instead heals her, shown by purple hit splats. Any blood reavers from the previous siphon will instantly die, and Nex will be healed by however many lifepoints they had remaining. If her health runs to 2/5th of her maximum lifepoints and she does this, the reavers will die but she will not heal from them.
  • "I demand a blood sacrifice!" - Nex will target a player, who will glow red. If the player does not move away from Nex in time, she will heal an amount equal to 100% of the targets maximum lifepoints and deal damage equal to 10% of them. It is advised to run if targeted. Nex seems to use this attack on the farthest player from her. If all players are close enough, she will pick a player within melee range.
  • Healing - This ability is active from the start of the blood phase and last until the phase ends. If Nex is attacked with a successful bleed over time ability, such as Combust, Fragmentation Shot, Deadshot, Dismember or Slaughter, the hits will instead heal Nex instead of doing damage.

After she reaches 2/5th of her life points and her mage Cruor is killed, she will go to the next phase. If she sacrifices the Blood reavers before she calls Cruor's name out, the health must be depleted again. If she calls Cruor's name out, she will not heal from the reavers.

Nex - Ice Phase

The old version of "Contain this!"

Ice Barrage Ice phase: During this phase, she will use Ice spells which will target all players, freeze them (if Protect/Deflect Magic is off) and lower prayer points. Her special attacks in this phase are:
  • "Die now, in a prison of ice!" - Nex freezes a targeted player using an ice stalagmite attack, stunning them and dropping their overhead protection/deflection prayer. When the ice recedes, the trapped player will be hit for 5000+ damage. Players can use Freedom against this. If Nex is within melee range she will attack with melee, and with mage if distant enough.
  • "Contain this!" - Nex creates a barrier of ice (3 by 3 squares) around her. Players caught in the original ice barrier will be dealt up to 3500 damage, get stunned and be unable to eat. Small icicle rushes will surge from them, dealing up to 2000 damage if they hit a player but will not cause any other effects.

After she reaches 1/5th of her life points and her mage Glacies is killed, she will go to the last phase.

Soul Split Final phase: During this phase, she will only use her normal magic and melee attacks. However, they will become far more accurate and powerful, hitting massive (2000) damage even through prayer. She will cycle between using Soul Split, Deflect Melee and not using any overhead prayers at all. It should be noted that her Turmoil will drain stats off players and her Soul Split will heal for almost twice the hit she does on you.

  • "NOW, THE POWER OF ZAROS!" - At the start of this phase, Nex heals about 2/5th of her life points (she heals 40,000 turning it to 73,333) and activates Turmoil, giving her greater combat stats and lowering combat stats from all players in range.
  • "Taste my wrath!" - Upon death, Nex will activate Wrath, dealing up to 3000 damage to all nearby players. Her version of Wrath has a larger radius than that of players, but activates after 3 ticks.

​Killing tacticsEdit

Note: Nex will spawn in the middle of the chamber. If you are too close to the middle she will notice you, however if you are near the mages she won't notice you until she manages to spot you. Always use correct protection prayers, as without them she can hit 1000+ with all of her attacks.

Shadow Barrage Smoke phase: Before Nex spawns, stand behind the north west pillar, near Fumus' spawn; if you are the tank stand in the entrance to the west pathway to the center. Other players should target Fumus and use any non-combat abilities to gain adrenaline; players can reach up to 65% adrenaline (40% off Fumus and 25% from an Adrenaline potion). When Nex has finished spawning minions, the tank should attack her and take the cough, then run south to pull Nex out of the middle and into the outer ring in front of the entrance. The remaining members of the team should now attack, using Freedom when they are pulled, or using it earlier as this is a stun-based attack. Quickly turn on your prayers if you have been stunned.

  • "Let the virus flow through you." - If you get the virus, don't run as this can spread the cough to other team members. This cough lasts for 4-5 ticks. Quickly restore the lost stats after the cloud disappears, if you aren't using Overloads.
  • "There is... NO ESCAPE!" - This attack can be completely avoided if you don't stand in her path. If the tactics are performed properly she will only move during this attack, and then fly back into the original spot. Using any movement-based bleeds like Slaughter are helpful, as because Nex will move to reach her target, causing the movement effect of the bleed to get in and deal extra damage.

When Nex says "Fumus, don't fail me!", run over to kill Fumus with your range weapon in the north west corner. DD (everyone on the team stands on the same square) exactly 2 spaces south-east of Fumus's spawn spot. It's possible Nex will fly towards you and then back to the middle of the room again, delaying her attacks significantly. If you do this fast enough Nex will not use Smoke Barrage again. Once Fumus is dead, you can step away from your team-mates to let the virus dissipate.

After an unknown update (GWD Instances or Patch notes), it is now impossible to build up adrenaline from attacking any of the mages with basic attacks. Non-combat abilities such as Freedom will work, apart from the Provoke ability. Therefore one can build up extra adrenaline before every kill by taking a shield

Smoke Barrage Shadow phase: The damage from her shadow attacks (excluding the shadow traps from "Fear the shadow!") is based upon whether you have ranged pray active or not (300 to 2400) Therefore, it is recommended to pray range at all times (soulsplitting while she is calling shadows is a good healing method). Spread out around Nex to prevent constant heavy damage. Be aware that if you are using range armour, she will attempt to melee you and deal massive damage just from her "Embrace darkness!" attack. It is best to have a player tank this phase with magic armour to avoid this.

  • "Fear the shadow!" - When a trap appears under you, move away from where you're standing. Don't wildly run away; shadow traps from other players will harm you if you step on them. The traps are normally laid after every 4 of Nex's shadow attacks. However, the "Embrace darkness!" attack is always accompanied by shadow traps.
    • Note: If Nex starts the phase with a "Fear the shadow!", she will quickly use "Embrace darkness!" and set a second layer of shadow traps.
  • "Embrace darkness!" - You'll only take constant damage if you're in Nex's melee range, up to 1000 damage per tick if right next to her. Don't stand too close to her, and hit then run back to avoid the damage and her shadow traps. If hit by this attack, run away, and wait a while before attacking again.

Once the phase is finished and Nex says "Umbra, don't fail me!", the player Nex is targeting should lure her over to the boss chamber entrance, or if in a higher man team to the area between Cruor and Glacies for a smoother kill on them later on. The tank should never lure Nex to Umbra, as she will still use her attacks, and the unsuspecting shadow traps will kill most if not all of the attackers.

Blood Barrage Blood phase: Turn Protect from Magic back on. If you haven't done so yet, lure Nex over to the between Umbra and Cruor to allow others to kill the next mage easily. DO NOT attack Nex upon start of the phase; she will always begin with "A siphon will solve this!". Players tend to use Berserk, Sunshine or Death's Swiftness during this phase due to the damage required and the amount of time required to drop her health before she starts the phase over again. Players soloing must note that they will need to deal at least 40000 lifepoints worth of damage within 25 seconds. During this phase, bleeds will heal Nex instead of hurting her, so avoid using them against her.

  • "A siphon will solve this!" - Stop attacking Nex; Tag (hit once) the reavers. Nex uses her siphon after every 5th attack after she calls for a blood sacrifice. It's easy to recognize this attack; she will stop attacking and say "A siphon will solve this!", you'll see purple hitsplats on her. Nex spawns Blood reavers while she does so, and depending on her location up to three of them can spawn. Players in small/large teams can ignore them, but soloers should tag them to lessen the health Nex can recover off them. If Nex says "Cruor, don't fail me!", and there are reavers still living, they will disappear shortly (if Nex fails to say "A siphon will solve this!") or die when she does so. If she reaches 2/5ths of her lifepoints doing this, incoming attacks will deal no damage and she will not heal from them.
  • "I demand a blood sacrifice!" - Run if you are targeted (targeted player becomes RED). Failure to run will result in Nex healing lifepoints by 100% of their maximum health, cutting all players prayer within range by half, dealing up to 1000 damage onto the target and sending magic attacks to everyone in range. Players should move away from Nex if they are targeted by this attack. The tanker must use Provoke shortly afterwards as Nex will target that player.

After the barrier is down, kill Cruor with your ranged weapon and action bar in the south-east corner. Make sure you spread out from other players now to minimize the amount Nex will heal. It is optional, but helpful that players spread apart when fighting Cruor, as like the other mages may hit very consistently and heal rapidly from his hits on the players. Players should also be between Nex and Cruor to prevent Nex from using her sacrifice attack on the tank while he is being killed.

Ice Barrage Ice phase: In this stage, Nex's Ice Rush attacks drain the prayer points of everyone hit by 1/4 of the damage dealt (similar to Smite). While attacking her, keep Protect from Magic on at all times, otherwise you will be likely to get frozen for a long period of time, and her damage output on you increases drastically. With prayers, she shouldn't hit above 500.

  • "Contain this!" - Step back if you're close to Nex. This attack causes instant damage and removes protection prayers from players in melee distance, players out of melee distance should run from Nex if they see little icicles moving across the floor from Nex towards them to avoid a prayer drop and heavy damage. Reactivate prayer ASAP and resume attacking Nex. Since everyone will run off, avoid running to the tank as Nex will use it and cause you to be almost killed or dead by her attack. Use Freedom afterwards as this attack is classified as a stun if you were within melee distance of Nex when it went off. If you are hit, quickly turn your prayers back on and eat.
  • ​"Die now, in a prison of ice!" - A single player will be trapped in an icicle cage - in smaller groups it is more easier to identify than in masses. The player will be surrounded in a 3x3 area of icicles, and is stunned, with their prayers deactivating. If the player is not freed within 8 ticks, Nex will hit the target, dealing up 5000 damage (from the icicles) and up to 3800 from her attack, but this depends on distance from her. To avoid the damage, one can use Freedom and then Barricade, which will negate her attacks. Adrenaline can be built while one is trapped in the ice prison. If the target is an attacker, quickly attack an icicle surrounding the player. If an icicle is destroyed, the player will not receive the damage from the icicles and Nex.

Once the barrier is gone, kill Glacies with range in the southwest corner. Watch out for Glacies freezing you; he can do this through Protect from Magic and leave you open to be hit by "Contain This!". It is recommended to kill Glacies as fast as possible as Nex may target you with "Die now, in a prison of ice!" while killing him.

Soul Split Final phase: Once Glacies has been killed, get within melee distance of Nex. Nex returns to using Smoke spells during this phase, though with their poisoning ability negated. Nex will activate Turmoil, giving her increased combat stats (yes, this includes her offensive and defensive ability), and will target the tank. Nex's attacks deal very heavy damage on all players (can hit over 2000+ even through prayers), and will swap her Deflection curses and Soul Split from time to time. If she does the latter, the kills are much easier as she will take very long to swap her other overhead curses. A ranged or melee switch with a shield is heavily recommended in this phase. The tanker should be in front of Nex in melee range and all melee attackers behind her; this is because players next or on the tank will suffer damage from Nex's melee attack, and if the tank is not within melee range Nex will always attack with magic. Attackers should use Devotion and Debilitate to reduce Nex's magic attacks while the tank should be using Preparation, Devotion and other defensive abilities to ensure they can take Nex's hits. Nex's magic attack can hit 4000+ if magic protection prayers are not used; this is helpful for attackers and the tank to heal quickly if they need to.

It is important to note that during the final phase, Nex will heal 40,000 lifepoints (taking her up to 80,000).

  • "Taste my wrath!" - Upon death Nex will use Wrath, so players are advised to quickly move away from Nex to avoid damage. You'll easily have time to move out of this. Being hit by this will deal up to 3000 lifepoint's worth of damage.

NOTE: If you should die on any of these phases, your grave will just appear on the spot you died. Keep your Ancient ceremonial and Frozen key in the bank. Nex will also despawn if there is no one else in the chamber.

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