Neverberry bush
Neverberry bush
Release date 12 October 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Northwest of Ardougne
Examine A healthy neverberry bush. Its leaves smell very aromatic and look plump.

Neverberry bushes are bushes that hide charm sprites. The sprites can be targeted with a sprite lure which can then be targeted with a Yaktwee stick to make them visible.

After an unknown update, neverberry bushes always remain healthy. Previously, they decayed about once every minute, and then took a couple of seconds to regrow. The order in which the bushes decayed was:

  • Normal (Neverberry bush)
  • Neverberry bush (ravaged)
  • Neverberry bush (dying)
  • Neverberry bush (withered)
  • Neverberry bush (dead)


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