For common monster found in all floors of Daemonheim, see Forgotten mage.
For the character in Glorious Memories, see Baba Yaga.
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A Mysterious mage is an NPC encountered in the boss room of Yk'Lagor the Thunderous in the Occult floors. There are 8 mages in total leeching Yk'Lagor's energy. In order to fight Yk'Lagor, the player has to kill or distract 4 mages by attacking them, after which Yk'Lagor will break free and kill them. They attack with Fire Blast.


  • We will break you!
  • You've outlived your use!
  • You do not belong here.
  • Your soul belongs to us!
  • Mah zodas'bakh me'ah.
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There is no escape!
Says it randomly
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So much power!
Says it randomly
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Mah zodas'bakh me'ah.
Says it randomly
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Mah zodas'bakh me'ah reversed.
Heim crabs are awesome.


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