Naabe worldbearer chathead

The naabe worldbearer is a summoning familiar found in Daemonheim. It requires level 67 Summoning to summon this familiar, and it can store up to 24 items. It can be understood once a player reaches 77 Summoning.

Naabe Worldbearer pouchEdit


A naabe worldbearer is made by using a Summoning obelisk with a Crimson charm and a Gallileather torn bag in the player's inventory. Making the pouch earns approximately 238.4 expierence points, and cost 7 Summoning points

Second wind (tier 7) scrollEdit


The naabe worldbearer enables the use of the Second Wind special move for a naabe worldbearer. Using a naabe worldbearer pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.

Each use of the scroll restores up to 30% of the player's run energy.


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